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ROUND 1: Submission Period! May 15th – June 8th

The submission period is now closed! Now you can vote on the selected entries below.

ROUND 2: Voting Period! June 12th – June 18th

Say hello to your DTFH T-shirt Contest 2013 selected entries:

01 - Chris Escobar 05 - Nick Lakiotes
Liberatas [pop-out] by Chris Escobar Vampire Slayer [pop-out] by Nick Lakiotes
Klaus Shmidheiser 04 - John Speaker
Elevation [pop-out] by Klaus Shmidheiser Open Eye [pop-out] by John Speaker
02 - Mallon Khan 06 - Kevin French
Generational Icons [pop-out] by Mallon Khan Duncshna [pop-out] by Kevin French

We received a ton of great entries this year, and while we couldn’t select them all we’d like to thank the DTFH community for coming out in force!

Now we turn it over to you. Remember, the top 2 voted designs will be turned into DTFH t-shirts, so pick the ones you want to wear!

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ROUND 3: Winners Announced and Pre-Sale! June 18th – July 10th

Round 3 hasn’t started yet, check back on June 18th!