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    regarding this thread (http://duncantrussell.com/forum/discussion/280/out-of-body-astral-projecting1/p1) and you're comment "is there a way...audio books?" i wanted to tell you one thing i do, i consider it the same as recording off your radio (idk about legality, but who cares, the internet is like the wild wild west until they clamp down on it, soon) by using as my web browser Firefox v11.0 and using an Add-on called DownloadHelper 4.9.9....once you have Firefox installed, you simply browse the addons (it's all very intuitive) and if you find a google video or youtube video you want to record to play back (and convert to mp3, audio only) it's a simple click of a button to start the download, this way you can listen to ANY recording, including ones directed to lucid dreaming. Give it a shot, i use it almost daily, so much so that when they sent me a notice of my 100th (or 1000th?) download, i felt obliged to make a donation, because i guess i use it a lot. Best of luck.
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