• jdirt2019
    does that make you a troll, then? just a lonely punk looking to rile up some attention? i don't think so, i think you're starting to see the light about smoking, but dude, you are SOOOO addicted! how do i know this? consider what they can do with medicine nowadays, they're about to cure cancer (probably already have), they know how to put a tiny droplet of a chemical in a tiny pill and it can cure depression (personal experience), and god knows whatever other medicines exist in the world, but my point is this: corporations are only out for profit, that's a fact, and considering something like cigarettes, full of >4000 chemicals, do you think NONE of them are designed to warp your mind into a state of addiction so that you buy more of their product? it's so easy to make fun of you, but this is my community and i want the best for you, and to see you all so blinded makes us want to help. this is not a youtube flame war, this is the center for self optimization. no fear.
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