• nordicpheasant
    Edit: the torah and talmud are about ass worship. it hates females.
    July 2012
  • nordicpeasant
    He just has a theory that hollywood is ran by rich powerful jews, and most of the celebrities are there because they got fucked in the ass by them. His theory is that there is a masculine and a feminine, our country is being turned more into the feminine. That is the heart of the Torah feminine worship. Most americans are from europe where we greatly respected the feminine but the masculine is what rules. He feels that is nature, because the only way to produce life is stick a penis into a vagina. he has a show discussing this if you are interested he has a show The Divining Divide of Cybelle [2]: Eugene from Underground Stream returns. The history of the Cult of Cybelle, from ancient to modern, particuarly in rock music. The water of life.
    May 2012
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    February 2012

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