Are There a Lot of Overweight People Where You Live?
  • In the more affluent areas of Socal, heavy people are a rarity. I know it's different elsewhere, but I haven't been too many places in the midwest and south. What's it like where you live?
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  • I live in SoCal but I work at a movie theater and the fat people are in abundance, believe me!
  • RyanRyan
    I live in West Virginia, one of the fatter states, if not fattest. Navigating my way through the grocery store amongst the locals while picking up healthy, vegan food is good motivation to stick to my diet though.
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  • I live in Washington state, and people here are generally average. Every time I see someone overweight, this dreadful condensed feeling arises as I realize how much of a health issue it is for them. I wish I could help, but how could I? If I recommend healthier choices of food consumption.... they'll end up hating the taste of it. I tried doing this for my friend, and he just says "naahh, I don't like it, it's gross tasting".
  • Its hard to tell really, overweight can mean just one pound over the maximum before its unhealthy. As a male, having the fat center mainly to the stomach, you can be overweight, but look skinny. You can also be overweight, but have a lot of muscle. Obese is a different story.
  • Every place I lived tons of people are overweight (midwest and south). I myself am overweight (used to be obese per the BMI calculatore) so I try not to judge it.
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  • MishMish
    I live in Washington, and I install cabinets at hospitals across the state. Most of the people that are in the hospital are overweight. Apparently, they don't see the connection. Today I watched an obese man who had shortness of breath and was "fat coughing" shovel Oreos in his mouth. It's fucking mind blowing!
  • I live in WA too but I was raised in Utah, every time I visit Utah I realize how obese everyone there is. No one there drinks, so when people get together the only thing to do is eat.
    Here in Washington people are for the most part in good shape. IMO It seems like the have-nots are the chubby ones.
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  • I live in kind of a bizarre area (Minneapolis).

    Minneapolis is extremely fit. It's often listed in the fittest cities, people are constantly out running/biking/etc., it's an extremely active city. So Mpls, absolutely not.

    However, if you step out of Mpls and get to the burbs or rural MN, there are a lot of overweight people. It's sort of a strange dynamic.
  • I live in East TN. We have our abundance of obese folks. They seem to populate Wal-Mart, the local mall, Chinese buffets, and other facilities that reward mass consumption quite frequently.

    I personally believe the "bible belt" has a lot to do with it.

    "Who cares if my earthly meat body goes to shit and I implode in a mess of intestines and diarrhea, I'm gonna live forever in heaven 'cause I believe in Jesus!"

  • I apologize for the double post. Since I can't delete it, I'll say this.

    unicorn tits.
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  • Unicorn tits.....



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  • I live in Sydney, Australia and I dont see all that many fat people!
  • When I travel around London I see much more overweight people in areas that are affected by poverty, with a high density of social housing. My area is a mixture of slums and very expensive houses, not that many fatties around (I'm one of the few).
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  • Lots of overweight people here in NW Alabama.

  • Suburbs outside of Houston. FUCK YES.
  • There's a ton of them in the suburbs of Atlanta.
  • POOR=FAT. Like you said, there aren't many fat people in affluent populations with access to good food. Unfortunately for the fat person in middle america who works at 7-11, McDonald's is the only place on the walk to and from work where they can pick up food for their family. If they do get to a grocery store, the best way to stretch the dollar is to load up on the kind of prepackaged death that is so loaded with high-fructose corn syrup that diabetes is all but unavoidable.
  • I live in NYC, overweight people seem to be a little less common here.
  • Fat and on drugs.
  • @dizweld what the fucking fuck? Hahaha

    I live in northern Colorado and there are a lot of fatties and its gross. I don't like fat people much at all, I am still unsure why, but I am so fucking grossed out by fat people.
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