Are there any harmless and legal herbs/substances you can smoke regularly?
  • If someone enjoys the activity of smoking but isn't down with lining the pockets of old white millionaires and getting cancer, is there a legal alternative so they can enjoy the activity of smoking? Are there any inexpensive legal herbs that either don't have horrible health risks or might even have some positive effect? I guess not enjoying the act of blowing smoke out of your mouth would probably be the best choice, but I'm curious anyway.
  • I would'nt say it's harmless, but Salvia is worth trying if you're into powerful psychedelics and if it's legal in your area.
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  • Salvia is semi-legal (where I live you can buy it from many places, but some states and counties are cracking down on it). Some people don't like the type of high you get on it, and it's certainly not something you can smoke like a joint on a regular basis. I used it everyday for two weeks for some weird quasi-shamanic thing I was into, so I got a lot from it. Haven't used it since though.

    The legal weed substitutes give me headaches and probably aren't very good for you at all.

    Here in California, marijuana is legal statewide but some more conservative counties still crackdown on it. It's so commonplace where I live that sometimes I forget that it is still illegal federally. In San Francisco you'd probably have a harder time trying to smoke a cigarette on the sidewalk than a joint.

    Cop: "Is that a cigarette you're smoking?"
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    Cop: "Good, it better be."
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  • burning anything and putting it in your lungs is harmful...when i was little though we used to smoke hollow sticks in the woods
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  • Yeah, salvia is legal and mostly harmless but if you smoked it regularly you'd probably melt into space. I meant things you would smoke like once a day or at a frequency like that. Just something to puff on without breaking from reality, getting cancer, or failing a drug test.
  • burning anything and putting it in your lungs is harmful

    pretty much this.
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  • Yeah, I have a feeling I am looking for something that doesn't exist. Even herbal cigarettes (like the actor playing Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files used) are supposed to be pretty bad for you. Oh well.
  • Smoking anything isn't great for you, @robinsoncrusoe, but not all smoke is created equally. The only thing harmful about smoking weed is the heat itself which can paralyze the cilia in your lungs. The only thing harmful about cigarettes is everything. Herbal cigarettes are extra gross, by the way. I liked the taste of cigarettes in my smoking days, but I tried an herbal one once and nearly vomited. Don't know how they do it on Mad Men.

    I smoke marijuana daily, but through iced bongs with percolators and such which makes the smoke far less harsh. I also workout on weed and doing cardio while high seems to give me no problems. Vaporizing or eating is the most healthy way to get THC into your body, but the highs are different.

    Yeah, I think you are looking for something that doesn't exist.
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  • You could take up cigar or pipe smoking. I mean there are obviously still risks of mouth cancer, but as long as it isn't an everyday thing it isn't anywhere near as harmful as inhaling tobacco smoke. I don't really like tobacco, but I still enjoy a quality cigar from time to time.
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  • If you are trying to get off of the cigs you can smoke dried mullien. And actually it is a smokable that is good for your lungs. It's an expectorant, so it will clear out all the shit that's built up in your lungs. I used to mix it with my pot to make it go a little further. You will still get just as high and it'll clean you out in the process!
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  • Also you can make your own herbal smoking blends. A little mullein, some damiana, skullcap, uva ursi and valerian is really nice.
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    I don't know shit, but I still keep my mouth shut. ~ Henry VanCappelle
  • As has been said, ingesting any burnt plant matter into your lungs is going to be bad for your health. However if you are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, then smoking herbal mixtures is a much, much safer option. Check out for some information on different herbs people use for smoking. I wouldn't recommend doing it regularly but every now and then should be ok.
  • I used to know a few people that I swear got dumber after smoking that fake weed shit on the reg...
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  • I wonder what it would be like to do acid or mushrooms, then before you peak take a hit of salvia....
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  • There are definitely some really healthy, effective herbs you can smoke on the regular! I would have to kindly disagree with the statement that all herbal cigs are gross. I think you have to make your own blend or find the right ones. Have you tried smoking or vaporizing damiana? It is super smooth, tastes great, and you can even blend it with your ganja to enhance the effects and add a bit of a twist. I often add Damiana and Blue Lotus. Both give a natural high and while its not as strong as cannabis its still really really nice. I quit smoking about 5 years ago and really missed it, but now I use these herbs and I'm totally happy with it. I never smoke tobacco and only smoke ganja occasionally, and when I do I mix it with other herbs. I have zero cravings and also found it reduced my anxiety. Anyways theres lots of information at this sight: You can learn how to make your own blends and also buy the ingredients or pre-blended mixes. Good luck!
  • Piquiod said:

    I wonder what it would be like to do acid or mushrooms, then before you peak take a hit of salvia....

    I bet you can find that trip report on shroomery.

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  • Maybe we're all retarded by virtue of being human. Long live the Yang Clan.
  • Damiana smoke is harsh as fuck. Damiana tea, on the other hand, tastes great, and has a nice subtle psychoactive quality. As for Salvia, any sense gratification you might obtain by smoking this substance is lost 15 seconds later as your puréed ego sees the bare frames inhabited by your inanimate character within this insane comic book.
  • Yeah I have never understood this Damiana business at all, a friend of mine always mixes it in and the shit gives me headaches and burning death neck pains for hours. Cough like crazy on it.
  • My name is Dallas. I am an innovator of many herbal blends. The current product tastes great on the burn and is a 100% legal relaxant that mirrors marijuana. There are no banned or unnatural agents in my mix. This does not Kill brain cells which thc has been scientifically proven to do so. Smoking my mix promotes intellectual thought which in time makes you SMARTER!!!
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    Extended use will cause the user to expectorate other pollutants in their lungs. This is actually beneficial and will cause the user to live a longer healthier life. Expectoration comes once or twice a day and passes quickly. Start on this and you will no longer crave tobacco. EVER!!!
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    There are NO illicit substances included in my mixes!!! Cheers and healthy puffin!!!
  • This whole thread feels like an ad.

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