Release Your Inner Hatred.
  • Post below something you feel angry about.Anything you want to get off your chest or something you want to see change in the world.This is the thread where you let it go and replace it with love.

    Popes Unite!
  • I used to get angry a lot, about lots of stupid things. But as the universe has become clearer and I've aged, almost everything I used to get angry at just doesn't seem worth it anymore. Politics can get me riled up, especially religion mixing with politics in the current GOP party. Rick Santorum preaching about how the government needs to get smaller and stay out of peoples lives, then arguing that the government should be able to stick a plastic dildo up a woman's vagina before she's allowed to get an abortion, that pisses me off just a little.

    Here is Andy's starter kit for killing the crippling anger urges in your life:

    1. Pick up an instrument and learn it. Play the hell out of it, eventually you'll be able to suck out all the hatred of the day just by picking up a guitar or playing a drum groove.

    2. Get a cat. Pet the cat when you get upset. The anger goes away, magically.

    3. Get a girl(or a boy) to have regular, great sex with. Sex is probably the best way to release your anger.

    4. Exercise. Gotta do it, otherwise the monkey rage will just build up.
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    "Up above aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home of all these weird creatures that lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves, and live for their secrets. They're all uptight" -Radiohead
  • I am angry about having no game with the ladies ! ! !
  • "I am mad as hell and i will not take this anymore!" - The Network

    but then said,

    "I can't afford to hate people. I don't have that kind of time. " - Ikiru

    Why hate when you can let go? Past is past, it's memory. If you want to relive the hate be my guest but we don't need to.
    Our mortality should be a great reminder of how we should value our time. Why spend time on something that is unproductive as hate?
  • hate is a waste of time.

    accept death!

    every thing you hate will die!
    everyone you hate will die!

  • Going out to that sweaty old fuk with tunnel vision in the gym yesterday! Ok this was the first time in weeks i had been, and there he is (i'd say in his late 30's early 40's) he clearly saw me go to use the cable machine (now if u picture cables machine it's got 2 sides that operate the left and the right hand side, i intended to use both for chest) so i jump onto the right side of the cable machine to change the handle, then i turn around to rig up the left hand side and spot this muthafuka on there without asking, so i say "Hey buddy i was gonna use that side, im doing chest". Now this narrow minded fuk with blinkers on just pauses and i could hear his small onion shaped brain trying to muster up the courage to reply, and he nothing came out... he just looked at me with some disgruntled look on his face and stormed off like a child who didn't get to visit the toy department whilst shopping. FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!
  • whotson said:

    hate is a waste of time.

    accept death!

    every thing you hate will die!
    everyone you hate will die!


    True. Nothing is eternal even hate. Happiness, sorrow, good times bad times, lust, frustration, etc. Nothing lasts forever so what are you going to do?

    Just experience it :)
    I have a saying, if times are tough brace yourself and endure it until it ends. When times are good then go fucking ride it like a pony on a rainbow :)
  • The more of you that I inspect
    The more of me I see reflect
    I did the LBRP and all I got was this T shirt
  • I'm mad as hell, and I'm gonna take it some more
    I did the LBRP and all I got was this T shirt
  • Pretty upset that this thread exists
    Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;
    Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.
  • fuckin public school. Motherfuckers wasted a huge portion of my life teaching me absolutely nothing. Could have learned more about health or english by sleeping on the books. And then the whole time they tell everyone "If you fail at this thing called school, you generally suck at life and are going to be homeless". At walmart the other night I saw this social studies teacher that gave me I.S.S (its like jail for kids, they stick you in a room for a day and tell you to stfu and dont move) for walking around in the hallway with earphones in. That fucking bitch, I was going to walk over too her and tell her to go fuck herself you nazi cunt but she had kids with her and that complicates things.

    She ran one of the several classes that banned me from bringing books too class.
  • Yes, I quit reading for while, because I had a few teachers who banned reading in their classrooms. The work they gave was ridiculously simple, and I would finish in 10 minutes or so. The next hour of class I was expected to just sit there. You would be scolded and written up for reading, or sleeping.

    Just be a good little zombie and sit there staring at the wall.

    I became a good people watcher because of this though.

    Fuck public school.
  • I became really good at sleeping while sitting up completely erect. Its kind of creepy.

    Unfortunately this has a horrible after effect. Still today when listening too a lecture I fall asleep habitually. Even when im interested in the topic. Then as soon as the lecture is done I regain full awakeness.

    Ya good little zombie...

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