You can just go to university.
  • I was reading a thread posted in this forum about online lectures, and I was reminded about a simple fact. You can just go to university. This is something I wish I knew when I was younger, and I thought I would share. There are no security guards screening people at universities, in fact, you can walk into any lecture at your leisure, sit down and listen, you can partake in the course as if you were actually going. The downside, of-course, is that you don't get a degree, but I say knowledge is knowledge, and if you are dedicated having that knowledge alone will get you into university eventually, if you want that. Maybe most of you know this and it is rhetorical, but I felt as if there was some sort of barrier that stopped me from going if I wasen't actually a student. Anyway, goodluck!
  • I learned that shortly after I started going to college. Suffice to say it only added to my concern that college degrees alone don't mean much.

    Do you know if it would work in Ivy league schools? Obviously non-lecture courses wouldn't work because of small class sizes... right?
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  • No it would not be an issue with ivy league schools, its the same structure for the most part. If I lived near MIT I would go everyday.

    I think it depends. For example, I'm taking an anatomy course, the lab TA doesn't give a FUCK, doesn't take attendance just says well if you have any questions ask me and here are some models and cats you can fuck around with. But then again if it were a participation course, like I imagine most tutorials are then you would have a problem. Anywhere where they take attendance is an issue.

    I think what you could do is ask the TA if you can sit in, if you are nice about it, I think the odds are pretty good that they wont mind if you are able to handle that situation. Then again you could find your self failing to convince any of them, who knows, I never tried going to a tutorial that was not mine.
  • I bet you could get away with it if you were really fucking quiet.
  • You can always go for free. They call it auditing a course. It's polite to arrange it in advance both for your security and that of the students and staff.
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  • KHAN said:

    Not sure where you are but I can't even get inside an NYU building without a student ID. The guards check. Same for FIT. Makes visiting friends difficult let alone trying to get a regular education.

    I think being in new york is a unique situation.

    I would imagine a d2 or d3 school would be no problem
  • Really, ID checks? That's whack. That has to be just Newyork right? I cant even imagine it being done for the universities here in Toronto, seems like a logistical and economic nightmare the way the buildings and transportation are structured.
  • I could walk right into any of the classes at the local college here, done it before. The university may be a little harder, but I bet I could get in easily enough. There's a glass blowing class at the university that I've had my eye on for a few years, that one, they'd probably make you pay for though.
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  • I'm going to University this september. It's all the craze around here, I don't know why. Apparently these degrees and masters are like keys into a cash flow. I don't really buy into it, but I'm getting it half paid for already, and I'm pursuing something (I think) I love.
  • KHAN said:

    @himanshu it depends on what you want to do. If you want to learn a specific role in a specific industry to assure you a long term career in that field then schooling is the best method. If you don't know what you want to do, college could be a waste of time and money. If someone else is paying for it, go for it. Otherwise you'll likely spend the next 20 -30 years working to pay it back.

    This is truth.

  • i didnt know this when im older ill just fucking audit classes at a nearby college instead of going to that shit
  • im not sure about this, i mean it could be true. im a current student now and i know during the first 2-3 weeks the profs all have to be strict about the attendance roster and if any of the students have outstanding debt on the prof lets them know they have to go to the aid office right away, or worse you get de-registered from your classes. but keep in mind we are all paid degree seeking students. your saying you can as an unpaid non degree student but you still learn the skill, just get no college credit? this wouldn't surprise me, or be half bad. sounds like something you could set up and a jc or community college. could you post a link or some more details thx!
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  • What type of school are you at dizzeldel? I'm talking about a non student going into lecture halls in universities.

    Lecture halls typically have several hundred people in them, attendance is not feasible. Even the ones with a 100 people capacity, its not likely that the teacher will single out the one person who said nothing. This could only occur in small classes, which was addressed as an issue.

    I have gone into three different university lecture halls without a problem here in Toronto, sometimes I go to their libraries to study because some places have nicer libraries. Obviously you cant take any books outside.
  • a state school in pennsylvania. if your saying you can sneak into big classes then sure i guess so. but that would require you to know the logistics of the school your attending and schedules of the classes. although anyone can get the schedule to the classes it is easier and more assessable if you are already a student and on campus. if you didnt know what buildings contain the lecture halls you might be outta luck. although, if your not trying to earn credit at the school i have heard of programs you can take for free some of which are at very prestigious colleges. here is a link to the best free courses online, but keep in mind you still have to buy the required books. if you could find out for about attending classes for free in person i would like to know more.
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  • "Taking college courses on an audit basis means attending lectures without the homework and exams. Even if your state doesn’t have an official audit program or tuition wavier, it’s worth asking if you can sit in on a class that interests you. Auditing arrangements are often made on an individual basis."

    taken from
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  • Its not rocket science man. I just visited a few websites for some universities (including MIT for instance) and their campus map/ course schedule are easy to find.

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  • personally i dont like the vibe of walking into a class after i had to creepin on schedules and the campus map. but it would be cool if you could do the audit thing and do it in a legit fashion but thats a personal choice. what if you did get called out does campus security remove you, do they ask you to leave, would you wanna find out? i guess its a case of you knowing your situation. if its something you do and continue to do on a regular then enjoy it my brother i cant hate on that.
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  • What if the teacher and his uberpowers singled me out of 100-500 students and security came to escort me off the premises? What do you think? Obviously that's when I turn into a dragon and fuck shit up. You bring up quite a few rhetorical propositions as if they aren't that.
  • Dudes you can also just go to the universe man!

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  • Woooooah!
  • UC Berkeley has a pretty long tradition of letting people audit and there were always a few people in the larger classes. This is what a public university should be all about.

    That said, you really need to be sensitive to the students enrolled. If it's a small class with discussion, just shut the fuck up.

    There was this mutant pseduo-hobo who dropped in on a ridiculously hard class on Hermeneutics I took. He would not stop arguing with the professor (who allowed him in) and seriously fucked the course up until he was asked to leave.

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