500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
  • So my final excuse in pursuing post high school education has been stolen from me by the click of a button.. A good friend of mine has recently turned me on to a website which categorizes over 500 free online course offered by various universities across the country. Sure there isn't countless red cups filled to the brim with some sort of domestic soup concoction. Or a wall plaque to hang above your bonsai tree at the end of the road. But the knowledge is still available, and its free. No debt, no stress, no real commitment at that. You get whatever it is you take out from this opportunity, and i like that. So i decided to share this with an amazing group of people who have shared so much with me. Now run along and become somebody.. Enjoy

  • http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/
    http://www.udacity.com/ - good for programming
    https://www.coursera.org/ - stanford/princeton/more
    I like the Khan academy too
  • This is great. Thanks.
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  • @featherstone I love you for this and want to give you a hug!!! I'm so excited to dive right into some of these.
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  • i have been going to that site thru google searches and would like to commemorate your duty to the community by bringing this to a higher level of attention so more people can reap the benefits that there are to sew.
  • Most of these seem to be just lectures, make sure to actually buy your self the book, or find one online if you are incapable of that. This goes especially for the sciences.

    Looks like there is a link for some textbooks though! http://www.openculture.com/free_textbooks
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  • Thx for these! I've watched a few and forgot about how idiosyncratic professors can be.
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