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  • Rogan talked about doing a collective Aum meditation. Recently I've been doing these other collective meditations with other Kauilapele blog viewers. The most recent meditations were, the Venus transit meditation, where the intention was to restore the feminine aspects to bring more balance to the world, and more recently the Surrender of the cabal meditation, where the intention was to blast our evil overlords with love and compassion, visualising their peaceful surrender and all the implications that go along with that, such as, the release of free energy technology, the return to abundance, and any other wonderful thing you would like to see happen in the near future.

    During this meditation, I imagined a blueish purple light blasting us from the central sun of our galaxy, penetrating this earth and everyone on it. I then asked St. Germain to assist and amplify my visualizations and to blast the OWO (old world order), with the viollet flame of transmutation that he has gifted to us. Then, I asked Serapis Bey to aid and intensify my visualizations with crystal white light. etc. Any master or angel that you feel a connection with works, they are all good! Anyways, during the meditation, which started at 1:00 pm my time, proved to be one of the most powerful visualizations /meditations I've had to date. I literally sat down, did my breathing, asked for assistance, then BOOM! Almost instantly I was able to picture everyone on the planet forgiving these overlords and allowing them to surrender peacefully. I saw lightning bolts of blue and purple healing light going through the earth and releasing humanity from their reign. I could feel the power of that mass meditation. Now, either you believe in this stuff, or you don't, if you don't, go fuck yourself, just playing. However, If you see the power in working together with pure intent and believe that we can make a difference, then please let me know how you feel about this.

    The collective that Duncan talks about is forming, now what do we wish to accomplish? Methinks that doing a DTFH mass meditation is a great way to connect with our collective power.

  • Organize a date and time. Something in advance would be nice, as I don't use twitter, and I'm sure others don't either. Maybe Duncan could announce your date and time??
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  • Lets do it Friday! What time works for everyone? Of course, this will be the first of many, in case you miss it. I live in Utah so mountain time. Once we decide I'll try to post what time that would be in different time zones.

    I was just listening to a Bashar video on youtube where he states that the positive will of 1,000 people, is stronger than the negative will of 1,000,000 people, because negativity is not cohesive. Wrap your mind around that.

    Also, suggestions for the meditation would be appreciated. We could do the same one, or come up with something else.
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  • This is a great idea. We should make it a bi-weekly thing or something, with corresponding threads to discuss/portray visuals and ideas/'meditation material'. Love iiiiiit. We gon' change some ish with this. I'm sure Duncan would be down to announce it if we all came up with a good time/date.
  • This sounds like an interesting experiment to partake in.
  • Good to see more people jumping on board. Let's wait until next Friday and see how many more are in. If you are, speak up.
  • Let's just kick it off. Make it a thing and then try to get people involved.
  • I'm in, just tell me the time.

  • Alright, and thank you theryan. I'm off to jits class so let us do this thing on Sunday at 5:30 pm Utah time, so 4:30 pm california time. etc. That will give an extra couple days for people to see this.

    Okay, Lets focus on the earth in an ascended state. A state where negativity and fear are forced to disperse. A universal mind if you will. A world filled with light, love, and compassion. A good way to tap into that energy is to think the words, thank you, I love you . Do whatever works for you though, I am simply telling you what I will be doing and making suggestions. The key here is to each lift up our own vibrations at the same time to freak out the matrix. If you want, go into nature and be hydrated, you'll thank me, as energy flows better when you are drinking lots of water. I'll be doing this meditation for half an hour or an hour, I'll see how I'm feeling. Last one I did I imagined the healing light to shoot around the planet for the next 24 hours. Be as bold as you can in your imagination/visualizations. No more anger, no more lies. That's the kind of world I wish to create. If you would like an image to focus on, this would be a good one. Picture love blasting down through your crown chakra, down to your root, and beyond into the center of the earth and through it.

  • Well the synchronistic universe rears its poetic head again. I was just on Youtube and found out that this website is doing the same thing that came to me. I swear I didn't know about this until just a minute ago. Looks like the time is going to changing and there's a list of the time zones on the 2012 portal website.

    This is already bigger than any of us can imagine. Ride that wave, don't get hit by it.

  • I'm down.
    Until the 20th century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see and hear. Since the initial publication of the charted electromagnetic spectrum, humans learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear... is less than one millionth of reality.
  • @inb4 (great sn btw) I'm a little skeptical of that link after reading through some discussion on the comments below the post, no offense. You get any of that too or is it just me? Anyone who says everyone must meditate on exactly what he lays out in the post, that seems a bit odd to me, amongst a couple other things. As always, tread lightly. Meditating and envisioning peaceful transformation can't be negative so long as the intent is pure, so it doesn't worry me much. Just a cynical prick. :)
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  • I thought the same thing about the whole do it exactly the same way thing, to each his own. Turns out tonight is the Balsamic Moon, have you guys heard of this? today is when the earth makes galactic alignment. I read it on this blog.

    that's about 25 minutes from now. . .

    Maybe this explains the crazy amped up energy in the air.

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  • Reports? I went into my basement and cleared my mind, did the visualizations. I got up after what I thought was maybe an hour tops but it had been two. I did the visualizations in the video along with sending out love energy at the speed of light in all directions with each beat of my heart. Greg Braden does great work on the power of the heart. Around 9/11, scientists found that the electromagnetic fields change depending on what people are feeling in their hearts. The bad guys are doing stuff like that to bring us down, that's why it's important to do mass meditations to lift us back up. We can literally change the world with this. Trip out on this video.

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