• Damn. I wish you were coming to Northampton, MA. I might not be able to make any of these dates. I did just see you at the Manhattan Center. Safe travels and have fun!
  • Just found out you're coming to Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!!..... the day my flight leaves. :(
    Hope you come back!
  • awesome, i'll see you in DC!!
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  • Hey @duncan ! I'm seeing you both PVD and BOS. Let me know if you need a driver (Caddys) and A REAL friendly one and if u wanna check out Crowley's old house and catacombs in Newport, and The Rosscrucian Spirial Newport Tower or Dighton Rock that has Phoenician Viking and Portuguesse markings.


    thelema under love will love under will,

  • Or just go to www.kennyscar.com my Dad and I's small biz. But mention me and have me be your driver. Say your sone big shot.
  • I'll be at the Providence show as well. As a Newporter with a girlfriend from Dighton I can confirm the awesomeness of all of these things that BrandonYoung has listed.
  • So far, I only know of a few people going to the Philly show. What gives, Fishtown?
  • Come to Charlotte, NC & you can bang my wife if you want.
  • Oh, wait. She says no. Sorry... just come.
  • piezopiezo
    dankoni said:

    So far, I only know of a few people going to the Philly show. What gives, Fishtown?

    I got a bunch of people going with me. Can't wait!

  • @destroyedgenius Thanks for the back up. I'm from Berkley. Vikings totally explored this area. Ft. Adams in Newport is the coolest thing and you go so so deep there's a spiral staircase. One time the USA Network (you know that silly cable channel) was having an award ceremony so we couldn't sneak in. The spiral staircase is an escape route to the ocean.

    But I'm sure Duncan is staying at The Westin or that other PVD hotel, then for BOS...I don't know. So many. My Dad was at The Ritz Carlton for a long time, but I don't think D would stay there unless with Rogan.

    Also, in BOS, I could show @duncan and Gregg...I mean Neil, TEP, the MIT Frat RIGHT on Newbury St, an entire 3mill Brownstone (at least) where Ray Kurzweil was one of it's former members and has a dojo, a cargo net room, and piano keys on the stairs.

    Should be cool. And this is all around my BDAY too, which is even better.
  • Just a year ago I lived within walking distance of the Allston, MA location. I'll be driving there this time, about 50 minutes away. Invited as many friends I thought maybe interested on facebook with the event url:


    It's quite close to the Florian Martial Arts Center for any MMA enthusiasts. They offer a free week trial, worth the experience for sure.
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  • Of course you are in dc the one week I'll be out of the country. Hope the tour goes well though, would have loved to have seen it.
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  • Thank you creamy hole! I recruited my buddy to see both shows with me.
    Can't wait. When is there gonna be another podcast? Christ! You should do a live podcast like Kevin Smith.
  • @BrandonYoung I too have been in those tunnels underneath Fort Adams. As we went deeper we found a passage or two that was submerged, so we assumed as much.
  • 6is96is9
    Come back to Atlanta soon...
  • @destroyedgenius Yeah man, I went all the time in high school. We've been everywhere in that place. It's really creepy. I remember going down this tunnel, then ANOTHER long tunnel, then ANOTHER long tunnel, and one more (and the slant down....it's almost like you're inside the paths in the Pyramids,,,,and FINALLY you come to a Spiral Staircase, WITH a tiny boat in water.,,,,scariest, funniest place. it was built in 1808 and was in use militarily til WWII. Sometimes it's cool to just go up one of the Watchtowers, look at the Jamestown Bridge, smoke a J.

    Goood times in haunted new England. Bit an easier one is Newport Tower, built by the Elliot (?) Family who were Freemasons,Of The Scottish Rite--helped re-build that Church where the Templars built that famous Rosacrucian Church) and supposedly on some kind Magnetic Atrractor with Newport Tower. This is all in a DisInfo Podcast or Judst google it people.

    Amd I can't wait to see Neil. I saw him on Tom Green amd was like what's the big deal, who the fuck is this weirdo? Now I get it. And my new Hobby is watching his clips on redeye or whatever. He and hiscwife had to leave Natasha's house recently after Chelsea Handler led them plus Pete Holmes (from Lexington MA, near my old place) thru a guided meditation with Reggie Watts. And Holmes, sweet as he is, has a hole that has a pink Ryan Gosling painting. He subconsciously puts ladies at ease...and he was flirtingvwith Natasha wicked bad on You Made It Weird and even fucking spills water on her.

    News from thst podcast: Natasha...not too sure she's over D, nor vice versa. I just want her back. She was so cute amd petite. And loved to laugh and WAY under-ratedly smart. I wish she would date me. Jeff Carlin was a creep on Lav Hour. Oh let me come over and talk about your wife's ass!?!?!!!!! Dick. "I love Radiohead"
    go eat another sausage sandwich you fucking Seth Rogan voiced Conan O'Brien Chcago Roomate!!!!

    K, done. Plenty of creepy things in New England man. Salem? Bourne Stone, the NH Stonehenge, Red Headed Phantam of Rt 44. I really doubt he'll want to. Can you imagine Neil staying in character for that adventure? Hahaha. Ok going to write on that latest Pemberton episode. That dude was the smartest guest. You know why his name is MASON? Why do you think? Patents know people. My father knows his parents.

    More on this in thst thead. Getting PVD and BOS today. Great Scott is an awesome place, can't wait to see you guys.

    "WhHAATT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you calll when you cross a Sabertooth Tiger with Elton John?!?!?!?!?" And whatever you guys do, don't yell "Zipper Lips" or something. There's one vid where the audience throw drinks on the drunks who were interupting Neil's show. He's my favorite comedian right now. the Best is Neil on Tim and Eric XMAs special where that weird black dude on Awesome Show starts preaching Jesus and Neil walks off saying "I don't agree with your premise" and other dude says "He preached forgiveness!" Neil: "No he didn't!!!" SO fucking funny man...can't wait.

    See those coming there.

  • @grl_come_undone See you there!
  • I'll be at the DC show as well. Should we arrange a DTFH preshow smoke out?
  • The father, the son and Duncan Trussell! Getting tickets for Johnny Brendas.
  • The father, the son and Duncan Trussell! Getting tickets for Johnny Brendas.

    Yay! Another family member for the Fishtown show!

    If you've never been there, Duncan, don't venture far from the club. Kensington and Fairhill are right around the corner. Convenient if you need some heroine or PCP, but not the safest areas.
  • Hell Yea! I went to the Manhattan show with Rogan and Coco, but I missed Duncan's set and I was pissed. Now I have two opportunities in Providence and Allston! FUCK YEA. Thanks Duncan. Gonna be an awesome show.
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  • hcehce
    duncan said:

    After the Hamburger tour I will be performing in Detroit at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle from June 21st to June 23rd.

    The date on http://duncantrussell.com/category/dates/ incorrectly shows 7/21-7/23 Detroit @ Comedy Castle.
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  • Walking by Great Scott today, I had this strange attraction to their calendar. SO very excited to see you guys, finally!
  • I WISH I COULD GO!!! I can't afford to travel I live in ottawa, ontario... Canada eh! I agree with @bob_loblaw, you gots to get a special made so we can all see your act! Much love duncan
  • Duncan should swing by Chicago this weekend and pin down Maron and have him on the Family Hour...I'd love to hear that.
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  • I'll be at the Brooklyn show. Happy Daddy day.
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  • i'm getting that excited-tingly feeling...

  • Hey, if anyone here is going to the Providence show tomorrow, hit me up on twitter @tenmilepenis if you wanna smoke some trees :)
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  • My picture is really me and I'll see all you guys who are going to Providence tonight or Geeat Scott on Friday! Yes, I know I'll be hearing repeat material, but I won't be a douche about it. And it's my 30th BDAy and graduating from law school soon.

    Hope to see some forum members there! Wear something Purple if you're a fan. I was thinking as going as a made up fan like Neil is a character, I'll be a slick hard LA douche bag. But I won't. Probably Cromson and Adidas hoodie since ITS RAINING! Boo.

    Doubt theylll wanna explore mystic NE. Next time sirs. If ANYTHING...and if u guys are in Newport.....check out Newport Tower and do the Cliff Walk near Purgatory Chasm.

    <3<br />B
  • Minneapolis, come on Dad!
  • Just got done making a pussy wet. Had a great time tonight. It was awesome to see Duncan in RI after seeing him in NYC. Lil Hobo was fantastic! I hope Duncan enjoys All The Shah's Men. Good times.
  • Show was fantastic, next it's Boston for me on Friday. Neil was up there a long time I bought all his merch. He signed his vinyl LP for me and he's actually just a funny nice guy. It was SUPER cool to hang with Duncan. I hugged and kissed him like 5 times and hooked him up as we discussed Singularities, how a moral equilibrium might be reached (because it ain't there now folks), and many more things beside.
    Time of my life. And Neil was nice enough to tell me I dropped my wallet.

  • See ya tomorrow night! I'm bringing a copy of my zine for you w/our interview! Great Scott is a small bar, really stoked. Namaste!
  • See you guys tomorrow in Allston! Never been to this joint and I'll prob stick out like a sore thumb, but looking forward to it.
  • U forgot da upper mid west ay.
  • Roque said:

    Minneapolis, come on Dad!

  • I got tickets to all 4 shows at Mark Ridley's next week. I will be at table 16 for any family members that want to say hi. I hope we have a decent showing of purple popes.
  • TespTesp
    i'll be at the comedy castle next weekend.
  • black cat, dc 6/21/2012

    @(anyone else? @willahg?)

    braveheart style fan base coast to coast would make the news, for the right reasons...how about white headbands...or those leather-S&M-face-mask things.

    i'll be taking the train up after work, probably however early anyone thinks we could meet and pregame at a local...let me look...

    ...OH EXCELLENT! I don't mean to commandeer this DC gathering, but i'm familiar with this PERFECTLY swanky chiller right down the street, so however you're coming in this is easily accessible. even if you're submarining in...i think, don't quote me on that...wait, you drive a submarine?

    i took a date-to-later-become-summer-love here once, so you know there's a good vibe, and there is a nice patio and the weather will be agreeable and we'll be right on the edge of the lavender hour just as the show starts...so whomever will be the first to get in let me know and i'd love to meet and chill.
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  • Neil's "Country Winners" is fucking amazing.!!!! I've never said fuck. Feels good.

    Who's the special lady Duncan rode off with on a Vespa in Allston? You guys see that? My friend said he was on OKCupid and HE was supposed to hook up w/her. he must've just been jealous, sucka. Performers get laid. Get up on stage. I gave Duncan TWO cigarettes, that's how he'lll remember me in Jugtown. Drink a Jug of Wine.
  • BKLYN - Have an extra ticket tonight if anyone is interested.
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  • @jdirt2019

    Me and my buddy are hopefully gonna be getting there early enough that we can meet up. I had more of a smokeable pregame plan than drinkable but Im game for whatever.
  • @Donglish just so you know smokeable pregame plans are publicly frowned upon in the district
  • i gave him a copy of my zine and introduced myself on 3 separate occasions. i wish i knew that my friends and i were going to be drinking mushroom tea and partying down the street until 3am, because i would have invited all y'all. the show and meeting duncan was such a good experience.

    pussy doors!
  • The Fete in Providence was better than The Great Scott in BOS/Allston (Neil said Austin the whole time and made fun at Steven Tyler right in the heart of Aerosmith town. Amazing artist, Gregg is. Unreal. It was weird meeting him cause I don't know who I'm talking to, it's weird. There's prank phone call Neil, Gregg from podcasts On Cibema, the recording artist, and ge & Duncan had the balls to cone to the East East Coast man!

    Keep it up! Duncan whispered to me something about him and Bert Kreisher! Forget details but that's exciting. He signed my Crowley pic and I met Barbara Bush the next day. Two Skull and Bonesmen meeting...with my Dad. It's on my FB wall. Took photos of Duncan outside smiling at me. He'd be my best friend if he were closer. We're much alike. He's adorable.
  • uiuuiu
    Bummah, I just moved to New Hampshire and missed the Boston show. I'm stuck in the woods (not a bad place to be stuck) with no car and am chained to a very cute, diabetic kitty.
  • Oh another important thing:

    Alan Watts' son Mark, if he gets word somehow that an excerpt of his father's "intellectual property" rights is on a podcast(he did this to Lorenzo and even Lorenzo (a former Texan lawyer himself) took it down. And it would be hard to get jurisdiction over the people because Watts is in SF.

    Still, I think you should go with it, let him find out, which he probably never will unless I posted it on FB or something, but maybe the Duncan legal team already have their bases covered and aren't afraid of a Cease and Desist letter or Complaint.

    Just watch out. Please don't take it down because thousands of ppl just heard him for the first time and haven't yet discovered the AMAZING wealth of wisdom and a lucidity of writing, which Ken Wilber used to copy for fun by hand just so Watts was in his mind so much. Reminds me: Grace and Grit is an amazing death story. Unbelieveable actually. Treya wrote half, he wrote half. You might know Ken Wilber from doing the Philosophy Commentary on The Matrix DVD set with Brother Cornel West. If you haven't listened to the movie with their commentry, I highly recommend it.

    Further, if y'all smart folks out there should check out the AQAL Map of consciousness and reality. It's Maya for sure but it's the closest one gets to an Integral framework for levels of worldviews integrating Habermas and The Vicar of Christ, himself a fantastic philosopher/theologian, Freud, Marx, Jung, Campbell, Bertrand Russell, literally everything throught the Big 3: I, We, It(s).
    "I" would be Aesthetics and subjective experience "We" is the moral playground we live on and how we get along w/each other, and "It(s)" which is objective, science, objectifivation, material, Atoms, Molecules, Sytems and Cybernetic Theory. Gaia theory, Deep Ecology, etc..(hence "Its" the study of Emergent Properties using Reason which started with Greece")

    Sorry I'll post on new thread.
  • @jdirt2019
    I am aware. I play shows in dc a lot so I know plenty of nooks and cranies to accomplish my task. I am no amateur, haha.

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