The Antikythera God Machine
  • Guy
    There was a mechanical computer built between 150 and 100 BC which gave an accurate prediction of future eclipses. Who knows if this is the first one built or if this was one in a long line of them that have been passed down over the years. Think of how easy it would be to "prove" your ability to channel the Devine if you could know when eclipses would occur to the minute.

    They found it on a sunken ship...maybe going to a new land of unscientifically minded and unsuspecting human beings. Sailing with the ability to turn off the sun...

    Check this out for more information
    I highly recommend watching the video on the bottom showing a recreated erektor set version of it works.

    What do you Guys think?
  • Guy
    No one interested? I thought it was fascinating...maybe this isn't the forum for this?
  • That is amazing stuff man, makes you wonder what else is out there.
    Slaying vampires 24/7
  • nice! I find it interesting how ancient civilizations were obsessed with eclipses
  • Is IS fascinating. This is one object thought to be one of those out-of-place artifacts and, as far as I know, the only one proven to be real and work. have you seen the reconstructions? they're beautiful machines.

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