Life's a Glitch, LagTV, When Cheese Fails
  • Ross
    I hear Duncan likes Starcraft.
    Does anyone here watch When Cheese Fails, on LifesAGlichTV, on youtube?
    These guys are probably the greatest, most entertaining video game announcers I've ever heard.
    They do other games as well, such as Minecraft, but I find their starcraft show the best. I don't even play starcraft and I still love it. So check out their Channel.
  • i want to understand this (watched the whole video) but dont completely, can you explain what is going on a bit more?
    Vote Perot / Titor '92.
  • Ross
    well, if you are into starcraft, you should watch a few more episodes from the channel.
    what is happening in this particular game:
    A normal game open would consist of you scouting your opponents whereabouts before you attack them. The "Cheese" is the blue player trying to quickly build cannons in reds base before red can make a defence. if successfully done, blue would have won.
    What makes this interesting, blue did not scout properly before building his cannons and ended up building everything in a completely uninhabited area, across the map from red's actual base. upon realisation of this error, blue leaves the game looking completely stupid. the error of scouting is explained in the video.
    this is a funny happening of chance.
    once again, watch more from the channel if you like starcraft. you'll get a better idea of it after watching more than one. as is with most things.
  • Ross
    here is a different Starcraft game. less silly than the "When cheese fails" series. this one shows off the top notch commentary done by these guys.

    good high level game

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