• San Diego zoo.

    Stand or sit to wipe your arse?
    Mumia Abu-Jamal is in a jail cell dropping truth. Obama's in the Wite House dropping bombs.
    Which one got the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • i would go and see other evolved intelligent forms of life in the universe

    comfort or freedom?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile

    Do you think cells have free will?
  • From myself with shame

    Would you vote for nicotine to be illegal?
  • as long as i could trade the nicotine for mushrooms or acid to be legal

    do you think a non industrialized speices (thumbs tools ect) could evolve into an intelligent society. if so what would thatt society look like
  • Yes. I assume the society would be much less destructive and less outwardly artistic. Without forced evolution through tools and technology, it might be possible to evolve the body and mind enough to travel space as a living organism.

    Do you think a lost civilization like Atlantis existed in prosperity long ago?

    Is there anything you pretend to like because it makes you seem more cultural or hip?
  • justin bieber

    give head or get head?
  • Recieve

    Do you believe in karma
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    Not pussies, but almost always egotistical in their mindframe. It's a very self-important place to think from.

    What do you want to ask the person who will post in this thread after you answer this question?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    Something deep.

    Ever fall in a hole?

  • Yes. I fell into a sump tank once when the grates were removed and I didn't look where I was walking. It was disgusting. Neck deep in water, dirt, and everything else that was pushed into there from the floor of a large industrial garage.

    What is your earliest memory?

  • Do you use both shampoo & conditioner, all in one, or dish soap?

    I use a "cleansing conditioner", which is a non foaming creme that acts as shampoo and conditioner. It's pretty good. I also shave, waterpik, and brush my teeth in the shower, all with the help of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Liquid soap.

    Why does your body create extra urgency sensations when you've got to urinate and you're getting physically close to the restroom?

    Am I Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.
  • The same reason you salivate when you are hungry and see good food or get aroused when you think of sex. Your brain is expecting satisfaction and getting you ready for it. If someone gets aggressive in your face you will clench your fists or run, either way you are ready for what's to come. When you have to piss bad and know you are near a toilet you anticipate emptying you're bladder so those muscles get ready and contract slightly.

    What is your greatest fear?
  • fear

    technology , saviour of humanity or death of humanity ?
  • Technology

    What was your first job?
  • Only if Partner A knows about side love.... unfortunately.

    Do you have a criminal record?
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  • Not really. Expunged at 18.

    Are you worried about nitrates in lunch meat?
    "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there." Rumi
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    What me worry?

    What me worry?

  • No?

    Do you like pork soda?
    "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there." Rumi
  • i porking love soda.

    how can a system dependant on perpetually accelerating growth be used to build a sustainable economy?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    It cannot.

    What is the question that will cause a perpetual feedback loop in this game?
  • Ha ha. Great question@khan I'm not equipped with the mental capacity to answer that, but I would love it if someone else could. Sorry for dropping the ball (why did I have to come in at that question?).

    If prostitution is the oldest profession, how did the first customer pay?
    Mumia Abu-Jamal is in a jail cell dropping truth. Obama's in the Wite House dropping bombs.
    Which one got the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • A lamb

    What is that thing that you know you should be doing, but arent?
  • painting

    is there such thing as a productive vampire?
  • get high & play guitar on a maui beach with a new Hawaiian wife who....would NOT be a dummy.

    could you be with a dummy and/or what do you do in the real life to find new NOT dummies?
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  • Follow your heart not your dick.

    Would you ever try heroin?
  • No

    Do you like your job?
  • i gotta do something, right? that said i'm super lucky to have a job that requires me to fix all the shit that's wrong with me...daily therapy....and for that reason i'm totally committed and it's new everyday (that's a tough question, so many ins and outs).

    the planet/environment/economy/future sure looks fucked doesn't it? what d'you think we totally need to have happen -or- if it doesn't, what am i missing (be as specific or vague as you choose, this isn't official)?
  • Hrm. Okay, I'm not an advocate of war at all, but I think we need a massive uprising of the poor the world over to break our patterns of slavery and subservience to the malevolently wealthy and destructive multinational faceless corporations. I think that addresses the economy/future. As for the planet/environment, we desperately need that fungus that eats plastic to be put into action globally. We have to clean our oceans, it's a disgrace! That question covered a lot of ground, and my response was not exhaustive by any means.

    What is the absolute happiest you remember being, and what can you do in the next month to get yourself close to that happy again for at least a few hours?
    "the idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving" - Boat Car Guy
  • The happiest I've ever been was when I was high on MDMA and psilocybin with friends, years ago. This is a probably a false happiness that can only be brought about with drugs, so I guess I'd have to drive back to Bisbee, AZ and take drugs if I wanted to be that happy again.

    Truthful, but unsatisfying answer to a good question. So I'll ask it again:

    What is the absolute happiest you remember being, and what can you do in the next month to get yourself close to that happy again for at least a few hours?
  • MDMA and psilocybin in Arizona... Tempe though, not Bisbee. Great friends, tubing on the Salt River, great music, MDMA/shrooms/pot/beer, nakedness, orgies... all summer long. oh summer of 2007 and 2008, how i long for thee. how do i get back there? I can't. and I'm fine with that. i have a different kind of happiness now that is provided by taking care of my two year old son, reading, and running. i'm always high on life. (cliche alert)

    question: should the State have the authority to take away my two year old son because i've used entheogens in the past? i've admitted to doing so and have been honest about the purpose of entheogens - how it was my way to meet the divine, a spititual awakening, etc... not just to "get stoned." i never used anything in his presence and only maybe 3 or 4x since he's been born. the ex (sociopath vampire ninja) found out about it ... long story. isn't this something for like the Supreme Court and shit? i literally feel like entheogens are my religion.
    sunt lacrimae rerum
  • Forgive me for breaching the etiquette of this thread by responding so immediately, but the answer is "No". The state should absolutely not have that authority. But at the same time, the prisons are full of people that the state should not have had the authority to prosecute. The fact remains, they do have that authority, and we have to work within the system, at least until we defeat it. This means that we can't flaunt our love of entheogens in family court. Do NOT lose your son because you are unable to be dishonest. Go to fucking drug rehab if you have to. Sure, it's bullshit, but that stupid fucking judge doesn't know marijuana from meth, so bullshit if you must. Just do not appear in court an give a statement like "i literally feel like entheogens are my religion."

    Do you pee in the shower?
  • of course i pee in the shower. i always ask that question to new girls i meet to see if there cool

    do you ever act smarter then somone because you have a better education?
  • Sort of.<--Haha. I somehow posted this to the "Do you like your job" question.<br />
    Do you like ham?
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    "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there." Rumi
  • I eat all pig.

    Who was responsible for september 11th 2001?
  • The Wright Brothers.

    What is your favorite music video?
  • SURE :)

    Would you rather have sex with a male tranny who looks hot, or a girl tranny who looks man-ish?
  • Male Tranny with huge tits and a sweet, smooth asshole.

    For the males out there. When you wipe your ass, do you wipe from behind and also lift your balls and wipe from the front?
  • From back to front with ball lift.

    Does anyone else experience testicle pain when extremely constipated?
    Fencesitter, eternal spoil sport.
  • uiuuiu
    If I were a dude I guess that's how I'd do it? I would probably put one foot up on the toilet seat for improved maneuvering too.

    Would you rather have an eyebrow that went all the way around your head (and that was the only hair you had on your head) or eyelashes that you could not pluck that were 6 inches long? I got this one from the game Would You Rather?
  • 6 inch eyelashes seems like the better choice it sounds like a neo-industrial knock off band and a huge eyebrow is completely over-rated just look at whoopi goldberg

    what's existentialism? (in more than a definition please)
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    empty out your pockets you don't need their change, i'm giving you the power to rearrange, together we'll climb to the highest prop, tear it down and let it drop - lexicon devil
  • You are.

    Why Mac over PC?
  • Mac over PC if you're tired of getting viruses, and if you make music or movies because of the included software. PC if you want to play any worthwhile games besides the Blizzard stuff.

    Sativa or Indica?
  • sativa no doubt

    whats the douchyest thing youve ever done
  • (let me think, i'm sure i've a good one...) oh i know...very early in my drinking career i kindof got bad with this pale dude in the grade above me who was friends with my cutest neighborhood friend that's a girl... totally week quas-beat up session, i think i pushed him to the ground (you should've said after age 18) i wouldn't want to defend that if it ever came up, i'd claim to not remember but my best friends do.

    do you have a secret embarrassing jerk-off session in your past that you're trying to forget about/never bring up again ---OR--- if you're a female, would a female ever have an secret embarrassing jerk-off session in her past or understand after hearing about her new boyfriends'?
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  • In my pants.

    Where the hell are my pants?
    "Trying to reason with a stubborn female is like trying to fist a urethra." -- wandering_womb
  • you're hot no matter what.

    what is your favorite flower?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    The flower of life.

    How are you not yourself?
  • The douche-bag wins.

    Are yo-yos necessarily dorky?

    Fencesitter, eternal spoil sport.

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