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  • It's well read bunch here, and I noticed there are lots of Alan Moore & Grant Morrison fans. So I figured I would throw out some recommendations, and ask for yours. A little blurb of info would be nice, but just a list is fine too. If you read something new, come jot down your thoughts about the plot or theme.

    Strange Girl - A teen goth girl named Beth is left on earth when her family, and other christians are taken away by the Rapture. Demons take over, and it's hell on earth literally. Story mostly take place 10 years after when she's working as a Bartender for the Demon Belial. Her vulgar half-breed demon friend Bloata tells her about a back door to heaven, and they're off to Vatican City. God is the version that Thomas Jefferson imagined in his ramblings (sort of an aloof version of Duncan's Loonloon).

    The Ballad of Halo Jones - Early Alan Moore strips collected from the AD2000 magazines. Just good a good silly space opera, and you can see Mr. Moore preparing to be what he would become.

    Army @ Love - About a fictional war based loosely on of our war in afghanistan. To me the great story here is a about a shirt-less horse riding polygamist who collects political and army wives who talk to much. Really it's about the army starting to market itself as a steamy sexy extreme sport type cool place for young people. The characters in the story fuck during battle, chase around sad dirty rock chuckers, and one of them wears a wolfman mask through the entire story. Awesome nonsense!

    Pride of Baghdad - About the 2003 iraq invasion, and the bombing of the Baghdad zoo. The story is based off of a pride of lions that US military ended up shooting, but it's fiction. The animals are anthropomorphic, ofcourse to make the story a bit more sad. Short and unforgiving.

    BB Wolf and the Three Lps - About missisippi's racism in the 1920's told through the story of the Three Little Pigs.

    *I don't like the term graphic novel. It's just comics glued together! They're still just funny pages! Silly marketing so nerds feel less nerdy.
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  • Strange Girl seems really interesting.. stories of the rapture always interested me (I was younger when the whole Left Behind Christian book series broke out and I admit I was into reading the kids version). I remember thinking post-rapture life would be pretty cool since society would be broken down and anarchist. I think I missed the message of those books haha.

    Army @ Love seems awesome too.. really they all do, thanks for the recommendations.

    I don't have any of my own as I'm just getting into the comic/graphic novel game, but I appreciate these as starting points in the genre.
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  • I have the Invisibles Onnibus pre-ordered, but it doesn't come out until August. I've heard it mentioned here a few times seems like I would enjoy it. At 1,500 pages I hope the binding is sturdy!

  • Persepolis was great. Memoir of the author's experience as a young girl at the time fo the Iranian revolution.
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  • American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Stephen King. We3 by Grant Morrison. Mike Mignola's BPRD. I love a good indie comic. You know what a love even more? Mainstream Superhero comics!

    Anyone been reading DC's rebooted titles or Marvel stuff recently? Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run has been a psychedelic mindfuck with a story arc spreading out over 2 years. Dan Slott has been doing some great Amazing Spider-Man stories. And the aforementioned Scott Snyder is writing for Batman, DAYUM is it good!
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  • So cool to get a good list of recommendations by people who share my taste. I am very passionate about a few great graphic novels, and it is great to discover new ones.

    I really liked Tolerance by Cathy Malkasian, Billy Hazelnuts by Tony Millionaire, and The extended dream of Mr. D. by Max
  • I've been reading those comic stories Kevin Smith writes as of late
  • Kevin Smith wrote a great Daredevil story arc.

    guestwho said:

    Speaking of Batman, the Batman RIP storyline and Batman : The Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman Inc are worth checking. Also Final Crisis, mini-serie. In fact, I suggest pretty much comic by Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis.

    They were great batman writers, don't pass off the new Scott Snyder run. Good stuff is still coming out from DC and Marvel.
  • uiuuiu
    I second Persepolis. I also loved "Blankets" by Craig Thompson and anything by Lynda Barry and anything by Los Hernandez Bros.
  • I'm going to pick up a copy of Flex Mentallo during the weekend, and want to nab a copy of either Persepolis or the first volume of American Vampire. Blankets look great too, I like the art style.

    We3 was mentioned, that's another great, but short one. That book doesn't give a damn about your emotions.

  • I'd like to recommend Y - The Last Man. It's about all the men in the world suddenly dying except the main character which has to try to find his girlfriend on the other side of the world.
  • I just started reading Spaceman By Brian Azzarello, and Eduardo Risso. The team behind 100 Bullets. The book feels slightly psychedelic, but has satirical undercurrents. Sandman by Neil Gaimen is a must read!
  • Y - The Last Man was stunning, really moved me. I also enjoyed We3, very short and poignant.
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  • Y - The Last Man is one of the most emotionally wrenching reads, right next to Steinbeck's East of Eden. After I finished I had to take a walk and stifle sobs... It just ripped my heart out.

    I'm excited for Vaughn's new comic SAGA, but I haven't checked it out yet.

    Since no one has mentioned this, myself included, people need to read Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Anthropomorphic Endless being, the embodiment of Dream. Morpheus. Oh god, its so well paced and rich. Whereas Morrison is yanking your consciousness through a wormhole in The Invisibles, Gaiman is lulling you into dream. He's teaching you dreamthought. It's intoxicating. That's the word.

    Promethea is Alan Moore's occult download. It's more a lesson book in visual form than a traditional comic. That's not to say it doesn't have a great narrative with characters you invest and become. JH Williams III's art is staggering. He manages to render Moore's mindsprints in elegant flows and transitions and mandalas. It's also one of the only pieces of media that have put me in direct contact with a Deity. It was Hermes.

    The Invisibles, just to reiterate, is staggering. It is the closest thing I have to a personal bible.

    Alan Moore and Grant Morrison have proven to me that magic is a true palpable force. They are responsible for making my reality begin to bleed and for that I cannot thank them enough.
  • @nater Yeah, I agree. I really like Scott Snyder's stuff. His Swamp Thing reboot is awesome too. But I feel he "gets" Batman and Bruce.

    OH SNAP, I forgot to mention Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run during the 80's. This is when comics put on their big boy pants and dropped A LOT of acid. Just wait til Swamp Thing enters The Green or Abby eats of Swamp Thing's fruit. (make of that what you will)
  • Akira
    If you haven't already, I would highly recommend you pick this up.
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  • MK667MK667
    I'm about halfway through Sandman right now. It's really cool with all the historical tie ins to the story line. It can be a bit slow though. I've got American Vampire coming up after that one and then I'll start on the walking dead.

    My favorite comic series i've read though, of all time without a doubt is Transmetropolitan. It's a satire of...everything. Really funny, it's not a superhero fighting villains kind of thing. This guy is a journalist in a time where all the media is controlled and he's trying to take down this corrupt president. CHECK IT OUT! Do all yourselves a favor and check it out. Even Sir Patrick Stewart did a forward for one of the trades. If Patrick Stewart likes it, it's probably pretty good. If anyone checks it out, let me know what you think!

    100 Bullets: A man shows up with a brief case with the information on a person that really fucked your life, the proof that it was them, and a gun with a 100 bullets that when found by any law enforcement puts a stop to the investigation. And it goes deeper t han that too. I really dig this one as well.
  • Stig_AdminStig_Admin
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    I've started some great new titles in the last couple of weeks:

    1.) Danger Club - All the heroes leave earth to fight some extant threat, die, and only the sidekicks are left in a kind of Lord of the Flies scenario.

    2.) Hell, Nebraska - Some crazy guy learns that there is no hell, so through unknown means he creates the city of Dis in the middle of Nebraska.

    3.) Saga - A Star Wars-style space opera. Two soldiers on opposite sides of the conflict fall in love and have a child, have to escape the powers that be.

    4.) Thief of Thieves - A master thief retires and has to deal with the fallout of retiring while trying to get his civilian life back together.
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  • I've never read a comic book or graphic novel in my life. Crazy though, because I love reading of all types and genres. What's something good to start with? I've been wanting to read V for Vendetta.
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  • V for Vendetta would be a great one to start with.
  • Yeah, read V it's the fifth month and 3 days from the fifth day... i'll stop.

    @MK667 Transmet is amazing.

    What continually amazes me about comics is the writers ability to foresee the future. Alan Moore essentially created Anonymous and the Occupy Movement in 19fucking82!, and Warren Ellis started Transmet in '99 I believe... Mitt Romney is that presidential candidate that Spider Jerusalem's trying to take down... Where is our Spider Jerusalem when we need him?!?
  • ULTRA HEAVEN by Keiichi Koike. You won't regret it. Read it for free here:

  • NaterNater
    Anybody read Doctor Strange? Who needs writers like Grant Morrison and Alan Moore to talk about astral projection and sigils when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were putting it on paper in the 60's?

  • Because Alan Moore tells you how to actually do it.
  • NaterNater

    Because Alan Moore tells you how to actually do it.

    30 years later.
  • NaterNater

    One more thing

  • MK667MK667

    Yeah, read V it's the fifth month and 3 days from the fifth day... i'll stop.

    @MK667 Transmet is amazing.

    What continually amazes me about comics is the writers ability to foresee the future. Alan Moore essentially created Anonymous and the Occupy Movement in 19fucking82!, and Warren Ellis started Transmet in '99 I believe... Mitt Romney is that presidential candidate that Spider Jerusalem's trying to take down... Where is our Spider Jerusalem when we need him?!?

    Fuckin A. We need a Spider Jerusalem. I've always wanted assistants so i can call them "filthy assistants" as i rush out the door to go do something bad ass.

    That picture above looks like Mr Sinister from the side.
  • Comics are such a great medium so much good stuff.

    I try and read everything by Morrison, Moore, Ellis for sure. Even ones that you might not think are as crazy are pretty damn good. For example "All Star-Superman" by Morrison. Now of course there are a few things I didn't like as much by both of them but most is pretty darn good.

    Morrison's early stuff with 'Doom Patrol' and 'Animal Man' are really top notch too, even though Invisibles is like his magnum opus.

    One that I am reading right now that is really good is by Mike Carey who wrote 'Lucifer' which was very entertaining as well, but this is a full new creation of his. It is called 'The Unwritten' and it's a bit hard to explain exactly. There is this author that writes some really popular books that are like harry potter and he has a real life son with the same name that is famous due to it. The author has been in hiding for years. The son starts running into strange characters saying that he actually IS that character from the books. There is a secret society that is trying to control peoples reality based on fiction that get's released. That's all I would really want to say. There are 5 collected trades up to issue 30 and it is still running and on issue 36. I liked it so much that I am picking up the individual comics for the first time in a long time!

  • OH SNAP, I forgot to mention Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run during the 80's. This is when comics put on their big boy pants and dropped A LOT of acid. Just wait til Swamp Thing enters The Green or Abby eats of Swamp Thing's fruit. (make of that what you will)

    I was going to suggest this series, the part were Abby eats one of the swamp things tubers is visually stunning.
  • @Nater I concede, that's fucking awesome ;) I will not deny my ignorance of comics before 1980. Do you know of any particular trades I can pick up that will blow my mind-grapes?

    @Malclypse I wholly agree that DOOM PATROL and ANIMAL MAN are nothing less than stunning. What I like is that you can almost see Morrison's mind expanding as he creates...

    Also, UNWRITTEN is easily one of the best modern comics. I feel like it's a spiritual successor to SANDMAN. I wanna read Carey's run on LUCIFER because he was one of my favorite characters throughout SANDMAN.

    @everyone: I just wanna say that I'm glad we have this place to discuss all these exciting ideas and topics I've basically had to keep inside myself. You are all really great people and it's comforting to know that there are people spread about the world that I can relate to in such a stimulating way.
  • MK667MK667
    That Unwritten sounds really cool, i think i'm gonna check that one out real soon.
  • Anyone read Scalped by R.M. Guera? It's a pretty cool modern day western/noir set on an indian reservation. The series focuses on the Oglala Lakota inhabitants of the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in modern-day South Dakota as they grapple with organized crime, rampant poverty and alcoholism, local politics and the preservation of their cultural identity.

    Here's the wikipedia link:
  • NaterNater

    Don't concede, Alan Moore and Morrison are badass! I did, however, want to switch this thread into the realm of mainstream comics for a while. It's one thing to read Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore because you have taste (people like you for example), it's another thing to read the Watchmen and V for Vendetta because the movie adaptions were popular and then trash Marvel and DC's regular titles without knowing how damn fun and psychedelic they can be ( I see this in comic book stores and hobby shops a lot and it infuriates me). I suggest reading Stan Lee's Fantastic Four story arc "The Coming of Galactus" or his great one shot " This Man This Monster". There's crazy planet eating and dimension hopping galore. The recent 2 years for Fantastic Four have been just as trippy and fun.

    The First 50 issues of Amazing Spider-man were also top notch, keep in mind the writing style is very dated.

    Chris Claremont and John Byrne's Uncanny X-men blew me away.

    Frank Miller's Daredevil rivals anything Alan Moore has ever done.

    Moore himself does great Superman and Batman stories. If i were to recommend any modern indie comic wholeheartedly it would be Mike Mignola's B.P.R.D over the last 10 years. Russian folk fairy tales and detective noir collide to make for some of the best reading.
  • I just got back from The Avengers film... I really, really enjoyed it. I don't know how Joss Whedon managed to pull that off; so many major characters. I had chills a few times (I guess I really am a nerd). This is also the first time I've really enjoyed the Hulk.

    I've read some of Claremont's run on X-Men. The Dark Phoenix Saga and God Love, Man Kills. And I really enjoyed that.

    I need to get some Mignola in my life! My friend is always talking about how good his stuff is, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet... So much to read, so little money.
  • I need to read more Marvel. I mainly read DC.

    One of the best superhero comics I've read in a long time was Mark Millar's Superman Red Son, and I really am not a fan of Millar... I find him to be hollow. That being said, Red Son is a great piece of fiction.
  • NaterNater
    I'm seeing the Avengers soon, Joss Whedon makes Fun movies and shows. Firefly will always hold a special place in my heart. Cabin in the Woods was good too.

    Is Red Son the superman "what if" story where he lands in Soviet Russia instead of America?
  • MK667MK667
    @jondominguez I've read a few issues of scalped. I got them for free, i really liked them. Ever since i was a kid my brother and I were fascinated with the history of native americans so we always gobbled up any books or movies involving the subject. I love reading about all these bad ass comics but a part of me is sad. When am i gonna find th time? I NEED MORE TIME!!
  • I read a lot of Marvel when I was a teen, not so much DC. There was lots of good stuff there.

    Peter David's run on 'The Incredible Hulk' was one of my faves. I haven't re-read it though to compare. I tried to read pretty much everything he did. Just had to refresh my memory with the ol search engine. He also wrote for 'Aquaman' on DC which I remember liking as well.

    Tons of the X-men was great. Especially the Claremont run inc 'Dark Phoenix' saga that has been mentioned. I was reading the regular X-men when they started that branch from Uncanny and enjoyed it, though not as much as Dark Phoenix era. Frank Millers 'Wolverine' was good too.

    Miller's Daredevil - Agree, great.

    Read lot's of spider-man, was often very fun. Can't remember which ones I had. I do remember I had the first Issue of the Hobgoblin, but I sold it during college for some cash. Remember when Venom first showed up, that was a really cool run.

    Hmmm I'm trying to remember others.

    Outside Marvel/DC I also remember loving John Bryne's 'Next men'.

    Another Vertigo one I loved that hasn't been mentioned is Peter Milligan's "Shade the Changing man". Noticed it last night, just forgot to mention it in my first post. Very trippy.

    I have 2 large boxes of comics in my attic that I look forward to going through one day to re-discover.
  • Awesome, I'm really new to comics. I've only been reading regularly for about 3 years, so i have a lot of ground to make up, but it's really exciting, like when I found psychedelic writing(Terence, RAW, etc.).

    So PLEASE throw out as many comic titles as you guys can come up with, you all seem to have great taste.
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  • the sandman
  • neil gaiman book american gods good also but not a graphic novel
  • It was Free Comic book day today (Australia) picked up some cool shit. Including a hard cover free comic O.O

    Idk if it's been mentioned but Tom Morello's Orchid is a cool new series, set in the semi-distant future where there is very little landmass and the few people left are either powerful warlords or pleb/slaves working in underground farms.
  • We need free comic book day in the US. Edit: Apparently we do have it, I just don't live close enough to the comic shop.

    I read Hewligan's Haircut the other day, and loved it(10$ for a 40 page comic isn't cool though). Peter Milligan is another writer I really enjoy.

    I'm almost finished Persepolis also, so many little moments. I really didn't know too much about the Iranian revolution, so it's a fun history lesson. Shows how fast you can radicalize a group of good people.
    I'll probably never forget the part about Niloufar. Such an awful example of twisting scripture into some horrendous acts. The 5$ dowry is worse than the raping and killing, and it actually seems contemptous of islam to me. The book still manages to be a funny read, even with the fairly disturbing parts.

    Also picked up trades of The Kents, Nextwave Agents of Hate, Starlin's Mystery In Space, Morrison's Flex Mentallo, H20, and Frank Miller's Ronin & Martha Washington omnibus.
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  • My list includes: Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Y, Alan Moore - V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Sin City, Walking Dead

    I tend to shy away from superhero stuff (except Watchmen) , but I wouldn't mind trying a couple if someone had any good recommendations for my type
  • Luna Brothers' "The Sword" is probably my favorite besides Walking Dead. It's kind of superhero-ish, and has the same page turning pace. I really like Ed Brubaker's Incognito also (They're some cool moments that remind me of 1984's Winston).

    After I finish the book club book, and clear out some of the one shot trades in my stack I'm probably going to start on a series. Either Y, Ex Machina, Transmetro, or Preacher. They're all on my Amazon wishlist... I'm trying to make up for my childhood/teenage years when I should have been reading comics.
  • Where is MAUS!
  • I think my favorite superhero book is Marvels. The art is beautiful and it tells a story that spans the length of the Marvel universe all from a human i.e. non-super perspective. Very cool book!

    Alan Moore's stuff is great all around. I recently got into Will Eisner as well.

    There's a thread titled "Psychonauts" about this already, but you guys should all go check out the webcomic at Psychonauts. It's written and produced by the DTFH forums' own @plaidklaus.
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    While Grant Morrison is probably my favorite comic writer, Alan Moore's From Hell is definitely my favorite of all time. Hell, it's one of my favorite pieces of literature period!
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  • NaterNater
    Here's a great part of the Steve Ditko documentary, the psychedelic pictures I posted of Doctor Strange were drawn by ditko, who was vehemently conservative and hated hippies. It tickles me to no end. Alan Moore is also in this clip

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