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  • Uuuu... I can't sleep. I've been laying in bed surfing the Internet on my iPhone for that last 4 hours. Too much hoppy beer, spicy Cajun food, and stress today I suppose. I did see something that I liked though while poking around that Internet. A video about spreading ideas and starting a movement. It gave me the idea that I want to take some sort of action to create more positive vibes in this existence. Now, I'm well aware that one can't always be positive, one shouldn't ALWAYS be positive, but I think alot of the time it should be something to strive for. Shit happens, to everyone, but people pick themselves up and look to the grassy hill over the horizon everyday. Why can't everyone try to see that horizon?

    I'm a big fan of some heavy rock music. Up until about 1 month ago all I was listening to for the longest time was mostly Tool and Nine Inch Nails, which are both awesome. Then I went to go see 311 on 3/11/12 in Las Vegas with my little brother. Their music has a very positive, good time, happy vibe to it and their singer Nick Hexum ends every show by telling the crowd to, "Stay positive and love your life." We had the best fuckin time there and meet the coolest people, 311 fans are a good fuckin family. I've kind of let the positivity I picked up from that experiance follow me around ever since then and it's been great. I went though the music in my iPhone and got ride of everything that didn't have positive vibes. Don't get me wrong I'll love me some Tool till the day I die but, there's a time and a place for everything and this whole positive vibes thing is working really well for me right now.

    I've been getting along with all the people in my life better, made friends with some cool people and just generally felt, better. So I challenge you, spread the positivity with me. It's easy too, just be a good person. Basically don't be a vampire, as Duncan would say. Take interest in the lives of all the people around you, smile at strangers when you catch their eye contact at a passing glance, let the little things go, put on some Bob Marley music and dance with a girl.

    I'd love to hear anyone's ideas on this and thoughts on ways to spread this big ass positivity around. Now, I will attempt to actually sleep. Good night peoples.
  • If you take pleasure in listening to dark/heavy music, that's still positivity.
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  • I am experiencing something similar with music. Now that I'm a more positive person, and more healthy physically and mentally, I don't ever find myself wanting to listen to my old favorites like NIN and even just melancholy stuff like Jeff Buckley. I still think it's great music but now I like to listen to music that is groovy, happy, beautiful and that helps foster the positive mindset I'm working on keeping around.

    @fuckoffwhocares The pleasure you take in listening to dark music maaaaay be a positive but maybe it only feels that way because you are feeding your inner vampire, as Duncan would say.

    @wolfkiller I love what you have to say, you're spreading the positivity right there man!
  • Maybe OP, you're now starting to self-actualize or evolve, or wake up, as is what is seemingly happening to a lot of people lately. If you're using psychedelics, the feeling is amplified, at least to me, which is something I never thought possible and is a subject Terence McKenna covers in his 'The World and its Double' lecture.
  • Also I would like to point you guys to the Zeitgeist Movement and/or Venus Project, if you're interested in what a vision of positive change could be if enough people can get on board with the ideas shown.
  • @wolfkiller Good for you man! I can on board with that. I can't give up my heavy music though, haha. I had some friends go to that 311 show in Vegas. All I hear about is how epic it was. Glad you enjoyed it!
  • @vegetate perhaps, it makes sense. everybody's got a dark side. I just think it's about moderation. if you listen to it day in, day out, it's bound to have an effect on your mood. but if you mix it up more like I do, it's not really a problem. I do love me some good vibes!
  • @fuckoffwhocares I think you're spot on. It used to be ALL I listened to and I'm glad I expanded my musical horizons.
  • @vegetate same here, my dad raised me on punk and metal, haha.

    For anyone interested in hearing something new, these guys were from my hometown. They've since formed another great band called The Racoon Wedding, but Vermicious Knid were the best. Gives me real good vibes. It's not available anywhere anymore, so no harm in sharing it.
  • I like to listen to the old stuff I liked when I was younger just to remind me that I'll be OK.
  • megmeg
    Sometimes dark can be positive in a way...I like to listen to Judith by A Perfect Circle and it helps me overcome and jest with the old religious vampire. I think it is the spirit with which we listen to music. And balance.

    This is what I'm listening to now. Found the mucician through a DTFH family member on another thread. Good vibes. Just put a crying two yr old I am babysitting to sleep with it :)

  • The Flaming Lips - The Gash - YouTube

  • I watch an outdoor trance festival. So much joy that i cant help but pick up on it.
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  • <3 311

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