In search of some real honest criticism.
  • I posted in a couple of threads already tipping people off that I host a podcast, but finally admitted to myself that the only reason I was posting is because I'm desperate for some constructive criticism of the show. So I'm just going to ask for it out right instead of beating around the bush. I've been doing it for a little over a year and greatly enjoy it but I want it to be much better. And for that I need to know what people don't like about it so I can fix it. This sounds narcissistic as fuck but currently the fans we have, (both of them), only seem to heap praise when I ask for criticism and I can't bring myself to believe there isn't anything to fix. So please, please give a listen and let me know how you guys think the show could be improved.

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    "The body of a new born baby is as old as the Cosmos. The form is new and unique but the materials are 13.7 billion years old"
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    What is your reason for wanting to "improve" the Podcast? For you to think it needs improvement means that there is some perceived chasm between what the thing is now and what you want it to become.

    What do you want the thing to look like and why?

    I just tried to go to to listen and the site was inaccessible.
  • I used to listen after Duncan was on, and you fellas were on one of the icehouse chronicles.

    Honestly, there's a lot of competition out there. I had to cut out a few because I simply don't have time to listen.
  • That's pretty lame that it's down right now.
    Dreamhost is having problems apparently.

    My reason for wanting to improv it is so that more people enjoy it. I'm not sure if our lack of listeners is due to a lack of "advertising" per say or because it sucks to listen to.

    It's taken me a while to really identify what I want the show to feel like and alot of that has to do with what I like about podcasts. I like to feel like I'm sitting in on a conversation but for whatever reason no one can hear me talk. I want our show to feel like the listener is meeting up with a couple of friends they have who really follow politics and news and the listener is just sitting in on a conversation about it. And occasionally those two guys get a hold of some cool people to talk with as well. I think we are close to this but I'm notoriously bad at looking at myself or my creations through someone else's eyes so I want to know what other people think.
    "The body of a new born baby is as old as the Cosmos. The form is new and unique but the materials are 13.7 billion years old"
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    My reason for wanting to improv it is so that more people enjoy it. I'm not sure if our lack of listeners is due to a lack of "advertising" per say or because it sucks to listen to.

    If you have specific advertising questions, I may be able to help you. I own an ad agency and all I do is Internet advertising.

    I don't yet know the content of your show but I'll listen to it when the site comes back up.
  • site is back up
    "The body of a new born baby is as old as the Cosmos. The form is new and unique but the materials are 13.7 billion years old"
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    site is back up

    Listening to it now and writing down some notes.

    I don't know if I'll post the notes today or not. It needs some time to ruminate. I'm trying to come up with questions that will help you think about your Podcast in a new way and take steps to grow it, if that's what you want.

    If you'd prefer that I private message you the notes, let me know. Otherwise I'll post the notes here on the forum.

    I'm a whiz at getting eyeballs pointed at websites so hopefully I'll be able to come up with something you can use.
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    I started out by writing down a list of specific criticisms of the show I listened to (3-22-2012 episode). I scrapped that plan and wrote something else.

    The message I heard is “more people”. You want more people to listen.
    Everything I’ve written below is working with the central theme of getting “more people” to listen.

    I’m going to share my perspective of gaining an audience as an artist and gaining an audience as an advertiser. Remember, these are my opinions and this is how I see things. These are just the perspectives that arise out of my life experience. There is no truth here. Just my opinion as an artist, and as an advertiser.

    How an Artist Gains an Audience

    If you’re an artist, conveying a message and ensuring the integrity of that message is paramount. I’m talking about good art here. You probably have some idea of what you think bad art is. Bad art has no message that we can discern. It doesn’t connect with us in any personal way. It’s just slop on a canvas. Good art delivers a message that can make us see our self in a new light. It can make us feel things. It can make our heart skip a beat. It inspires us. Great art resonates with us.

    Sometimes the art can appear good at first but then it turns bad. I’m sure you’ve seen a movie that didn’t end in a way that resonated with you. “Really? They took it in that direction?”. You had prepared your mind and body to resonate with this thing. You were ready to merge with it. Then the letdown comes because resonance was not achieved.

    You’re disappointed. The movie could’ve been so much better; it could have been more resonant if they had presented it differently. We know what resonates with us without thinking. A beautiful piece of music can sometimes wipe out our egoic mind for the duration of an entire song. We become one with our favorite music. The egoic mind shrinks down and the music takes over. We almost become the music. We resonate with it. There is consonance.

    Now, if your art is constructed in such a way that it’s going to resonate with large numbers of people, it doesn’t take much effort on your part for the thing to grow. It is our nature to share and spread informational content that resonates with us on a deep level. This is why you’ll see people posting about their favorite bands, movies, TV shows, etc… on message boards. Something resonated with them and they want to share this resonance. The nature of resonance is to resonate.

    When I speak of resonance here, I’m not speaking in terms of crystals and dousing rods. I’m speaking very much in an emotional, physical, literal sense. Like strings of a guitar resonating with each other. Humans resonate like guitar strings. When one string vibrates, it can cause resonance with another string. In physics, some frequencies will cause a system to oscillate at a greater amplitude. These are called resonant frequencies. Oscillation at a greater amplitude, in the terms of our discussion here today, means a message that has high integrity, resonates with a large number of people, and self-propagates. Resonance seeks resonance with resonance.

    This is one perspective of how great art spreads itself. Knowingly or unknowingly, something has manifested itself through the artist and that something has a resonant power. If you’re completely honest with yourself and your art comes from a place of truth, you’ll have no issue accepting the situation if the art doesn’t resonate with large numbers of people. When true art comes through, it is so awe-inspiring that there is no self there to even worry about whether or not large numbers of people are going to like it.

    But the funny thing about art that manifests itself in this way is that it is usually very powerfully resonant with large numbers of people. The best, most resonant art often feels as if it was created by something other than ourselves. We can feel that our egoic mind did not create the art. We cannot take credit for the truth.

    The egoic mind cannot understand the truth any more than a hammer can understand why it is hitting a nail.

    A resonant message is self-propagating. This is one way an audience can grow organically. Resonance seeking resonance with resonance.

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    Had to break up my response into multiple posts

    How an Advertiser Gains an Audience

    Time to shift into egoic advertiser mode. Time to slit some throats.

    Why does your show really exist? WHY DOES YOUR SHOW REALLY EXIST?

    It is to satisfy a selfish desire?

    Is it to satisfy a craving for something?

    Nobody cares about your Podcast or why you’re doing it.

    What do people care about?

    People care about what your Podcast will do for them. Will it help them solve some problem in their life? Will it make their life easier? Will it help them make money? Will it make them feel something?

    What is the value to the listener? What is the benefit to the listener?

    Here’s how not to get a large audience:

    “I’d like to make some money on the side with my Podcast”
    “I know a lot about XYZ topic, so I’ll talk about that”
    “Person X’s podcast resonates with me, so I’ll imitate that resonance.”

    The problem with imitating another person’s podcast is that the egoic mind cannot grasp truth. When the egoic mind imitates truth, it comes out looking like a Frankenstein monster. It is a hollow shell. It is dead. There is no resonance when the egoic mind tries to imitate resonance.

    Samuel Butler said money is the “sacrament of having done for mankind that which mankind wanted.”

    We might say here that the number of podcast listeners is the "sacrament of having done for mankind that which mankind wanted."

    In your situation, the number of Podcast listeners you have is proportional to the number of people who find benefit in it or the number of people who resonate with it. Give people what they want. Give people what they need.

    So what do people want, from an egoic perspective?

    Here’s what people want:
    1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
    2. Enjoyment of food and beverages.
    3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.
    4. Sexual companionship.
    5. Comfortable living conditions.
    6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.
    7. Care and protection of loved ones.
    8. Social approval.

    There are secondary desires but these are much less powerful than the eight above. Here they are:
    1. To be informed.
    2. Curiosity.
    3. Cleanliness of body and surroundings.
    4. Efficiency.
    5. Convenience.
    6. Dependability/quality.
    7. Expression of beauty and style.
    8. Economy/profit.
    9. Bargains.

    Advertising is almost like a broken way of imitating the resonance that comes through true art. A powerful, resonant message needs no help with spreading. It is self-propagating.

    Advertising is a tool that allows for messages with no truth or resonance to be spread to vast numbers of people. Advertising is hijacking these innate resonance mechanisms for the purpose of shallow moneymaking schemes. I know where advertising is headed and it’s a place that’s beautiful beyond imagination, but that’s a topic for another post.

    If you find your art isn’t resonating and your egoic mind wants more people to listen to it, then you may find yourself walking the dark road of advertising.

    Again, is there a need in the marketplace for your Podcast?

    Great art has a message that resonates. What is the message of your Podcast?

    If you want an exercise to do, try writing down all of the messages that are delivered by your Podcast. Analyze not only what you’re saying, but what your appearance says, what the text on your co-host’s t-shirt says, what the visible posters on the wall say, what the tonality of your voice says, etc… EVERYTHING.

    The sentences should be short. Don’t get too verbose. Write down all the messages that your Podcast conveys. Once you’ve exhausted yourself and you think you have them all, come up with a SINGLE SENTENCE that covers the whole thing. What is the core message of the Podcast? What is the singular message that is being conveyed when you take the summation of all the messages in the Podcast?

    You’ll likely have to rewrite the message dozens of times. It’s a lot of work but eventually you’ll settle on a single message that you feel best sums up what the Podcast is trying to do.

    The message may be good or it may not. If the message is true and has integrity, then perhaps your show is not being presented in the right way.

    Are you bringing through a new, original message that has resonance or are you imitating someone else’s resonance? Imitated resonance falls flat. It’s like a corpse.

    If you want another exercise, try doing the same thing but with your favorite movies, music, podcasts, etc... What is the message that is being conveyed to you? Why does it resonate and why does it make you want to share that resonance?

    Resonant messages inspire us. I heard you mention on the show that you’re losing your inspiration. That sentence hit me like an arrow to the forehead when you said it.

    Is “more listeners” really your goal here?

    P.S. Sorry for the long post but one of the things I've learned in advertising is that long copy always outsells short copy. :-)
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  • It's gonna take me a while to absorb all that ;)

    thank you. I"ll give a better reply when I have the time to read through this and anser some of those questions.
    "The body of a new born baby is as old as the Cosmos. The form is new and unique but the materials are 13.7 billion years old"
  • @YOU wow very well said! I love it when someone articulates ideas that I have also thought about so well. Your post reminded me of a quote by Jim Jarmusch

    “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.”

    I like to break out that quote whenever anyone starts ranting about sampling in music or what not, but that's another discussion altogether.

    You also pin pointed the reason I despise advertising so much. I would like to hear your thoughts on where you think advertising is headed in the future.
  • YOU
    Floydian said:

    You also pin pointed the reason I despise advertising so much. I would like to hear your thoughts on where you think advertising is headed in the future.

    The reason I said it's a topic for another post is that it's about 200 pages long right now and I need to boil it down to something that is understandable by a larger number of people. I'll post a link on the forum when I can boil it down sufficiently.
  • @YOU hah fair enough. Look forward to it.
  • @you. Who said ad folks were all douches. The fact that you took the time to articulate all that speaks volumes. Out of interest, what was your route to your current job? I would also be interested in becoming a client in the future, cost permitting etc etc. PM me a link to your business if you wish.
    Namo Amituofo
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    @you. Who said ad folks were all douches. The fact that you took the time to articulate all that speaks volumes. Out of interest, what was your route to your current job? I would also be interested in becoming a client in the future, cost permitting etc etc. PM me a link to your business if you wish.

    I'm not currently accepting any new clients but if you want some tips on things like Facebook advertising, I'd be happy to share. I'm a very small fish in the Internet advertising world but I know a lot about how to advertise successfully on Facebook and some other Internet-based traffic sources.

    My mindset about advertising when I first got into it and what my mindset is now are different, but I got into advertising for two reasons:

    Big Money


    I wanted to understand how people really work, on a large scale. I wanted to understand how things go mega-viral. Why are people so easily tricked by advertising? Marshall McLuhan's writings on advertising were probably the thing that kicked me over the edge. What is advertising doing to us, really?

    When you realize that far more effort, time, money, care and thought goes into the creation of large-scale advertisements than goes into actual content on a website (editorials, articles, etc...), it alters your perception of the world. I'm speaking of large-scale ads here remember. Things seen by millions or billions of people.

    I used to hack computers for a living. To understand the vulnerabilities of a system and how to exploit them is to really understand how it works. After a while, hacking computers gets boring. Hacking people seemed more fun at the time and that's what advertising really is. Finding vulnerabilities in people and exploiting them. My attitude has now shifted away from this exploitative mindset, but that desire to really understand people at their core is still a driving factor in why I'm an advertiser.

    Here's one of my favorite quotes that elucidates this connection in a better way than I can:
    "Regarding language as an apparatus of symbols for the conveyance of thought, we may say that, as in a mechanical apparatus, the more simple and the better arranged its parts, the greater will be the effect produced. In either case, whatever force is absorbed by the machine is deducted from the result. A reader or listener has at each moment but a limited amount of mental power available. To recognize and interpret the symbols presented to him requires part of this power; to arrange and combine the images suggested requires a further part; and only that part that remains can be used for realizing the thought conveyed. Hence, the more time and attention it takes to receive and understand each sentence, the less time and attention can be given to the contained idea; and the less vividly will that idea be conceived." - Herbert Spencer

    My goal with advertising now is to understand how to send messages to the largest number of people. Could the message of enlightenment be delivered in an ad campaign that goes mega-viral to the population of the entire planet? How do we use the egoic mind against itself? How can we trick people into waking up? My present thinking is that we have to gamify understanding. Increasing our understanding and interconnectedness must become the most fun and addictive thing a person can do. You can now see things like this emerging. Reddit Karma is a very simple form of gamification. And look how addicted people get to it.

    I seek informational consonance (understanding) that sounds the most beautiful, harmonious chord you can imagine. The sound will resonate out through the cosmos and inward to the core of our being. Fractal all the way up and all the way down.
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