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  • So occasionally when I open a thread it'll open onto a specific post (#post23 - or something) which is fine I guess because it seems to go to which post I last looked at, but occasionally if I scroll off that post, it just continually goes back to that post, even after I take the #post thing out of the URL. What's going on here?
  • Yeah it can be pretty annoying. You're effectively locked out of the thread. I've noticed that it happens much more often on the iPhone than desktop.
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  • Yup. iPhone. Same issue.
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    Hey guys,

    This kind of error usually happens when the page hasn't quite finished loading. As new elements are loaded the browser sort-of refreshes the page, sending you back to the starting position for each link.

    It's most evident on smartphones, since most use 3G connections and those can take a little while to load up the forum. A workaround would be to highlight the post's URL and remove everything after (and including) the # sign.

    For example, right now this post's URL looks to me to be:

    So I change it to:

    And it shows me the thread without jumping to a specific post. Unfortunately if you use this on a thread with multiple pages it will take you to page 1, so FYI.
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