a tiny realization.
  • A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and i had taken an lsd trip. For me, when i venture into my trip i like to do alot of self analyzation, ego shedding kind of thing you know. I like to have real deep conversation, read poetry, compare theorys and questions on life, i guess you can say use it in the most spiritual way possible that i can do in the basement apartment of my mothers house haha.

    My boyfriend had gone to the bathroom, so while waiting for him i started to walk around and just kind of soak in my thoughts and my hippie vision, and i came across this picture on the wall. It was an old picture of my two sisters and myself. We were dressed the same pretty much, our hair fixed all nice, smiles on our faces, sitting in our nice and proper poses in front of a blue backdrop. As i was looking at this picture i started to realize wow...how fake is this picture. At the time of the picture was right before my parents divorce so you can imagine all the fighting and yelling that was going on behind closed doors. That was also the time my oldest sister was a teenager and not listening to a word my parents said. My other sister hated me because she had to share everything with me so all we did was fight and cry. Now you can imagine how tense it was in that house pretty much everyday. So now i look at this picture and think how fake is it that my parents got us together in this picture and got us all dressed up all nice and matching, probably behind the camera telling us to smile and look happy like we love each other. JUST so we can hang this picture on the wall and give all our family members copies so everybody can think were a super happy family when really behind closed doors we were falling apart. And im sure almost every family does this.

    Why do we always have to fit in this fake society and do generic drone actions? Yeah lets take a happy family picture everyone pretend to smile and be happy yay, now lets give auntie annie, uncle jim, grandma judy, cousin billy, great aunt debbie from arizona a copy so they can hang it on their wall with all the other generic fake family pictures everyone takes once a year!!!! I just think its funny that alot of families do this almost once a year, they have to force everyone to break their plans to get together on that one day to take a fake happy picture of a fake happy family JUST so they can give the pictures to family members, so everybody has this fake perception because of that one picture. Im not saying its wrong to take family pictures or baby pictures or any of that, im saying that so many times families take those fake pictures almost just to put this impression out of themselves. i dont know how to exactly explain it or put it into words but im sure you my fellow friends will understand what im getting at lol. Anyways just a tiny little realization i had that night and it made me laugh alot at how fake that picture was. How fake alot of stuff is actually.Anyone else have a little realization like that while in a psychedelic trip? I think their really funny when it happens. Maybe even this same situation happened to someone im sure im not the only one who has looked at an old picture and realized how fake it was.
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  • Wow...too good. Something so simple as that has so much meaning.Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, shes breaking through the man made earth and shes pissed. Were getting too lost in concrete and loosing touch with the earth itself.
  • Nice paragraphs. when I was a young kid we always had long hair, it was amazing how my mum always remembered the family photograph session on the way home from the annual haircut.

    If I ever have a family I'll make sure to take the pictures right when the kids are tearing each other's hair out and the wife's screaming over the top of them.
  • Simpsons had it right...


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