Transcendental Meditation
  • Hey Sports Fans,

    A few months ago I started getting really into David Lynch, watching his movies and interviews online, that sort of thing. If you don't know who he is I suggest you check him out. He's one of the coolest filmmakers of all time. Along with being a great filmmaker, he is also a huge advocate for Transcendental Meditaion, he actually has a book Catching the Big Fish that is really great.

    After I read the book I started doing TM and really liked it, but then I started reading online about all these negative side effects. Like most info on the internet, both sides of the argument seem pretty biased and skewed, but to play it safe I just stopped meditating.

    I was wondering if anyone out there practices TM and could shed some light on whether it really has negative effects or not.


  • "Excerpt, Side-Effects section: "Not all effects of the practice of meditation are beneficial. Shapiro (1992) found that 62.9% of the subjects reported adverse effects during and after meditation and 7.4% experienced profoundly adverse effects. The length of practice (from 16 to 105 months) did not make any difference to the quality and frequency of adverse effects. These adverse effects were relaxation-induced anxiety and panic; paradoxical increases in tension; less motivation in life; boredom; pain; impaired reality testing; confusion and disorientation; feeling 'spaced out'; depression; increased negativity; being more judgmental; and, ironically, feeling addicted to meditation."
    Haha this hilarious! Relaxation-induced anxiety?!? What? Feeling addicted to meditation?? This is all bullshit. I experimented with TM for a little while and experienced only positive effects.
  • I'm a huge fan of David Lynch too! Bought Mulholland Dr. last week for $5, what a bargin. Saw his book randomly at a small bookstore the other week and skimmed it, cool shit. Also I recently watched 2012: Time for Change and was surprised to see Lynch and hear him talking about TM. Had never heard of TM before then and it definitely caught my interest. Looked into classes but they're a bit expensive. What's the best way to get started?
  • Yes, classes are expensive. You can get a basic understanding of TM by watching videos on youtube.
  • Yeah, there are no negative side effects to meditation. If you have to pay to take classes, that's one thing, but there is so much free information on TM out there on the internet, why would you pay for a class?
  • Yeah the classes are crazy expensive.

    I just looked up how to do it on this site:

    I really enjoy it. I find it to be a really great and easy way to meditate.

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