LA Real Life Meet Up For Interdemensional Beings!
  • Hey everyone!

    My name's Tyler. I know I don't post here a lot, I mostly lurk, but during the first few months of this forum @optimisto had a meet up at his house. I went to the meet up and have become close friends with some of the people I met there. I was talking to @ehhrrwal and I really wanted to try another meet up closer to where we all lived. So I've decided to start a meet up at a bar in Hollywood in two weeks from now.

    The bar is called Lola's. It's not the trendiest bar or even that cool. I picked it because there's a lot of space and usually isn't crazy loud or dark. It's a good place for us to meet and hang out without having to scream in each others ears or be pressed against a wall. It's also got a pool table you can play for free!

    Here's the info:

    945 N Fairfax Ave
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

    Saturday January 26th 8:30pm

    It's in a week and a half. I hope you drag your meat bodies down and have a beer with us and talk about the universe, black magik or ball cancer.

    Oh! And I'm bringing Neil Degrasse Tyson!

    Contact me if you want:

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  • Sweet!

    @a_game and @peyoteyes should come out, let the pendulum swing the other way from the gong/digital soundbath meditations we've been frequenting
  • Powerful tylernacho!

    I was hesitant to go to the last meetup not knowing what to expect but I'm really glad I did because everyone there was super cool. I'm excited to meet some more these DTFH meat bodies... oh and of coarse Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    I'll try to be there this time, NDT or no NDT.
  • Hmmmmmm.
    The Head Apollo is about to return.
    St Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before.
    Siddhartha sleeps (but is going to awaken). The time you have waited for has come.
  • Hmmmmmm


    Meat bodies

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  • =(
    am i a good boy?

    it doesn't have to be anything

    will u sign my petition to change the name of our planet from Earth to Poor Thing?
  • Yay disinformation agents #neil"mike"Tyson - I'll be there to punk that bitch and put stars in his head
    When in doubt zoom out
  • Yeah Z! fuck shit up!

    New hilarious .gif's of NDT in pain (existential and physical!) coming your way!
  • hahaha wwwwhut?
  • Long time lurker, but this meetup is really close to me, so I made a username today to say that i'm totally going to come! Can't wait to meet some of you guys, this will be so much fun! :-D
  • @jdirt2019 you scare me, and I like it
  • @Tylernacho

    i know; what the fuck am i doing in this thread? nothing really. nothing constructive, that is, if we're all being honest. i've never been to and probably will never go to LA... so, there's that.

    next, i was perusing ye ole' activity page, why do we have that, i'm not sure, but i clicked on @Uwereanaccident's profile and noticed she was rather new, as within, the last few hours, new.

    so, you know, chance occurrence, #DTFH love, welcome aboard.

    ok, moving right along.

    here's an insight i came up with the other day.

    this is what's it's like having a beautiful mind... i'm just now attaching the word unhinged to what i keep saying is a beautiful mind. it's been seven cool years since i unhinged the shit out of my brain.

    did you know, or do i really even know?; i could check wikipedia, but i won't, that albert einstein worked as a 'patent clerk', which i assume is the same or similar to what i do, i'm guessing because the way i heard the story was that all the time AE spent looking at peoples inventions, it really set his mind free to explore and think of shit.

    distinction: i'm not albert einstein.

    #fortherecord i don't think einstein was THE shit, he just came along at the right time and place. to wit: what d'you think al would have gotten done if he was born in 1334? probably not much. he might've cooked up a better longbow, but who remembers the best bowsmith in the hundred years war? nobody. does that mean there wasn't a baddest bowmaker for his time? probably there was a kevin costner in prince of thieves type stinky bow afficianado, but bows aren't that cool.

    my point is einstein went to the same public grade school as your great great great grandfather, he just chose to get led into a cool field. did he raise a family? did he keep his yard nicely manicured? how was his golf game? did he tip well? could he have played stairway?

    NO. he just dug the hell out of some theoretical physics.

    but what i have in common with him is that i too look at patents all day and it sets my mind wondering.

    so yeah, since a while ago, you know how time slips away, my shits been unhinged but it still burns like a goddamn power plant.

    and i knew from the beginning, doctors at least told my parents when i wasn't ready to have these types of convos, that i would be as smart as ever, it was just going to be a little trickier to access/manage that knowledge... compromised "recall speed"

    (i hope you've made it thus far, because it's gold) some/many/all of the things chicks think are #ROMANTIC, are just a stones throw from getting you called a creep. example
    A: playing guitar outside a window, admittedly retro harkening back to the 1300s again: maybe that's romantic in cartoons but these days...
    B: this one's all about your boy: i lost my work wife/lunch buddy/#platonic female/i mean i would've hit it/two legs and a pulse/friend thats a female although we still text (i text, she responds) and the other day we had seemingly legit fire alarm and i was so shocked to find out there was a hot chick on my floor, the first thing i could think to do was text message work wife as i was walking past who goddamnit needs to be my new work wife, and i should've just swooped in and spat game, but instead i just hightailed it to #starbuu, (fuck! perfect chance! blown! no pun intended!) and txt-discussing it with work wife, i have to stalk her now in hopes of striking it up...romantic or creepy?
    C: engagement rings.... can we talk about this? am I saying i own you for the next number of months until we actually get married? i need to drop quality duckets which could otherwise be spent on things like home renovation, guitars, weed, vacations, an #investment account to one day go to our childs' education fund? and i don't want anyone thinking they can holler at you because you're such a whore you won't be able to control yourself? i'm getting down on a knee to claim you as my property? how can you be into that? why are you into that? you're a dummy and i'm calling this shit off right now because i don't know what level of irrationality to expect later down the road. where are my keys? fuck!
    D: why do i need to #shave? (running out of gas) and tuck my shirt in, and all that bullshit. do you know why a tie is considered dressy? me neither.

    ok, if you remember, i was explaining why you should trust me with access to your mind. i don't want to hurt you, i just want to kill you.

    ok, we are making babies now, aren't we?! this is fun.

    wrappin' er up, i was explaining over here how i wish for no other reason than for shits, that we were more prolific with the #hastag nonsense...

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  • Where you at LA popes?
  • oh man! fuck i'll already be driving to la from oc on sunday :/ but maybe will try make it to this thing too...if i end up goin would love to smoke all ya'll out!
    "the more attention you pay, the higher you get" - r.a.w
  • It will be worth it! Come out!
  • sounds awesome, thanks for organizing, I will definitely attend!
  • I'll talk to my friend Alice's man Sam about getting some deli donations, I mean if we're going to have a sausage fest we might as well go balls out (shit.... too soon?)
    When in doubt zoom out
  • haha. I also forgot to mention theres a free pool table!
  • bump diddly
  • Sounds awesome! Have fun you guys!! :)

  • orgoneorgone
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  • o fuck so i was looking at my january calendar and I forgot that i had written down stuff on some days when i was listening to a lady do gemini forecast for this month back in new year's time-and apparently the 26th is circled and i wrote "culmination-group of people?" on it so I definitely have to go now haha :D see you guys! a_game can't make it tonight but i prodded karasu into going! will have fun talkin to you about okc trials/tribulations too zach hahaha :D
    "the more attention you pay, the higher you get" - r.a.w
  • not making it out :(
    need to rest through flu season
    When in doubt zoom out
  • damn! Zack! Oh well. we have to do this more often!
  • orgone said:

    That just blew my mind @orgone
  • Incase anyones confused I'll be wearing a black tshirt with Albert Hoffman on it
  • I'll try to make the next LA meet up. I'd say the dtfh community is definitely worth bearing the CRAZY traffic of LA. lol.
    Fuck the skies, the limit is the solars
  • orgoneorgone
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    Thanks for hosting @Tylernacho, had a great time with you all.
  • I cried myself to sleep and am now trying to figure out how to expel the shame of missing the event. Inconsolable at the moment.
  • <3 you guys! :3 i keep thinking about that pizza actually, its sad haha<br />-ehhrrwal go to the soundbath tonite!
    "the more attention you pay, the higher you get" - r.a.w
  • Had an awesome time and so happy to hang out with you guys! Thanks for having us over @tylernacho, you're a really cool dude.
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
    Roald Dahl
  • That was fun. I'm glad to have met you guys. Too bad you couldn't make it Ehhrwal. We gotta do this again soon.
  • Can we have another LA meet up? I'm new to the forum and missed the first one.
  • Yes...New LaLaLand Meat-up...

    Other Cities??? SanFran? Trans-California?
  • How many of us live in LA/close enough?
  • I'm in SF and would love to meet up with all you crazy fucks! Maybe a dolores park smoke session/picnic? I'm sure we'll have some great conversations/fun!

    Who else lives in sf?
  • If anyone wants to meet up in the Dallas area I'm down.

    I moved from Chicago to a small town an hour away from Dallas a few years back and as of yet have ZERO friends out here. Fucking pathetic.
  • BUMP because mothafucking awesome event is coming up and you LA peoples better head to this one!!!! @karasu i am eyeing you hard right now w/laser beam eyeballs
    "the more attention you pay, the higher you get" - r.a.w
  • @jettdee they're doing this ^ in sf that friday you should goooo :3
    "the more attention you pay, the higher you get" - r.a.w
  • What about a meetup that wouldn't cost any money?
  • I have a new space that is suitable for a meetup much closer than my old space.
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  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    I'm down. We can play Dungeons and Dragons, I'll bring extra dice!!
  • I have Cosmic Encounters, no dice necessary. :) image
    When in doubt zoom out
  • @peyoteyes I shall be in attendance.

    The Head Apollo is about to return.
    St Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before.
    Siddhartha sleeps (but is going to awaken). The time you have waited for has come.
  • a san francisco meet up would be awesome, I moved here a few months ago and would love to meet some folks if theres interest I could start a thread i guess...
    This is gonna be rad!!!

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
    Roald Dahl
  • MK667MK667
    So when's it happening? I really want to try and make the drive out to LA for one of these. Any of you LA/OC people play frisbee golf? There is an awesome course in Huntington Beach, beautiful weather and you gotta love a sport where you can have a few beers while you play.

    Last time i was playing all i could think about was Duncan Trussell Frisbee Golf get together.
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  • YES.

    Lets make this Happen...A Vortex is forming for May 15-18...Sometime then we should have a meet up.

    I will be traveling down from way way northern Cali, too 'visit' with 'friends' and Family!

    Can We find a park in passedena (College of Design? Area?), or maybe a topenga cannon Freakout?

    Entheon thing looks cool, my Gurl LYNX is awesome, if you haven't seen her! But We should do a more LowCost Chill meet up spot ( one that is clean, and as far from the Highways/biways as possible. ) ;)

    OK kiddo's, ready or not, Im coming. And I want to seem some of the Smilling Faces of 'The Family' While I am there.

  • HaimHaim
    @mk667 I am always in for Frolf. I would make the drive from vegas to play with some fam.
    You are free now. -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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