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  • @ladychef

    I can't argue with that statement. I agree that taking probiotics is a great idea.

    In my opinion there is no best way to diet. There are many paths to maintaining a good diet and losing weight. The important thing to understand is that people are different in their tastes and lifestyles but not in their body metabolisms by any large degree. Resting body metabolism between extreme athletes and unfit people vary by less than 5% which means it has virtually no impact on how much you can eat or burn in daily decisions. You should be prepared to experiment and find what works for you so that you can maintain a diet that avoids an excess of calories over your lifetime however actively you choose to live.

    In the end, the "best diet" is the one that you will stick to.

    I have found that tracking my calories and more specifically my macro-nutrients while following a strength training program has provided me with my best results.
  • @ladychef Also, I agree there are health benefits to a low carb diet.
  • All right i have done the jerking it to motivational pics. So now what?
    I am super pumped abut this, i had to move to boring part of the world and have been riding bike and jogging but my diet is not what it should be. Thanks Duncan for getting all of us to do this. WWWWOOOOOOO, IRON LORDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!
  • Anyone else choked @duncan didn't do fuck all? You can't start a fire then walk away.
  • Come on @duncan do it up big this week!
  • Anyone else choked @duncan didn't do fuck all? You can't start a fire then walk away.

    I thought it was just him being honest
  • TomButler said:

    Anyone else choked @duncan didn't do fuck all? You can't start a fire then walk away.

    I thought it was just him being honest

    and I'm just busting balls as I would expect myself.

  • I started this challenge off good but started eating junk at the end also, hopefully I will do better this week.
  • I'm in... taking measurements and stats tomorrow. Been working in the gym industry for 8 years, but have let myself go lately. Shits gotta change, and I'm gonna change it. Thanks Duncan!
  • To be honest, I'm kind of relieved that @Duncan didn't do anything this past week. Why? Because I didn't do anything either! I was incredibly inspired by the idea and wanted to jump right in. Then I ended up having a bit too much to drink that first night, and the next day I was too hungover to really get out of bed, let alone exercise.

    That just started the whole apathetic ball of procrastination rolling and I did fuck all and felt really guilty about it. But that doesn't mean I blew my one and only chance.

    I've got a lot of challenging hurdles to cross, I'm going to have to start small or I won't start at all. To reach what I envision as my ultimate health goal would basically require an entire lifestyle change. I'd have to train like an Olympic athlete. That's not going to happen, nor do I want that to happen.

    One goal of mine for this week is to get more sleep. I haven't been allowing my body to rest and rejuvenate this past week. Instead I've been staying up until the wee hours of the morning browsing Reddit and reading books.

    Another goal of mine is to up my caloric intake. Unlike most, I need to GAIN weight, not lose it. I don't have a specific plan for the week except to EAT MORE.

    Then, of course, I'll try to break a few sweats. Good sweats. Not the meat sweats or sweating out Irish whiskey after a long night out.
    I'll try anything twice. Anything.
  • Any word if @iii_vision is ok?

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  • Hey Guys

    Just wanted to pass something on that has REALLY helped me. If you are trying to lose weight you need eat healthier. In theory you could eat lots as long as its broccoli and lean protein etc you get what I mean.

    Well aside from the battle of creating your healthy food palette you have to rewrite your food eating habits. which in my experience is a much harder battle. Only because it initially uses a lot of willpower and as research has shown you have a 'limited' amount per day. Hence why Tom said dont expect to be perfect from day 1.

    Anyway my recommendation is get your breakfast sorted the night before or week before if possible. It saves times and gives a really healthy and easy way to start the day. It has made a huge difference to me so far (lost 1.6st). Ive looked at it this way the more decisions that could result in a healthy pay off or an unhealthy payoff that I can tweak in my favour the ahead of time I should do it. It takes less energy and willpower to prepare for that moment in advance then trying to wrestle in it during the moment. Something to consider to see if it works...
  • Not smoking is hard, but consistently thinking about it in health-related terms is helpful. 'I will feel better' is a nice motto. The money adds up over time and that's nice. Certain things i'd patiently deal with if I could smoke I have no patience for anymore, and that's a good thing. It's only been 4 days but 4 days cold turkey on a pack a day habit. I've quit 3 times.

    It's week 2 and I like that idea of limited willpower, like none of us could change overnight really. I've had weeks where i've been on vacation and felt like a different person, but that never changed my habits fundamentally. Anyway, if you're still smoking out there you know you can do it.
  • Hi guys I'm a trainer in London and if we can get like 3 or more people together i would be more than happy to start doing a free training session once a week, we can all get sexy together, i was thinking hitting some kettlebells and body-weight circuits in hyde park, whose in?
  • I listened to Tom's ideas and I agreed with most of it. I like the everything is gonna change attitude. But sometimes the corniness turns me off, but its true, but fuckkkkkk......the corniness.

    I run/jog like 3 miles three to four times a week for several years, and if I don't run, I get anxiety. I just try to do things one day at a time because I could do that when I started, I could barely run/jog for five minutes. I would just jog as long as I could then walk until I could jog and do it again for like thirty minutes. That turned into being able to run/jog for 30 minutes straight or longer if I wanted. Once, I got there, I realized the clarity of my thoughts was dramatically increased.
    Get out of line Lemming.
  • Day 5 without a smoke, honestly this isn't a huge accomplishment for me, I've made multiple attempts to quit in the past couple years. Getting over the first week or so is pretty easy for me, maintaining it past the 2-3 week mark after I've had a few drinks is what always gets me. I've been curbing my booze intake the past couple weeks which has helped considerably.
  • Duncan,

    Pains me to do this, but I gotta call you out. I only do it because I love you and you have helped me out so damn much. You carried me through a weight loss journey in ways I don't think would be possible for you to understand. It wasn't just your encouraging thoughts that pushed me (and by god they did) but it was your tough love elucidations as well. Forgive me friend, but I do this out of love.

    What the FUCK with the meat shift experiment? You didn't do anything? Your trainer knows what he's talking about, but I think he took it way too easy on you. He wasn't asking you to do anything difficult and it shook me that after all that gear up an....nothing.

    ON this TED talk (
    ) Derek Sivers explains why you should keep your goals to yourself because of the self-lie you create that you've actually done something because you talk about it. I love that you are talking about it, but it pisses me off that in a way, you proved Mr. Sivers right. I think you do think you've done something because you're talking about it. The god damn excuses coming out of your mouth. You've already tossed in the towel for the next 2 weeks, I could tell. And if I could be a douchey psychoanalyst for a second, I think even the pre/post show alpha character mighta been a bit of a resentful jab towards people that get exercise done in the face of your inaction. Maybe that's a reach, and I laughed my ass off at it. I think the character is funny as hell, but I don't think it was a coincidence he popped back up this week.

    Please don't quit or lose motivation. You can do it. I sit and daydream of the insights that could come from your beautiful brain into the journey of health improvement and who they can help. I know that's a lot of responsibility to hoist at you, but this is what you've sold the experiment pumped me up for it. I was tuning into it with the same excitement when I tune in to The Walking Dead. Then after week one, it's like I came to episode two and AMC just said..."oh shit didn't do a show this week, our bad."

    I already send so many friends to you for how you word emotional, intellectual, and cosmic epiphanies and realizations. The world needs your insights on health improvement. I'm more excited to hear you discuss a successful health journey than LOTR freaks are excited for and waiting for the hobbit. It needs to exist.

    Enough tough love, I won't be an ass like this if you fall short again. I am a fan for life and listening whether you succeed or not. I also hope you remain open about failure. It surely helps too. I wish you so much success.
  • For those starting to exercise, I highly recommend doing something FUN rather then something like jogging, or using an exercise bike.

    Something like playing tennis, basketball, snowboarding, road hockey, ect is a fun way to get some cardio in.

    My personal favorite is BJJ right now. Grappling was tough to start out, but after a few months it became a fun ass game to play. It's also great because there's an endless amount of techniques to learn, so you don't become bored as fast as some other activities.
  • I'm going to give it a shot and have this forum be the "Curves" for potty-mouthed, dark humor loving, introspective fellas like myself.
  • this still going on? Your podcast has me pumped, eating healthy and working out. I am a week in with proper nutrition and working out. I have assumed a lot of walking around roles at my job... I am actually doing this. Duncan you should too. As someone who is 350+ and who looks up to you in a strange sort of way, thanks for helping me care about my weight issue. I look forward to showing you results. I want you to know the impact you're having on my life.
  • Okay so I'm going to start working out tomorrow. The plan is to hyrdate today, because I usually chronically drink coffee, and take my array of vitamins. I have whey protein powder and creatine ready to go. Going to pick up another supplement later today too. I have a basic meal plan for the week, which mostly just consists of not eating junk and eating a decent amount of decent food.

    Gonna watch the UFC fights tonight and get pumped!!!! I'm excited. Tomorrow is the day. I hereby state it.
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  • So I went to start my car but the battery's dead! lol. Small hurdle. Instead of going to the gym tomorrow I guess I'll have to start off with butt clenches.
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  • Just got around to listening to this podcast &
    I'm stoked to take the challenge....
    Starting small and do-able and creating the routine.
    I am in decent shape but can always get better
    I find I lack consistency in getting it done...
    Small achievable goals that become habit, then build on those.
    It's a method for success, as I've experienced it on other areas of life....

    To me, absurdity is the only reality.
  • Cleaned room, did yoga, lifted weights.
  • just wanted to say im still breathing and thankyou to everyone for your words
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile

    just wanted to say im still breathing and thankyou to everyone for your words

  • This thread has a lot of useful info and feedback, but I wanted to see a thread dedicated to practice each week. I did not see one so I started one.
    Under Goals!
    Everything is so casual and people are so uniformly supportive here I've never felt so comfortable on any Internet forum.
    Post your goals and practice there if you want.
    What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.
    Herbert Simon
  • just wanted to say im still breathing and thankyou to everyone for your words

    Holla back youngin!!!
  • Still eating better and countering all the coffee I drink with water, so I'm not dehydrated.

    Studying more too!
  • For anyone having trouble downing enough water, try buying a bottle of lime juice! Just a small squirt makes a big cup much more enjoyable. Especially if you have that nasty tasting city water (which I do now. My old house had well water. :( so good)
  • Thanks to powerful Duncan Trussell for this episode. I listened to it about an hour ago, read all of these posts and then signed up to the forum to post in here myself.

    I'm pretty out of shape. I've eaten like crap most of my life and rarely exercise except for a few periods where I started and then stopped. I was skinny as hell when I was younger but age caught up to me over time. 10 years ago I was concerned that I was out of shape and I look back at pictures from then and I would kill to have that body now because I look so much worse, so that'll show you what not doing anything about it will do lol. I'm 6' and 241.4 pounds. That's about 20 pounds less than I was a few months ago, but I think it's more to do with the fact that I started smoking again a couple of months ago after having quit for 16 years than me doing anything healthy. Ugh. But I'm determined to quit smoking again and leaving to go for a walk after I finish this post. I'll start small, adding good habits (and quitting bad ones) a little at a time, but I am inspired to do this, and grateful that there are others here I can share it with.

    I've seen comments about Duncan not doing anything about this...he may not be posting here but maybe it's because he is doing something about this? Although I haven't listened to the latest episode, so if he mentions something about it there I plead ignorance. Either way, you can't let his action or inaction stop you from moving forward, and if you need outside motivation there is a ton of people in this thread who seem willing to help.

    And iii_vision, almost two years ago I had a well paying job and a woman I love with all my heart who I had been with for over twenty years, since we were teenagers. I lost both (unrelated) on the same day. There have been many "dark nights of the soul" since then and times where I didn't think I could go on. But I was wrong. It's tough sometimes but you can do it. You owe that to yourself and the people who love you, whichever one motivates you more :) Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk.

    Anyone on here live in Santa Clarita, CA? Having a buddy to exercise with would be rad.
  • just wanted to say im still breathing and thankyou to everyone for your words

    Good to hear man
  • Negatives: I have not slept well at all this week. ~5/6 hours of restless sleep for four days in a row. It's all been for productive reasons at least, but I was like high-school-history-class tired all day.

    Pros: I just went for a good night time run in the rain, with some really good hill climbs. I did five big hills total and ended my run at the grocery store where I bought a sweet steak and bananas and kiwi and chocolate milk.

    Tomorrow they're doing a free "buddy day" at my kickboxing school so I'm taking a friend of mine to his first class. I hope he gets hooked, we'll be like Ken and Ryu.
  • And sweet potatoes!
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    "Things are Tough All Over Man" - Chong
  • I'm starting my change today. I'm extremely heavy and I want to lose up to 100lbs. This podcast helped me realize that this is do able. Baby Steps!
  • I'm starting my change today. I'm extremely heavy and I want to lose up to 100lbs. This podcast helped me realize that this is do able. Baby Steps!

  • For anyone having trouble downing enough water, try buying a bottle of lime juice! Just a small squirt makes a big cup much more enjoyable. Especially if you have that nasty tasting city water (which I do now. My old house had well water. :( so good)

    I like drinking my water at room temperature. I just leave my brita jug out on the counter. I find room temperature water is much easier to drink in large quantities than cold water
  • .
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  • Foos said:

    I like drinking my water at room temperature. I just leave my brita jug out on the counter. I find room temperature water is much easier to drink in large quantities than cold water

    Room temp water is better to drink. Since it's closer to body temp your body absorbs the water more efficiently.

  • Hello Everyone, I am a big fan of you Duncan, you are badass, and I think it is great that you started this challenge. You stated on your podcast that if anyone has any info to help people out with this challenge to please share, so I am here to do just that. I have an ebook out that can help out a lot of your fans. Its all about sustainablility, and how to avoid the yo yo effect that is so common today in the health field. Well Im not trying to troll or anything but I figured I would post the intro to the book to maybe spark some ideas for some people, and get them thanking about the whole picture of health and wellness. Anyone can drop a few pounds, if they want to, I pose the question of why is it important for you?? What can health do for you??

    Timm Ferriss says to make your goal something worth fighting for "you wouldn't change your brand of cereal each morning for a trip to ohio, but you just might for a trip around the Greek isles"

    So dream big people, and stop being so realistic.

    Minimize Exercise Maximize Life
    This manual was put together out of frustration. It was frustration with the fitness industry. After working in the industry for several years, a trend started to become apparent. The predominant message amongst fitness professionals was to “eat less and workout more”. This is still the underlying mantra of the entire health and fitness movement. It is even taught at the university level. There is just one problem with this idea, IT DOES NOT WORK. The statistic that stands out the most is that, 90% of people who lose weight gain it back. This is an absolutely staggering statistic that you never hear about. The current system puts their failures in the hands of the obese person. When a person doesn’t accomplish and maintain a certain level of success, it is blamed on the will power of that person. With Americans spending more on the fitness industry than ever before and the obesity rates still climbing, there is something wrong. The question is, when is the fitness industry going to take a look at itself and realize that it may actually contain the problem? One of the biggest challenges that people face with the conventional way of thinking is that, it is not sustainable(the yo-yo effect). If you are forcing yourself to do workouts you don’t enjoy, you will eventually stop. If you are consistently running on a low caloric intake with inadequate nutrients, you will eventually revert back to what your family and friends are eating. Eventually you will quit moving around, if moving around is something that does not feel good. The will power has little to do with the actions of a person whose hormones are running the show. There are a few fundamental ways of thinking that if you obtain, weight loss will become effortless and fun. The difference lies within the origin of the teaching. This manual started with that staggering statistic of relapse in mind (90% fail). The techniques that are explained are meant to be used by anyone who wants to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without spending hours and hours “walking on a treadmill”. Everlasting weight loss can be obtained by anyone who is willing to change the way they think about weight loss and can devote two hours of exercise per month. It’s time to reclaim your life and have fun. Whether you are stuck in an office fifty hours a week or someone who would just rather spend time with your kids instead of being at the gym, success is in your future.
    Thousands of hours of research have been simplified into six areas that are guaranteed to sustain fat loss. These game changing ideas are put together in a simple and easy to execute format, ready for action. The manual is designed to be able to single out an area that may need more attention than others. An objective judgment may be required to determine where the most effort will be needed, but the improvement of seemingly unlikely areas may be just what is needed to have a drastic impact on your overall success. Keep in mind that while your focus may be on one area at a time, living the life of your dreams will come from the maintenance of all six of the life changing areas.
    “You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?”
    -Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish poet and author, 1850-1894
    So have fun and enjoy the ride.

    1. Mindset
    “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet, 1808-1893
    2. Nutrition
    “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” -Thomas Edison, American Inventor
    3. Movement
    “First move well, then move often.” -Gray Cook, MSPC, OCS, CSCS, RKC
    4. Workout
    “Less Is more.” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German- American Architect, 1886-1969
    5. Rest and recovery
    “Sleep Helps Us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.” -Mary I. O’Sullivan, Women’s Reformer, 1864-1943
    6. Play
    “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” -Heraclitus, Greek philosopher 535-475 BC
  • My goal is to get more flexibile and dial in my diet to my needs. I have no problem weight training, so getting more mobile should help my life.

    Started with 5 of these in the mornings:
  • I'm starting my 15 mins strech and my 30 mins kettle bell workout wish me luck family.
    "There's only room for one Boss and one Snake"
  • 5k on the rower today. 22:13.
  • far out. i was having a hard time getting to the club during work, so i started sketching a plan to do it from home.

    i was planning on just doing high reps of everything i can do in my little living area, ad nauseum....

    i was ducking this DECEMBER... because i thought it was a book club, then i open it up and you're way ahead of me. nice.
  • Hexachord said:

    5k on the rower today. 22:13.

    is that above or below average? i found 5k/25 min on the elliptical is a good pace, but last time i rowed i kept it way under 5k/25 min. i'm gonna shoot for sub 22 using the little display as a guide, that's hauling ass.

    i've been writing them down in this Concept2 online logbook.

    here's my last entry
  • It's good for me. When I first got the rower a few months ago, my 2K was 10:00. So I beat my previous split by quite a bit. I don't know what the "average" would be. I just keep track of my times. For me a 29 stroke rate and a 2:00 - 2:10 500m split at a 10 resistance, for that period of time, is hauling ass. I tried to sprint to the end with a 1:50 split and it hurt a bit. Based on your last entry, your faster than me. I guess I'll have to fix that. :)
  • Took my friend to muay thai today, he's into it. And now I'm eating a cool salad and greek yogurt.
  • Hardboiled eggs, carrots, crunches, pushups, running, yoga poses, dumbbell, flexibility exercises, i'm turning the heat up a little bit but trying to conserve energy so I can work efficiently and take care of business. Smoked one cigarette tonight since I quit 8 days ago but it wasn't the most thrilling thing and I'll make it another 8 days. Or 9. It's okay. I've pigged out on salt and sugar here and there but that's okay too. I already feel beautiful but will be radiant someday, I know it I know it I know so.

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