Deconstructing Reality to the Point of Absurdity
  • Wondering if anyone else does this. I often "deconstruct" reality to the nth degree...taking normal every-day activities and trying to imagine what, say, an alien might perceive it as. They'd have zero understanding of our language or culture or they'd simply see our behavior naked and as it is. It's kind of fun/creepy to do yourself. Below is an example of how far I'll take it sometimes. In case you can't figure it out, I'm just talking about smiling and laughing. I do this sort of thing all the time...sometimes it'll really weird me out to the point of almost having a mini panic attack...though not really a panic attack. :P

    I even do it while having sex. Sometimes, in the middle of the act, it'll hit me how fucking absurd it all is. These two apes rocking back and forth and excreting liquids. I mean...what the hell? lol...luckily I try to not think about it too much during sex. Kind of hard to keep it up, if you catch my drift, if you think of things that way.

    On the Peculiar Behavior of Hominid Social Cues

    In an effort to display openness to another, hominids will often part open the slit in their head that leads to their food hole. Usually the food hole is used to put living creatures inside to be disintegrated with acid and absorbed into the rest of the hominid, but when displaying openness to another hominid, the food hole slit is parted and small bones that line the top and bottom of the slit are displayed. Hominids prefer the small bones to be white. Displaying these white bones by opening the slit is considered especially friendly by other hominids.

    If a hominid is really enjoying itself, it will get high on endogenous endorphins and emit a loud punctuated outburst of noise. This is done by using the food hole to vibrate the atmosphere.

    "Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness."
    - Allen Ginsberg
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  • Hah, I love this. I only started doing this after listening to Joe Rogan, DT et al.
    ... but what do I know, I'm just a monkey.

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