who designed the logo?
  • because it is really fucking cool. props to the artist
  • I think it would of been stig, he runs chromodile.com a website design company.
    His work all has the "clean" vibe
  • It looks like a butthole, especially in the favicon. I'm hoping this is the intention because it's funny. A similar joke was made on the show Community

  • I'm diggin' the 60's/70's style font.
  • That font soothes my soul !!!!
  • yea im diggin the dharma wheel
  • Its a sweet sweet logo
  • it's like a compass with SW SE and a bunch of concentric circles and an all seeing eye in the middle. Definitely a satanic symbol d00d!!!!
    Wake the Zombies, Slay the Vampires and Banish the Sith Lords to Oblivion!
  • duncanduncan
    The symbol is derived from this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_magic And was created by Mike Maxwell. This is his site: http://www.mikemaxwellart.com/
  • Duncan, do you own a robe?
  • Ah mike maxwel makes sense that dudes cool, I tweet him about UFC fight predictions
  • duncanduncan
    I used to have a bathrobe, but I threw it away because it feels weird to wear a bathrobe.
  • Are there going to be T-shirts? I want T-shirts.
  • duncan said:

    I used to have a bathrobe, but I threw it away because it feels weird to wear a bathrobe.

    I guess it would feel weird wearing a bathrobe during the ritual.

    snuggies are probably more comfortable

  • Bathrobes are wierd. I had a moment at my girlfriends family's fabulous holiday gift exchange this year. I just had just finished ranting about how I don't understand bathrobes when this scene unfolded:

    "I don't know when you wear them. Is it from the shower to the bed? Is it for getting out of bed in the morning? Do you wear it to the bathroom for your morning constitutional and awkwardly drag it around the piss sprinkled side of your toilet bowl as you sit down to shit? I dont know, I just don't have a use for them.

    Oh, what's that? A gift? Oh thanks so much...It's a bathrobe. I love it."

  • i bought a bathrobe so my girlfriend could walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without bumping into the house mate while she was naked. I've since broken up with that girl, and the roommate moved to texas, but i still have that bathrobe.

    also, i like the use of the chaos sigil as a halo for the guests.
    Mr. Takahashi would like to see you all in his office now

  • the logo weirds me out cuz of the similarites to illuminati logos (all seeing eye, latin words...stuff you see on the back of money). makes me wonder if duncan is a part of the illuminati brain washing, feeding us ideas important to the new world order.

    these thoughts, ofcourse, stem from fear and therefore should not be entertained if possible.
  • "Bathrobes are wierd."

    agreed, but why does the propaganda machine tell us that old men love them and their junk is frequently on display to the embarrassment of everyone around? i think it's the next logical progression to not wanting to put pants on. i must admit, living alone, i try to spend every minute i'm home naked (next time you visit a bachelor, assume there's man-juice on every surface), and i guess that's how old men must feel, but since it's socially unacceptable to go balls out every day, a bathrobe's as close as you can get.
    -"remember when people use to think being naked was weird?" future convo
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