Maca Root
  • I keep forgetting how amazing this stuff is.

    Setting a goal to use it more often.
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  • duncanduncan
    I love it. It seems to have a stimulant effect.

  • @mentalfuck Thanks for the reminder! So many good ideas on this forum. I need a secretary.
  • @mentalfuck Thanks for the reminder! So many good ideas on this forum. I need a secretary.
  • Any recommendations on what brand to try?
  • Any recommendations on what brand to try?
  • I think the taste of maca is awful. So I don't mix it into my smooothies. Just a bit of juice and take it like a shot. The effects for me seem to be with my enhanced sex drive and my boners are bigger. My wife says she noticed it too. Anyone else notice this effect? The brand I have is Navita Naturals.
  • it makes me blow my loads weird
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  • Any recommendations on what brand to try?

    Gutters said:

    I think the taste of maca is awful.

    Have you tried liquid Maca?

    it makes me blow my loads weird

    You need to gauge what amount works best with your body.

    duncan said:

    I love it. It seems to have a stimulant effect.

    Yes, I try not to take too much...
  • Im pretty sure its not supposed to be eaten raw. It has thyroid inhibitors and can cause digestive problems.
  • Any truth to it helping anxiety?
  • OK I've started taking it in a powdered form but so far I can't find anything to mix with it that masks/compliments the taste. Any advice?
  • @Stephanos, you mention it has thyroid inhibitors, do you know if it would be beneficial for someone who has hypothyroidism?
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  • I'm not a big fan of the taste of Maca myself but love the effects it has on my well being! Maca seems to go great with Cacao. My fav way of incorporating it in my diet is in a hot cereal pudding of sorts. I pour about a half cup of chia seeds in a big bowl. I add a heaping spoon full of cacao and about a spoon full of maca. Then I add about a cup of hot water, stir and let it sit for 5mins or so, to gel. I then mix in any dried fruit I have around, tho my favorite is dried cherries! I'll then pour in some nut milk if I got any, slice a banana on top and sweeten with honey! Endless possibilities really! I also find it can work well in bold hot teas like a good black chai or a herbal cinnamon apple.
    Hope that helps!

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  • P.S.
    A side effect for me has been the urge to dry hump like a teenager B)
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  • @Ameliorate thanks for the tips! I will experiment.
  • anyone take maca in pill / supplement form ? is there any difference in effect than taking it as powder added to food/drinks ?
  • really wanted to get into the maca, however caused severe fecal squirts throughout the day..
  • Seconding the question about what's better, pills or powder. I'm thinking about testing some out.
  • powder works fine with me, I mix it in my shake
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  • I'm on day 7 of raking maca 3 times a day. Can't say noticed much difference yet. I've been supier healthy tho, more down to sport and yoga, so maybe it's helped sustain me in this. Hard to tell for now
  • (Not spamming...just spreading...) This Rockin' Wellness nutrition shake is damn tasty...Maca is in there although the main ingredients are Hemp Seed, Cacao, and Goji. I've been drinking it for about 6 months and my energy level is through the roof. Lots of other healthy benefits. Good shit!
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  • Bulletproof Exec Guy says Raw Maca is toxic??? Locals cook it into a gelatin?

    Good for adrenals.

  • Maca in powder form tastes like Rosseanne's asshole...but the pill is fantastic, gives me boosts in my energy and my dick..
  • I took it for 6 weeks and def noticed a difference. Seemed to help endurance and made me even more horny than usual. I need a re-up from my suppliers and will be in this shit for the long haul. Recommended.
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  • @bojangles: What brand did you go with?
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