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  • post on craigslist...and post on facebook that you're looking for a drummer and list your influences, and what direction you're thinking about going in, so then if any of your friends know of someone than they may pass it along. Just say you have samples available upon request etc. You don't necessarily need a drummer to record a demo. I'm assuming you play guitar(?) If you have a digital audio workstation, or some kind of program that can record (there are many free/dirt cheap ones that are great.. I suggest reaper), then you can record you a click and that gives a decent enough representation of rhythm. It's definitely a crap shoot though. Good luck!
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  • Where are you from?

  • You don't need a drummer to make a demo! Turn a drum machine on, loop yourself doing drum sounds with your mouth, whatever works.

    No matter what equipment shortcomings or lack of collaborators you're experiencing, the beautiful news is that a good idea will transcend all of that stuff. It'll shine through, people will respond to it, and it will lead to better equipment, great bandmates, etc.

    Just start cranking out ideas. Focus on what you do have to work with for now.
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  • The best thing to do is go to local indie/diy shows. The majority of the people there will be in bands. You want to make as many friends in your local scene as possible. If you do so successfully (i have not), you will have plenty of collaborators for the future.
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  • Probably. You are in LA, though. I've never been to LA, but i assume that whatever kind of music you could possibly want to play has a scene present. Just find a buddy that's interested in going to shows, and start going. You will meet people.
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  • Consider playing bass instead. You'll have bands courting YOU to join. Guitarists are just too common (this is coming from a rhythm guitarist/singer who was in several LA bands in the mid-late 90s). I answered ads in some local rock-n-roll magazine.

    The thing that sucks (besides having to rent rehearsal space and drive to the valley or somewhere inconvenient) is the personality differences. Everyone thinks they know what the band should sound like and won't budge on styles. And then there's the drummer who refuses to play at anything less than full volume. You always have to practice with ear plugs in or the cymbals will kill your hearing. Seriously.

    I hated playing to disinterested crowds who were only there to support the band they came to see. I always counted down the songs until I could get off stage.

    I found my copy of Sonic Foundry (now Sony) Acid to be much more fun than collaborating with others. It's a great dead simple to use sequencer and there are tons of loops you can get for it.


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  • If you are singing I wouldnt recommend bass - its REALLY hard to play bass and sing...trust me.

    Also, try your local guitar center they usually have a post board near the entrance or bathroom that allows band postings. Also if your are going to college look in to the music classes and ask or listen around for a potential bassist or drummer. Thats how we found our drummer and sax player. Craigslist is also a really good resource, you just have to take the chance of meeting a really terrible human being.

    If you get really desperate you could hire a temp. drummer. Those are really popular these days. They charge - more than they need to - but they are professional drummers.
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  • messi said:

    thanks! @kulashaker . so i guess i'll record a demo this way maybe . but i would like to jam with friends . I like loud drums and maybe if i could find people that love the same bands as me. i dont know

    What bands were you in ?

    Many - Xmas in July, Way WAY Better than Ezra, The Marmalade d'Artagnans. Forgot the others - the band names, not the personalities.

    You'll definitely find some bands to join. Put up some flyers around Silverlake and Echo Park. But remember my suggestion about playing bass. You'll have a much better pick of bands to join. Look for physical proximity of the band members as well as the style of music they're playing. Look out for guys who are adamant that the band has to sound like (insert death metal band name here). Obstinacy kills all enthusiasm in a creative environment. Forgive my shitty attitude about all of this, it's just... you'll see. BTW, the band is only as good as the drummer - drummer and whoever sings lead vocals. So if either sucks, bail out.

    Remember what I said about ear protection. You MUST do it. I swear to you that you'll suffer in the years to come without it. Everyone thinks they're invincible when they're younger -> "tinnitus - that's not gonna happen to ME". Yeah, it will.

    Best LA Indie Band of the Past 10 Years - Autolux . They always play around town. They're doing a gig on Sept 19th - Go see them, maybe you'll meet some like minded musicians as a bonus. http://www.songkick.com/concerts/13628019-autolux-at-bootleg-theater



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    Am I Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.
  • General advice. Go to open mic night an play some of your stuff (covers are fine). Give away CDs with a slip inside saying you want to find musicians.
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  • Heyo, Messi. Tom Butler... and everyone!

    I is fishius. from L.A., well, San Gabe Valley, I guess. I lika playa musica. I play guitar, bass, and drums, i sing sometimes.

    If y'all ever get enough people or wanna get together and jam out.... hit this fishius up. I'd love to jam, maybe smoke and chill. Trying to find real live DTFH friends on heee. Me no creep nor spook or anything, jas frendly.

    Check out my mp3 junks if ya feel like it.

    much lovin', blow jobs and hand jobs we may we all receive on this day
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