One of the most Powerful singers of this Generation.

  • Just discovered this Brilliant, Brilliant man. With one of the most powerful and inspirational voices I have ever heard. I instantly fell in love with his music and I want to share it with the Family! Enjoy!
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  • Hmm, Link doesn't seem to work. If you guys could shed some light on that for me, that would be fantastic. Anyways Copy and Paste it is for now!
  • @berryt214 Thank you sir. I'll give this a read.
  • @berryt214 Victory. Just needed to use the old embed code. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.
  • No you're not, man. You're a sweet guy. You paid sincere attention to the OPs post. That's meeting needs, brother. And you did that. Everything else is secondary.
  • @quietthomas Yeah I bought his album as well and wasn't a fan.
    But I love his live videos with just him, his voice and his acoustic, or piano.
    Also you're not an asshole. Just to come back and follow up your previous comment with a positive one proves that.

    On a side note. I fucking LOVE the lines "There is no such thing as a dying man, we are alive until the moment we are dead." and "A drowning man is just a living man, who hasn't run out of his last bit of breath."
  • Yep. A huge gypsy influence in his recordings. Not my style. But his voice and power still gives me cold shivers haha.

    This song is a completely different sound. It's kind of 'Phantom of the opera-ish' And he sings with a almost amish accent. I donno, it's weird but a fucking Powerful performance that I can't get enough of. Also it's ballzy to show that much passion in front of a piano in a small dingy pub with a few regulars around.

    Love to hear your feedback on that one. This is my first post in the Family Forums, even though Ive been a fan of the podcast from the beginning, and a fan of Duncan long before, but I gotta make some friends right?
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  • the piano-based one is rad as heck. clearly tons of tom waits influence, which is always good.

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