Free DTFH shirt
  • Hey guys, I ordered a DTFH shirt (size Small) but unfortunately it's not big enough for me.
    I'm going to have to ordered bigger size so rather than let this one collect dust if someone wants it you can have it.
    Ive literally worn it for 20 seconds, i tried it on, realised it was to small then put it in my wall robe.
    I'll pay postage as well, they are bad ass shirts so I think it would be cool for someone to get use out of it.

    Just don't be a dick and take it for the sake of taking it, make sure you'll fit the damn thing.
    Inbox me if ya want it though and we will sort this out, I live in Australia so if you are a yank it might take a little while with postage.

    Cheers guys have a good day.

    ps hope Duncan and/or mods are cool with me doing this. I'm sure I'll hear about it if they aren't.

  • I haven't. I'm really not fussed, I don't donate to the podcast so spending money on a couple shirts doesn't phase me.
  • Fuck that. Bring back the belly shirt for the strait man.
  • JEW said:

    Fuck that. Bring back the belly shirt for the strait man.

    haha this. Definitely see if you can get an exchange or something. If not, and if you can't find someone easier to give it to, PM me and I'll paypal you the the postage on it or something since I wear a small. I live all the way in Michigan in the USA though, so see if there's anyone easier you can give it to first.
  • my son would love it...he wants mine...I'll bite and pay postage too...I have almost every cd known to man I could offer in trade...@AFTER gets first dibs...if that falls through, lemme know.
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • After hit me your details and it's all good. I'm keeping the sticker they threw in though. (It's already attached to my fridge)
  • Stig_AdminStig_Admin
    Black Rabbit of Inlé
    @dydbyb - This is cool of you to do! But we're more than happy to replace the shirt for free. If you change your mind drop me a line at and I'll get your details for the exchange.
    I make websites sometimes, view my portfolio at
  • duncanduncan
    We will exchange! But very kind of you to give the shirt away.
  • Throw it on a denim jacket as a sweet back patch!
  • ^This guy knows too much
  • Stig_AdminStig_Admin
    Black Rabbit of Inlé
    I keep trying to talk Duncan into doing patches! So far no dice.
    I make websites sometimes, view my portfolio at
  • A chaos flower patch would be so beautiful. I'd sew it right on my pack. I get asked about my special colourful patches so it would be a good way to spread the word.
    "the idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving" - Boat Car Guy
  • duncanduncan
    I'll do patches! Fuck it!
  • dydbyb said:

    After hit me your details and it's all good. I'm keeping the sticker they threw in though. (It's already attached to my fridge)

    shoot me your address and pick out a free shirt... very cool your giving it away...
  • Man that patch idea is sweet!
    Posted the shirt couple days ago, by the way how ancient do you feel when you go into the post office? I haven't posted something for the longest time, was very bizarre.

    Sure design t shirts thanks for the offer, I will have a look at your website in more depth over the weekend.

    Cheers guys
  • I can't thank you enough sir, if there's ever anything I can send your way or anything else I can do please let me know. And yes, please hook this kind sir up for being such a awesome and generous person. I'll def let you know when I receive it, and even though you've already posted it, just let me know if you'd like any cash for the postage or shirt and I will paypal it your way.
  • Dude iits not a big deal. Enjoy it.
    If you want to pay me back then make a donation to the phillipines floods.

  • Patches! Awesome. I'd like to get a DTFH patch and an OM patch, but I don't know what would happen if I sewed them onto the same article of clothing.
  • Will do dydbyb. I don't have a ton of money but I'll donate 20 bucks this friday when I get paid.
  • Only do it if ya can spare it brother
  • Received it today, Can't thank you enough sir :) Donating money to the phillipines floods today, gotta keep the good karma going :)
  • Does it fit? Cool you donated as well!
  • Fits great :) Thanks so much again
  • Went to order a medium shrt, all sold out. Devastated.
  • just made Stig.
  • Very good news, thank you.

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