I took Terrence's advice and heres what I saw... I ain't going to build your stinking pyramid!

  • Baphomet, the 5 headed thing that is called Satan, Lucifer & timothy amongst other names, and pretends to be god is not to be trusted. it is the Masons, the illuminati, that which controls so as to be that which is created - the eye of providence is it not It offers immortality through the work of building that which is not for us but is for it which it will use to consume the last of us who see the faces of the trees and all goodly living things, those of us who dream and imagine it will seek to corrupt with lies.
    Does anyone else see this in the big picture of what we, humans, are doing here? Or.... I have I broken my brain>?
  • Baphomet has 5 heads? Since when? I'm just a young guy and do not understand the occult, but from what I've heard Baphomet is not Satan but rather represents duality, male/female, stuff like that.
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  • Brahma had five heads, but then Shiva cut one off, so now he only has four.

    Maybe take Udo Erasmus's advice for a while and see what you come up with.

    Mr. Takahashi would like to see you all in his office now

  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    I dig it.

  • Paranoid bastards shouldn't take mushrooms.

    Get a job you dirty hippies!
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    Are the paranoid sons of married couples go?

  • Normal bastards can trip mushrooms.

    Paranoid people can do mushrooms, although it is not recomended.

    Only paranoid bastards shouldn't take mushrooms!
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    Get a job you dirty hippies!
  • Synchronicity is a fine line between schizophrenia and the voice of the Geometricon.
  • Look man you cant say this dude is nuts he is describing a trip if it was easily explained and if it did make sense to other people then it would probably mean that he saw some cool shit but didnt learn anything while I am a bit skeptical when it comes to the illuminati it could be representative of many things as the entirety of the experience seems to be when I read it
    Much love

  • Take more next time when you aren't thinking of conspiricy theories, and it may go better. If this was really what you got out of your trip, you probably were not in the best state of mind.
    Get a job you dirty hippies!

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