Maynard James Keenan
  • I just want to start a petition to get MJK on the DTFH. Although this may cause a novelty wave so high the entropy that would balance it could wipe out the material universe, I believe this is worth the risk.
  • I was hoping that Duncan would crash yesterdays podcast. But this would be cool too. It seems like MJK is a busy guy though, might be awhile before we see this or another JRE appearance.
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    I would vote for Marilyn Manson to be a guest on DTFH. I admire MJK as a musician, but his personality on a talk show is mundane.
  • Marilyn Manson would be really interesting. - Get your bottle homie, po' some out.

  • Danny Carey may have more in common with Duncan than Maynard.
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  • Yeah I've been thinking about this a lot . I was really hoping Maynard would open up on JRE but after watching it I realised it wasnt gonna happen ... I mean it is just his personality after all...he is so secretive...I guess its only natural that after all the amazing work he's given us, we want to hear him open up that noggin of his.
    I agree MANSON would be a great fucking guest! How incredible.he would be a pope after one show for sue. He'd be waiting for the next DTFH to come out just like us!
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  • FUCK YESSS GET MANSON dude i would love to see what kind of shenanigans duncan and manson would be up to if ever there where a podcast that should be done on acid this is it
    manson seems like ke would want like a 10k appearance fee though
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    Much love
  • Apocaloptimist1
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    Danny Carey may have more in common with Duncan than Maynard.

    I definitely agree.

    Here's his site:

    Warning: It's one of those sites that plays sounds automatically and nothing's really labeled so you are forced to click around and explore...... If it wasn't all cool stuff, I would probably be annoyed by all of the flash and confusion.

    I like clicking around there though. It's kind of like an old rpg video game.
    If you can find the library, there's some pretty cool occult stuff in there.
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  • Yeah, it was a bummer Maynard didn't want to get into his music much. But, I can understand, maybe he just doesn't want to fuck with the transient portal that connects him to that alternate dimension he pulls all that great music from.

    Loved how he mentioned Super Troopers like 3 separate times, so funny to me.
    "Up above aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home of all these weird creatures that lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves, and live for their secrets. They're all uptight" -Radiohead
  • manson seems like ke would want like a 10k appearance fee though

    Idk dude, he seems like a pretty open intelligent dude who'd be up for a duncan-esque type of convo, I'm tempted to hit him up on twitter. How does this work mods I take it these things should always go through Duncan before we plebs open our traps? I agree with everyone else, Danny Carey and Manson for sure +1
  • i think that MJK would be a better pairing for duncan than he was for rogan.

    there is alot under the surface there, but joe seemed content to talk about building survivalist wine compounds and MMA.

    i think duncan would drag out a bunch of much more interesting stuff.
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  • JahRags said:

    Marilyn Manson would be really interesting.

    Holy moly I don't know why this didn't occur to me before, but yes. This should happen!

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