Dustin Martian = Redban 2.0?
  • This guy's a fucking legit hustler who impresses me more every day. Busts his ass and doesn't involve himself in his productions or advocate for free breadsticks , real man of genius, I salute you!
    When in doubt zoom out
  • He puts the podcast first, himself second and has a talent (other than being a professional goof). His music is fantastic.
    All you need is love
  • I'd prefer it if we could praise Dustin without belittling Redban. They're different, and both sexy as fuck.
  • now lets get Dustin fucking penthouse pets
  • I feel like comparing never does anyone justice.

    Dustin is Dustin.
    Redban is Brian Reichle
  • someone needs to post that "not another redbad hate thread" meme

    i cant find it :(
    the world was waiting just for you
  • Its a Dustin Martian love thread brah
    When in doubt zoom out
  • I love Dustin Martian. His Feral Audio stuff has been great.

    I think it's unfortunate that Redban can't be mentioned on this board without guys hating on him.
    "Say my name three times and I'll appear and hold your balls." --Duncan
  • Dustin Martian is alright, I guess. He just needs to talk about olive garden a little more is all.

    That's not too much to ask now is it?
    "It's blue cheese dressing or go fuck your mother"
  • Yeah, with Dustin, I'm not sure if he's even into Olive Garden. Like, does the dude even enjoy unlimited breadsticks?

  • Does Dustin wash his fingers post anal scratching?
  • Dustin likes Buca de Beppo, I Betto
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    When in doubt zoom out
  • Bop Bop Bararno is our guy!
    When in doubt zoom out

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