Podcast Guest Suggestions
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  • Ted Kaczynski
    Black people really understand hats.- Ico
  • Bill Maher
    Rick Santorum
    Ram Dass!!!!

    While Rick Santorum is not likely, it would be interesting to see Duncan and someone respectfully 'spar' verbally. Any chance the pope would do it?

    photo lao-tzu-field1copysmall.jpg
  • missTLCmissTLC
    Temp Ban
    Mitch Hedberg's ghost.
    Proud member of the dark underbelly.
  • duncan said:

    And if someone helps me get David Lynch on the podcast I will explode with joy. That would be a peak moment for me in life.

    Can't you just call in a Freemason favor and get him on? That's how it works right? Or do you think Lynch will make Terry Gilliam do it as a Freemason favor to him.
    Does it have Mrs. Piggy? Does it have a clown? Then why is it funny?
  • ladychef said:

    What about the guys from Workaholics? More laughs per minute than fucking...anything.

    I second this motion, hell, even just one of those guys would make for podcast gold.
  • The list is super long, but reggie watts is near the top. I'll ponder on this one for a bit and post back.
  • Jason silva

    deepak chopra


    Graham hancock


    Neil goldsmith
    Heavenly Devine
  • Don Barris and Perry Caravelo!!! Big 3 son!
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  • I'm with @the_rizzle Grant Morrison would be perfect.

    Or get a download from Alan Moore:
  • John Hagelin or David Lynch would be a great idea.
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  • Jason silva

    deepak chopra


    Graham hancock

    Hey that's cool. I just met Jason Silva yesterday. I picked him up at the train station, so he could speak at my friend's class at Penn. Really nice guy, really fast brain. I keep meaning to watch his videos.
    Mr. Takahashi would like to see you all in his office now

  • OK first post, don't be hatin'. I think it would be cool to hear an interview with Neil Fallon from the band Clutch... or some other musician who could possibly perform on the show. There ya have it, my two pennys that are worth more as scrap metal than actual currency.
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  • DUNCAN SKRILLEX IS GARBAGE MY FRIEND - don't have McDonald's when Grammies makin her home made hash cakes
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    Heavenly Devine
  • Brendon's mom :)
  • Emil Amos should be a weekly guest!!!!!
    Traveling through the Multiverse
  • Ann Druyan, was the wife of the late carl sagen

    what a great idea!!!! She would be awesome!!
    Traveling through the Multiverse
  • Also an in depth discussion with Little Hobo.

  • Speed Levitch. It would be magical.
  • uiuuiu
    Jen Kirkman

    Jackie Kashian....or I think it would be hilarious if Duncan went on The Dork Forest to talk about his dorkdoms with Jackie...I'm pretty sure that would be a hilarious and interesting interaction.
  • I would be so happy if David Lynch got on the podcast somehow
  • Todd Glass and Doug Benson would be the two comics I would love to hear get deep.
    the Melvins/King Buzzo, Mike Patton from Faith No More...

    Not sure if there would be any interest but I could help w/a Thurston Moore (sonic Youth) or Wolf Eyes (noise d00dz) connect.
  • Daniel Johnston.
    All you need is love
  • Michael Franti.
    All you need is love
  • Mumia Abu Jamal.

    Another prisoner who can explain the prison-industrial complex.

    All you need is love
  • Joe Rogan can interview the fighters.

    Duncan can interview those fighting for their lives.
    All you need is love
  • René Barnett

    Here is a quick snippet from her "Nightvision" website.

    NightVision Radio explores experiences of the paranormal and mysteries, from alien abductions to UFO sightings, haunted houses to angels, secret societies, alternative history and beyond.

    Rene Barnett is a veteran reality television producer specializing in entertainment specials, series, documentaries and reality-based programming. Her producing credits include some of the premiere specials and series of the reality television genre, including Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Unmasked: Exposing the Secrets of Deception, Strange Universe, Places of Mystery, Guinness Book of Records Primetime and many others.

    [website] http://latalkradio.com/Rene.php

    [facebook] https://www.facebook.com/rene.barnett1

    This intriguing individual came to my attention via the documentary "The Bloodline" (which was excellent btw)
    A quick run down on the doc...

    Bloodline investigates the popular belief that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, who fled to southern France with their child.

    In an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones, filmmaker Bruce Burgess and team crack the shadowy secret society, known as the Priory of Sion.

    Their investigation follows clues linking the Knights Templar and the legend of Mary Magdalene with messages embedded in the decor of the famed church at Rennes-le-Chateau in France, leading ultimately to stunning discoveries.

    A buried chest with artifacts dating to 1st century Jerusalem and a hidden tomb filled with treasure and a mummified corpse draped in a shroud bearing a distinctive red cross.

    From watching the above doc, i became interested in the story enough to google it's authenticity, sadly, it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax.... GRRRR!

    Anyway, from there i found Rene's podcast where the 'hoaxer' came clean on the scam, the podcast is below for those interested.

    I've listened to two of her podcasts so far and they've been most excellent and very educational (i've only heard historical ones so far though, no aliens yet... heh.)

    She sounds like an excellent guest to me, plus i'm sure Duncan would like to question her about her knowledge of secret societies, hidden history and the paranormal.

    Plus she's in L.A! bonus.

    What say you?!?
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • Greg Proops! He's awesome!!
    mdd0127 said:
    Go use those big red lips and find a dick to suck.
  • Todd Glass please!
  • It's too bad Fred Rogers is dead.
  • Redban?
    Am I Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.
  • uiuuiu
    @DannyPinn I met Michael Franti about 12 years ago and he gave me a hug. I had never heard of him before that day but he's a very cool person. I saw him talk during a lecture and everyone went to crowd around Jello Biafra after, so I thought I would say hi to him instead. I feel like the lecture that he gave may have been about Mumia too. Both of those guys would be interesting to have on.

    @Jeremy yeah, I'm a fan of Greg Proops too!
  • Ahaha i found a really juicy one for you @duncan. In the same category as the sock vendor woman.


  • @uiu That would have been great. Did he have bare feet? Apparently he never wears shoes, ever. The only exception is when he goes to an airport for legal reasons. I heard about Mumia through him too. Biafra would have been good to listen to as well.
    All you need is love
  • This just came to me... What about Das Racist? They're a stoney rap trio known for hyper literate references and joking/not joking. Their third member, Dapwell, is their spiritual advisor/hype man. Not only do these guys rap well, but they're fucking hilarious and smart! You can tell they're just trying to make each other laugh in their interviews, it's beautiful. Their lackadaisical personalities are just as intriguing as their stream of consciousness music which involve everything from drugs, literature, top 40 satire, third world problems, NYC cops and the white devil's sophistry. I can see them and Duncan riffing.

    Let's make it happen!
  • duncanduncan
    I am making a concerted effort to get Grant Morrison and I sent an email to Kenneth Anger, but who knows if he'll get it.

  • uiuuiu
    More ideas:
    John Waters
    Angelo Moore or Norwood Fisher from Fishbone
    Kerry Kenney (uh, I don't know how to spell her name, the lady who played Trudy on Reno-911).
    Amy Sedaris
    Nina Hagen
  • uiuuiu
    @DannyPinn You know i don't remember, It was probably in 99 or 2000.
  • Duncan!

    PLEASE get either Ari Shaffir or Graham Hancock on this podcast sometime.
  • If you manage to get Kenneth Anger on @duncan I would be keen to hear about his links to Bobby Beausoleil.
    All you need is love
  • hey, the dalai lama sounds pretty interesting..
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  • Athene image
  • A random priest of the Catholic church.

    An ape on mushrooms.

    Jon Jones, focusing on his belief which gives him strength.
    25 / M / Southern NH - Video Editor / MMA / Provider of Euphoria
  • duncan said:

    I am making a concerted effort to get Grant Morrison and I sent an email to Kenneth Anger, but who knows if he'll get it.

    Hellll yeah, I was hoping you might do that.

    After I saw his disinfo speech and read one of his comics, that was it for me.

    Love is what occurs when the universe recognizes itself for what it is.
    owlsa support waned RIP orgone
  • harmony korine
    hamilton morris
    some one mentioned an alien chaneler great idea
    a super experienced phyconaut
    a schizophrenic
  • Jon Jones, focusing on his belief which gives him strength.

    That could be interesting. I'd love to see Jones talking without his ego, without that feeling of power, let Duncan rip down his ego wall and penetrate his mind.
    Fuck, we could get into some deep stuff here.

    DO IT!
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • As I mentioned on FB after the Joey Diaz episode - Alejandro Jodorowsky...

    Someone who used to make LSD/psychedelics, etc...
    A Native American willing to talk about Peyote
    Someone who grows pot
    Howard Marks
    Jay Weidner
    Graham Hancock
    John C Reilly

    Alejandro Jodorowsky is making a new movie http://www.ladanza.cl/en . He is having fans fund it, so I am planning on donating anyway because I would like to see it. I bet if we ask collectively (if anyone else feels like it as well) while donating we could get him on The Family Hour somehow, esp in light of the project... I'd much rather hear Duncan talk with him than Daniel Pinchbeck, which is one of the few semi-recent English interviews I've found.

  • Musical guest suggestion:

    Buke and Gase - from wiki (formerly Buke and Gass) is a Brooklyn-based indie rock duo. Band members Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez are noted for their use of self-improvised instruments such as the "toe-bourine"; the "buke", a six-string formerly-baritone ukulele; and the "gass", a guitar-bass hybrid. They use no loop pedals.

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