What is a better alternative to our legal system?
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    Well... I'm not sure what country you're in, or what your problem is with your government. :P
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  • Do you have a specific problem with your current legal system? If so - what is it? Be as specific as possible (problems not described, cannot be met with solutions made to prevent such problems in the future).

    The mode of the solution must meet the mode of the problem.
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  • I've been practicing law for a couple years now (in the US and Brazil) and it's a good question. I'm not entirely sure what a better alternative would be to our system.

    In my experience, I think a legal system can really only be as perfect as humans. Most of the imperfections in our system are merely a reflection in the imperfections in humans. For instance, the racism is mostly implicit. I'm not saying that it can't be improved, but it's a tough question.
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    I have family in law enforcement, have been one the "victim" side in molestation/rape/DV, have been breaking the law myself off and on since 13, had friends/family going through the system with multiple issues...

    I agree COMPLETELY that it needs to be changed BADLY and it really serves NO ONE except whoever makes money off of it. The "how" and "to what" part of change is pretty fuzzy, though. There still needs to be a system of checks and balances, so to speak, to address unavoidable issues. But if we first changed to a resource based economy and quit playing monopoly to survive, a lot of the "legal" issues would solve themselves.

    The remaining big ones (at least in my area of the world according to what I see/jailers I speak with) would be destructive drug use, violence, sexual assault, and possibly a little theft. I have thought about the possibility of a volunteer program (as part of the "chores" we have in a resource based economy to maintain functioning) to address these issues. There are plenty of genuinely caring, capable people (especially ones who actually have past experience with a subject) who would work occasional on call shifts to help in prevention, genuine treatment, and addressing emergencies.

    It would be similar to the system we have now, but without blanket laws that everyone is supposed to abide by. Each case would be taken individually and would be based on the ideas of "live and let live as long as no one is being hurt" (the definition of what "hurt" means would probably be the subject of much debate in each case) and "do unto others". It seems to me that those two little sayings are what most of us humans can agree on when it comes to morality.

    Aside from issues that stem from the money system, most of the issues that law tries to address can be stemmed back to mental/emotional issues. Seeing as how badly modern "psychiatry" has fucked that up in it's "solutions", I doubt we would see nearly the amount of issues we do now in the system I keep trying to envision.

    I may not be perfect or have all my issues completely worked out, but I know that if I had the tools and a proper system to operate it (ie one with genuine freedom), I (along with many, many others) could help work wonders where today's system not only does nothing in the form of real help, but also provides an environment where it is easy to fall back into the same destructive patterns, whether it be as a "victim" or a "criminal".

    Also, if we were in a resource based economy working more off cooperation rather than competition, health would naturally be better (the stress of competing to survive causes serious impairments in judgement for many). it would also be a HUGE focus for everyone in comparison to how much of a focus it is now...that would naturally affect people's behavior in a much more positive way as well.
  • A king who isn't an asshole who cares about the truth and the people he claims rule over.
    I blow my load over the status quo.
  • @meg

    I really like your posting and I believe that a lot of the things that you are talking about are absolutely true. I guess when I read the title of the thread, I thought he was talking about the legal process in terms of how crimes are adjudicated.

    The creation of terrible laws and the issues of law enforcement / prison systems is another issue in and of itself. For a couple years I worked as a Municipal Prosecutor for a handful of cities. That entailed prosecuting everything except felonies. We did a lot of "Sentence to Serve" which means that we tried hard to keep people out of jail but they had to volunteer at senior citizen homes, animal shelters, cleaning up parks, battered women shelters, etc. We also went out of our way to keep people from having records.

    Now, where it became extremely difficult was a situation where someone keeps violating a terrible law. I had a case where a guy had originally gotten into trouble years ago for disorderly conduct and when they brought him in they had found out that he was on cocaine. So as part of his punishment, he was forced to take piss tests. Granted he's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but he has probably failed 7-10 piss tests, all for marijuana (none for coke). Now, this guy hasn't broken any other in the past few years except for smoking marijuana and he has had a ton of consequences. He's done quite a bit of jail time, he's had to pay a lot of fines, etc. My point is that the amount of money making sure he doesn't smoke pot that has been charged the county is absolutely absurd (PO salary, jail, he qualifies for a Public Defender, Judge salary, court costs (all of the other workers at the courthouse), prosecution costs, police costs to go pick him up).

    So I guess my point is that the legal process will always have these giant problems when they are forced to adjudicate terrible laws.

  • megmeg

    I see what you are saying and agree 110%. So much money is wasted on people who are really no hard to themselves or others.

    The ideas of punishing by force and of telling someone what they can and cannot do to their own body completely go against the notion of freedom, not to mention logic and conscience.
  • megmeg
  • well im a juror in a criminal case at the moment.
    im analyzing the system as the days go on...
    so i will come back with a full report as to my complaints / positive experiences
  • Hopefully in the near future prisons won't have to exist. Those whom are murders, psychopaths, and rapists would go through a cognitive altering sessions that would completely rewire their brains to become very compassionate people.

    Honestly, the days of putting someone in a cage seems so archaic & medieval, once technology like that comes forth it should definitely be integrated into our legal system.

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