The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
| Daniele Bolelli in “Strawberry Connection”
The Duncan Trussell Family Hour  
  | Daniele Bolelli in “Strawberry Conection” The Duncan Trussell Family Hour | Daniele Bolelli in “Strawberry Conection”

    The Duncan Trussell Family Hour! Where comedian Duncan Trussell explores the outer reaches of the multiverse.

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  • Whoa! 3 episodes within 6 days! BEAUTIFUL!
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • What a great intro.
  • Steve said:

    Whoa! 3 episodes within 6 days! BEAUTIFUL!

    exactly ! yay . marathon
  • Fun tip: Imagine that Daniele is eating an orange prior to everything he says.
    i am a type.
  • Fuck I love this truth talker,
    props from downunder-MelbAustralia Mr Bolelli,
    U fuckin wizarddd =)
  • I keep thinking he is gsp when he talks
  • Did I hear bolelli dis golf by way of lumping it with other pursuits that require no focus or physicality to perform well? I'm pretty sure only someone who's never carried 40 lbs. for 4 hours while concentrating on nothing but form and physics would utter such ignorance. Performance depends upon more than pure sweat, and there are few larger mindfucks in sport than a round of golf.
  • The verbatim Stanhope joke is:
    "There's no such thing as addition. there's only things you want to do more than life."
    From his latest album, it's the Dr. Drew clip if you've heard that.
  • kenady19 said:

    I keep thinking he is gsp when he talks

    OMG you're right. Now, I can only see GSP in Under Armor holding a microphone.
  • This guy is great!
  • Duncan Trussell, I cant express how much joy you bring into my life. That silence? Powerful...
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  • aimeaime
    The gym thing reminded me of this tape I listened to about breathing; you're supposed to pay attention to your breath only. If you realize your mind is wandering you're supposed to gently steer your mind back to your breathing. I thought that was similar, and I'm sure the more you do that the better you are at staying focused at the task at hand, whatever it is.
    you are doing a great job
  • As usual, Thanks @Duncan and thanks Daniele. First time listening to this podcast I've teared up and felt inspired at the same time.
    photo lao-tzu-field1copysmall.jpg
  • Just seeing that podcast is up gets me excited. Compelled to listen NAO!
    Love Daniele as a guest.
  • love the cover photo - Rear Naked Choke that child!
  • this podcast is getting so complex and incendiary i want to jump up and down on rooftops and gravestones and cop cars and former landlords and howl at the moon and learn a new instrument and learn a new language and learn to fly and, time permitting, listen to this episode a second time
  • Holy fuck that was amazing. Best ep yet I think. Jesus man what a kick up the arse. I'm gonna need repeated listenings of this one.

    Duncan if it's no problem I will go for the sure design shirt made out of baby panda fur rather than the dander of the monks nuts.

    I was hoping you'd say you want money for the ayahuasca peru podcast thing, not to worry I'm sure India will be just as mind blowing. cheers.
  • Daniele is too great, so goddam inspiring.
  • I've loved every single podcast, the late ones specially, but this one is one of a fucking kind.

    Thanks Duncan.
  • This episode really punched me in the gut in a good way and energized me this morning. It might be the most positive and relevant podcast for me that I've ever listened to. The "what you enjoy list" thing is something I really have been thinking about and struggling with lately.

    Thank you Duncan and Daniele.

    (And I've been eating shit-ton of strawberries lately)
    I blow my load over the status quo.
  • God damn man crush on Daniele Bolelli. Its freakin embarrassing. Great Podcast!!!
  • @mysterybuddha
  • HANDS DOWN, the best podcast I have heard from anyone to date. This outdoes any Rogan podcast... fucking so good.
  • image
    When in doubt zoom out
  • "It's so easy to become passive and use spirituality as an excuse."

  • These episodes keep getting better and better. Oddly enough this one is just what I was in need of.
    Thank you duncan, you're awesome.
  • So after listening to this magnificently epic intro today at work I thought to spread some love in the air.

    I called a friend I hadn't talked to for nearly a year because of a misunderstanding (it was not my fault but i have to admit i stopped calling, answering phone calls etc.) and try to reignite our friendship. What happened?

    I nearly ate dick. The surprised friend laughed hard (extremely hard to be precise) when i explained i called after listening to a podcast about love etc creating instantly a poisonous atmosphere. The levels of apathy were high and only when i pointed it out things changed slightly for the better. Still, i think, it didn't go well as she was probably more interested in pointing out that i hadn't called for ages and i'm only calling cause "i'm a victim of a yoga cult".

    My number two phone call was my other friend involved in the above misunderstanding but he didn't answer my call.

    After that, I called my girlfriend to tell her i love and how much appreciate her support in everything i do. Although she was cool and gave me some love back she was surprised i decided to be so vocal because of a "hippie podcast"...

    I wanted to call my parents as well but i have never (as far as i can remember) told them how much i love them and that i'm thankful to them for everything they provided to me over the years. Unfortunately i gave in to fear.

    All in all i think i failed but its a start.
  • didn't know there's a thread for the 5 people phone call. Admin can you please move my response? thnx
  • the power of forgiveness. great episode. earl white should return soon. keep up the good work Duncan.
  • damiele bolelli is one cool mother mother fucker. And he just happend to be on the show at a time in my life where i am really evaluuateing some things. I feel liek the two of you were talking directly to me. So f'in thank you. Iv got some phone calls to make
  • nowa
    Please please please get together with Daniele, and start a "DTFH goes to India!" documentary Kickstarter. I'm not sure how much you'd need but man, it would be the most awesome thing ever.
  • Amazing episode, and one that I am definitely going to have to re-listen to. I feel the last 3 episodes in particular have been exactly the type of episodes I need in my life right now. I had to back it up 3 times towards the end when Daniele was talking about his wife in the hospital. Moved me to tears.. very powerful stuff. Words can not even begin to describe how much I love this podcast and how much of an effect it's had in my life.. Thank you so much for everything you do Duncan, you are having such a powerful impact on the world I'm not sure you even fully understand it yet. Cause I sure as hell don't! I know I'm here to do something big, and help a lot of people.. and this podcast/family has helped me in innumerable ways so far, and I know it will only continue to do so even more.

    Keep on doing what you're doing brother! I love you all!
  • I love Daniele Bolelli out look on life.
  • What a completely bad-ass guy Daniele Bolleli is. I'm thankful he brought me back to the frame of reference I had after working in my town's cemetery for four summers in college. After your day's work includes preparing graves for, and then burying people that you've known for a long time it really starts to sink in how ridiculous the sense of importance is that we assign to our personal version of reality, being right, and how small things steal power from us by affecting our moods. Ultimately it comes down to the people you love, and trying to love the people you don't, because it's really the only thing you have control over. Wonderful episode.
    the human sheet over the electronic ghost energy
  • So I sent 5 I love you texts after listening to this episode. 3 out of 5 of them made me feel uncomfortable, but I ate the bullet. It was incredible. A total psychedelic change in reality perception. I could totally see my future changing with each response. Someone I wouldn't have hung out with solo wants to go get a beer. Someone I most likely never would have talked to again asked gave me a job helping him flip a house. And I literally have been wanting to learn how to flip houses for weeks. What a trip. Someone else invited me to help with a music video shoot that I am very excited about. When you can get outside yourself for a short time and give some positivity to others, apparently it comes back in waves. I used to tell my friends I loved them all the time, but I have slowly become more cynical over the years. Today I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Thank you Duncan for this beautiful expirement. Future psychedelic missions will surely be welcomed in the future.
  • Powerful podcast! Daniele Bolelli is a bad ass.

    Duncan, please bring back Earl White and Eddie Pepitone.
  • I only ever listen to this when I'm really down. God man, how do you always bring me out of a dump? Even more importantly, how can I thank you?
  • Powerful podcast! Daniele Bolelli is a bad ass.

    Duncan, please bring back Earl White and Eddie Pepitone.

    Yes Yes and Yes.
  • I just have to chime in and say, this was a historic fucking conversation. Thanks to both of you, Duncan you are a goddam baller, and please kickstart that trip to India. Likewise to Daniele.

    Commence - smiling defiantly and raising middle finger.
  • I know I'm not the first to say this, but I'm definitely one of those that feels the timing of this podcast couldn't have been any better. I noticed the effect it had almost immediately after listening to it. I really hope Daniele either shows up on the DTFH more frequently or possibly starts a podcast of his own. I've never heard a conversation with him that hasn't had some sort of profound impact on me.
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  • daniele bolelli is awesome
  • I must say, Daniele Bolelli is the man, been very influential since the first time I heard him on JRE.
  • Much love for Daniele, I wouldn't complain at all if he was on multiple podcasts in a row
  • I've relistened to this about 5 times. Incredibly inspiring
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    it was great
    Chaos Poster #390
  • What a great fucking conversation, loved every second of it. Everything Daniele says is pure gold and the story about his wife's death was Duncan was absolutelty right when he said that there were no words for that. I'm truly beginning to feel the things I am learning and taking away from hearing Duncan and his guests talk about each week seep into my life and the ways in which I try to live. This podcast is just great on so many levels. You the man Duncan!
    "We might be overlooking one of the biggest tools we've ever had for evolving and developing our mind...we might have a symbiotic relationship on this Earth with certain plants that we've made illegal. We might need them." -Rogan
    Never Stop Learning.
  • Daniele is always such an awesome and inspiring guest. This podcast continues to be a game changer. Thank you Duncan.
  • Hi, new to the forums...Just wanted to add that this is probably the most interesting and inspiring conversation I ever heard on any podcast. Glad to see like minds enjoying it as much as I do.

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