N. Korean documentary about the hypocrisy of western society
  • The irony of the N. Korean government calling other societies brainwashed and poorly managed is not lost on me, but it has to be admitted that they really hit the nail on the head with a lot of what they are saying. Shame its done with an evil motive.

  • Its neat to hear an outside observation. N. Korea is about as outside of the extreme western culture as you can get. The interesting thing is, a lot of people know how ridiculous the culture is, but still choose to take part. Simultaniously claiming that they understand the absurd nature, but can't resist the voyeuristic tendencies to take part in the cultural roller coaster.

    Thanks for sharing, just for the record, N. Korea is still a nutty nutty place.
  • its interesting that all they care about is actors.

    is that all that america is? actors?

    Is this comment an act?
  • TomButler said:

    its interesting that all they care about is actors.

    is that all that america is? actors?

    Is this comment an act?

    This is only a small part of a 100 minute long documentary.

  • Yeah I figured that. Ill have to check out the other parts.
  • The saddest part about America and its ignorance IMO is that its longevity keeps diminishing the ultures and people around us to nothing.so much terror and scrutiny around the world could be solved with what is at hand to a couple 100s of people (not even with the 1%) but is put to a new mustang or a new facelift.

    There are such great cultures being raped by American tv and Americans who believe those countries are shit dot even notice everything they eat or play with come from them (chineae restaurants, Mexican food rip offs like taco bell).

    It's sad that America will most likely pull of another north woods or gulf of Tonkin bullshit to another or a bunch of places with drones and come out being the "good guys" and elongate its reign over the world until its the only empire standing. (that is of course unless that 100th monkey is awoken an we stand up to end all the bullshit)

    By the way what's the name of the full documentary?
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  • From now on the President and his cabinet in USA, The President and his cabinet in Iran, they should all physically have to be on the front lines for wars they start instead of convincing the rest of the populace to kill and possibly die. It would be 20 politicians vs 20 politicians instead of the millions of young men/women dieing.

    That would be amazing for the idiots and douchebags running shit now but after they die off we need a true democracy without bullsht representatives. people using the internet is what could solve the political bull shit IMO.

    (Sorry for double posting)
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