Registered to say this: Duncan Hugely reminds me of Jared from "Kid Nation" Season One.
  • DMAE
    Took me months to put my finger on it, 'who the fuck does Duncan remind me of'?!?. Then it came to me during a recent podcast - that quirky kid from Kid Nation. (Probably my favorite kid on the show)
    Turns out that kid was from Georgia:

    Holy Banana Bread! YouTube his ass.

  • KHAN
  • who the fuck is Duncan Hugely
  • hhaha holy shit that kid is rad. I'd definitely join his cult.
  • DMAE
    I meant DL Hugely..
  • duncanduncan
    hahahah What show is this? I love that kid!
  • That was a great Show..It's like they put this kids in a freakin ghost town and tell them to create a society from scratch. That kid ruled !! tipping tables in the temple like Christ..hell yeah!!
  • these
  • That was amazing. Thanks for posting.
    I blow my load over the status quo.
  • duncan + one night with baphomet + 10 years = Jared of Bananaranza Bread City.
    @bernwoodfunk on twitter
  • duncanduncan
    I like that that tart compares her crappy bench store to microsoft.
  • DMAE
    Back in 2006 or so, I saw the adds hyping this up and splurged on cable and DVR so I could watch it. Awesome show that they I think they had to stop making.

    Kids got to pick their rewards too. In a barren desert they'd make them vote, you want outhouses or a video game arcade? One pizza party or barrells of oatmeal and rice? You didn't get voted out, you could just decide to leave whenever but kids stayed because they wanted to win money for their families. One winner each week got to make a phone call home, brutal. : ]

    -thanks for warm welcome also family.
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  • I loved the fact that he earned money from his creativity and then bought a cool pimp outfit..!! hell yeah Fk yeah!

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