Vampire Tactics: Keeping yourself focused
  • This last week I've been experimenting -successfully, too - with a method for keeping myself free from distractions.

    My goal I am working towards:
    Designing and programming my own video game art project

    Things I do compulsively that get in my way and soak up lots of time:
    Play 'The Binding of Isaac' for ~45m-75m stretches (a video game)
    Visit twitter, facebook and yes, DTFH.
    With Twitter and FB, it's really not even that much that I do on there. I just log in for a few seconds even or maybe a few minutes, then log out. DTFH its way easier to actually find something worthwhile, but distracting nonetheless.


    I made a list for exercises that I must do in order to give myself the freedom to do these things.

    1 game of Isaac: 25 pushups, 25 sit ups
    1 visit to the internet (I run the gamut, twitter FB & DTFH): 25 pushups or 25 sitsups. 8 pullups
    1 walk (because I like walks but they take a long time, and exercise is healthy): 25 situps, 25 pushups, and 8 pullups

    I keep the list right next to me while I work. Whenever I catch myself in a compulsion opening up a new tab in Chrome, I think of the list and am able to, most of the time, return to work. When I am not, I take a small break (hopefully) and I get to take some time for exercising.

    If I want to do something I feel is more productive like read, play guitar or draw, I don't have to 'pay' anything.

    What systems have worked for you guys to keep focused on your work while avoiding compulsive behavior?

    And now for some pullups :)
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  • Dude this is an awesome idea. I haven't thought of that. I think I might make a list.
  • this is cool, good for you. i find it really hard to exercise self discipline when nobody is around , yet when someone (gf) is around i feel like i wanna get more done to "show" im not lazy, when really its myself i should do it for. SO much time wasted on FB and stuff for NO reason. i might come up with some rules like this for myself.
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