Product Review: The Smoke Buddy
  • Product Review: The Smoke Buddy

    This post was borrowed from my blog


    Marijuana has a very distinct smell and when smoked has the potential to make an entire floor of a house smell dank.

    Many have tried solutions such as opening windows, or using fabric softener stuffed in a toilet paper roll (commonly referred to as a spoof), but these methods are not always reliable.

    The Smoke Buddy (available on Amazon) is essentially a commercially made sploof that filters smoke entirely. Blow smoke in one end, nothing comes out the other. If done properly many have found it possible to smoke feet away from someone undetected and avoid smelling up a room.

    They are affordable and well worth it for use in the home, apartment, or car. I found that they last for a long time, but definitely need to be replaced every few months.

    I recommend using a water pipe and small quantities of plant matter that can be completely sucked through to avoid smoke being released while burning. Sealable mason jars can be used to completely negate the dank smell of the marijuana buds themselves.

    If you smoke indoors there is no reason not to have one of these!

    This post was borrowed from my blog @kevinbiochem
  • For 12 bucks the smoke buddy looks worth it.
    Cool blog, glass in the grass is fucked up. We need to end prohibition once and for all.
  • Gotta have one
  • I also recommend the herb iron, I will be writing a review and posting it tonight

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