VERY inspiring video to push humanity forward
  • "Perhaps we forget that we only just begun"

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  • pretty cool man i started a thread with a video very similar to this...just with a different message about our world
  • Whilst these videos are nice and all, I am getting a bit sick of this vague positive spewing. Yes, things are great for those of us lucky to live in the first world with access to some great amenities and healthcare, but a majority of the world is still shitty, and the only thing that gets things done is shutting up and putting in some specific work.
    "Ultimately, nothing in this life is “commonplace,” nothing is “in between.” The threads that join your every act, your every thought, are infinite. All paths of mastery eventually merge." - George Leonard
  • @AStrikes

    Either it stays shitty, or people do something about it which they are... slowly but surely. We're slowly coming out of the dark ages, it wasn't that long ago when we were still uses horses for our main transportation.

    Videos like this bring inspiration, because it seems many have lost the urge to explore space, or get excited over new technological advances. Instead, these 1st world countries care more about The Avengers, Call of Duty, and American Idol.
  • In our culture there's so much force fed negativity about humanity. About what a shitty world this is, and how we're a such scourge on the planet as a whole. I soo do not relate with this train of thought and I feel such pity for those who do feel this way. What a miserable way to exist it must be, to be such a cunty downer all the time.

    I've thought for a while that this way of thinking must be typical of the collective attitude whenever a major empire is starting it's death dance.

    Understand that, even in the 3rd world there is great joy and happiness in being alive. Our existence is still celebrated there with gusto. They're equipped with an unique appreciation of how good things are because they're still so connected to how bad things can be and what it can take just to live to see another day. They relish the small things, the real things.

    When we in the west say things like "the majority of the word is still shit, etc," (no offense Astrikes) we're assuming that our interpretation of what happiness is, is the correct one. To start to force these interpretations of happiness and prosperity on a culture that is so radically different than ours, I think, is egocentric and unfair.

    Albeit well intended I'm sure, thinking that we have to go around saving everyone and make their lives better leads to the same imperialistic way of thinking that's fucked many a previous civilization and had led to an ass-ton of bloodshed in our world history. Christianity anyone?

    Murder, rape, hunger, racism, gay orgies, all this happens here in the west as well, and probably on a somewhat equal scale per capita (exceptions of course). It just that here, all that tends to happen behind our closed doors, instead of at the hands of the local military junta

    Great video, maan. Love that kind of shit.

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  • No offence taken, but perhaps my point wasn't explained clearly enough.

    @Heeee - That's my entire point, we are presented a lot of vaguely positive videos, but most of our work is directed at ourselves (or rather, the wealthier slice of ourselves). We are a very self-regarding society and there is a lot of back-patting about the power of the internet, or the magic of our technological and medical advances. There is very little movement on our attempts to stop the exploitative stance we hold towards the rest of the world. While we are leaping ahead out of the dark ages, we are keeping huge swathes of the globe's population in the conditions that we escaped generations ago.

    @Stewed - No offence taken at all. My definition of happiness is the ability to feed your family, to drink clean water, to access medical care and education. To get the fruit of your labours, rather than have it extracted at ever decreasing prices for an exploitative rentier class. For vast swathes of the planet, those basic needs are simply not available. It's wonderful to think about the positive aspect of the current, and future situation, but there is absolutely a place for the negative aspects of our current situation, and the progress on fixing those. You need to know and understand fully what the problems are that you want to overcome. The first few videos like this that I saw were very inspiring and they made me smile, and that was brilliant, it just feels as though I've seen dozens like it now, and they are no closer to discussing a concrete action being taken, or gains being won for what Chomsky calls the "unpeople".

    I suppose I am just more a fan of specific information about the projects that are making a real difference in tackling crushing poverty, inequality and insecurity.
    "Ultimately, nothing in this life is “commonplace,” nothing is “in between.” The threads that join your every act, your every thought, are infinite. All paths of mastery eventually merge." - George Leonard
  • We're in the process of the old system shedding it's skin, while the new underneath is ready to take shape.

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