An Easy Way To Make Your Own Dabs
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    An Easy Way To Make Your Own Dabs
    Smoking hash oil has become a very popular method for medicinal cannabis ingestion. For those that don't have hash oil available for purchase at a dispensary, this guide will provide an easy method to prepare iso-hash oil.

    You Will Need:

    2 Pyrex Trays of different sizes 1 sharp knife

    1 bottle of 91 or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol ( I prefer 99%) 2 sealable mason jar

    1 Filter Paper 1 Rubber Band

    Note: This procedure requires a well ventilated area away from flames and sparks. Isopropyl Alcohol is flammable.

    Step #1:

    Grind your desired quantity of buds or clippings finely and put them in the mason jar.

    Step #2:

    Pour the isopropyl alcohol into the jar so that the liquid is level with the plant matter.

    Step #3:

    Seal the jar and shake vigorously for 20 seconds then quickly filter the liquid into the other mason jar, leaving the plant matter behind. Seal the original jar containing the plant matter. ( It can be used for a second and 3rd wash)

    Step #4:

    Boil water in a different room then pour boiling water in the larger of the 2 pyrex trays to about the half way point.

    Step #5:

    Pour the liquid you filtered from the first wash into the smaller of the two pyrex trays. Rest the smaller tray gently on top of the larger, water filled tray.

    Step #6:

    Occasionally replace the water in the larger tray to speed up the process.

    Step #7:

    Once all the alcohol has evaporated you can use a sharp blade to remove the oil and place it in your desired glass container. Evaporation should take about 30 minutes, perhaps longer depending on the volume and the % alcohol you used. ( 99% evaporates faster than 91%)

    I recommend manipulating the oil while heated in the pyrex tray to increase the viscosity of this hard to manipulate oil. You may choose to expose the oil to air for as long as 24 hours to ensure all the alcohol has evaporated, although this most likely won't be necessary.

    You can repeat the procedure using the same plant matter left in the first mason jar, although the product won't be as pure.

    I hope this guide helps many with their medical needs, although this should only be looked at as a theoretical proposal and should only be conducted under legal circumstances with additional research.
  • dabs= hash oil
  • This is how I clean my grinder.
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  • Extracting Resin into hash oil is a great way to get the most out of your bud
  • I will be writing one for cold water soon actually


    They make the best hash. The knock-offs on Amazon work just as well, but gotta go with the orginals! You can make almond milk too if you get an extra work bag, because fuck cheese cloth.

    I prefer collection to chemical extractions, but it really works best with trim leaf. For the scraggly buds, and grinder cleaning I use iso also.

    +1 on the 20 second shake. Bad tasting & dark qwiso/iso oil is almost always due to soaking too long.

  • Ya the 20 second shake is rather effective, Its even possible to get it purer with a shorter shake but that diminishes the yield and requires more washes
  • Pure bubblemelt is where it's at it.

    Many of these chemical extraction processes leave behind toxic residue from whatever solvent was used.
  • All titanium dabbers aside, I still think the Spoker BHO Dabbers are the best
  • Seems like just your average extraction process
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  • Pure bubblemelt is where it's at it.

    Many of these chemical extraction processes leave behind toxic residue from whatever solvent was used.

    If you're gonna use a solvent use at least 5x refined butane with an extraction tube and vacuum purge it on a hot plate for a long time.

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  • can I replace the bud and plant clippings with pipe and bubbler resin ?
  • alright, thanks.
  • came out a little dark, do i just suck?
  • What if i use %70 isopropyl?
  • Not bad. I prefer BHO though and bho rigs really make it amazing! It's like a hot knife on steroids mixed with a bong!

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