Joseph Campbell introduction thread
  • Some total badass was kind enough to upload the first episode of The Power of Myth series.

    An extensive interview of Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyer and PBS, The Power of Myth is a six hour long documentary series divided into six parts.

    I can't recommend this series enough. A real gem if you like what Campbell has to say.

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  • Wow, that's awesome. Really makes me wonder whether there's a psychologically actual/true state that can only be got to by/via mythological framework/thinking.
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  • I think it goes beyond the merely psychological; that there is some transcendant truth we can know through myth, metaphor, and project. This can be through the metaphor of a story, or through the metaphor of our own life.

    I've started through Rudolph Steiner's Theosophy, and given my small reading thus far I think the Soul-Spirit relationship he describes is similar to the relationship Campbell claims between Myth and the Transcendental.

    Of course, if either person is correct, fully realizing such a paradigm in your life would have substantial psychological benefits.
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  • One of my favorites of all time! I have the DVD set and watch it repeatedly. Also, Audible has the audio of the entire program and it's well worth it.
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  • I loved this and it pains me to no end that the other 5 episodes are nowhere to be found on youtube.

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  • Almost done with the book. This book has destroyed all previous notions for me about religion, history and the nature of the universe. Any other books of his I should read next?
  • He has a 4 part series called The Masks of God.

    Vol 1: Primitive Mythology
    Vol 2: Oriental Mythology
    Vol 3: Occidental Mythology
    Vol 4: Creative Mythology

    After watching The Power of Myth time and time over, watching most of the Mythos series on netflix, and reading Hero with 1000 faces, I only got through the first 100 or so pages of Primitive Mythology before my interest focused on something else but it's an incredibly interesting read I hope to pick back up again soon.

    If you have Netflix, here is the link to Mythos

    Mythos is pretty much just raw footage of lectures Campbell gave at Sarah Lawrence College (I assume) with teleprompter intros given by Susan Sarandon every 10 minutes. I recommend it. You can skip Susan.
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  • Strongly recommend the book, I keep starting it over and over again. Really refreshing.
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  • Skeletons Key to Finnegans Wake is his greatest work, probably the most remarkable work in modern scholarship (in my own opinion of course). I have unbounded and ever-renewed degrees of respect for him for this. He was able to piece that book (Finnegans Wake) together only a few years after Joyce had published it. I think he was literally a genius.
  • /\ I think you are indeed correct
  • Awesome video. Thanks.

    I haven't read any of his stuff yet. I was expecting a simple history lesson from this guy, so what he actually had to say was a really thought-provoking surprise.

    The mythical dragon had a lot of similarities to The Vampire of Trussellian lore!

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