Getting back to D&D: Who's in?
  • Hey friends, I'm sorry I've not been able to firm anything up on the D&D thing before now. I've had some stuff I had to take care of and a computer upgrade aside, but anywhere, here I am with my polyhedral dice in one hand a book full of monsters in another. By show of virtual hands, who would be up for an off and on D&D game via Google Hangout or Skype? Right now I'm thinking about some time on Sundays, but that could change. Complications: I'm on central standard time here and have a day job. The only day that's absolutely out is Monday.

    Again, I'm sorry about dropping the ball on this. Here are the rules we'll be using (they're free online) and if you don't have any dice you can use any one of a zillion free dice apps online, like this one.

  • I'm game! On GMT+1 but I have a bizarre enough schedule to make it work.
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  • My beholder ambushes your grumplin

    you have to roll for that
  • roll for damage, is the beholder your familiar or are you the beholder? Either way it's unconventional to fight as or with a beholder
  • I could probably play on Sundays.

    My wife will be told I'm working on "freelance" projects.
  • I can kill your wack beholder with a 9th level kill spell.
  • Do we have any software to make this much work? Something that lets the DM share a map? Do we have a DM who is experienced with running a game?

    I think it's only appropriate that if a campaign does end up being run, its centered around the theme of hunting vampires :D

    I've never played Labyrinth Lord but I'm really familiar with D&D 3.5
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  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    I'm in. I'm a bit rusty too so the first game should be interesting. Sundays work for me.
  • Guys, just download the rules and read 'em over. We'll be playing "Advanced Labyrinth Lord" which is a copyright free clone of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
    I've been a Dungeon Master/player of D&D for about 30 years, so I'll handle that stuff.
    We'll be on the honor system as far as dice rolls go (cheating isn't very fun, and it sure as hell isn't very Family...) and it'll all be theater of the mind just like we played when I was a kind. Battlemaps? we don't need no stinking Battlemaps.

    I'm going to be in San Diego this week, but when I get back we'll plan on a Sunday game. I'm pretty much open any time on Sundays. I try to preserve as much "fuck around" time as possible on the weekends.

    We'll play via Google Plus, which you can get just by getting a Google Account. There's an awesome video conference feature called Google Hangout.

    Just add me on Google Plus. I'm Matt Staggs, obviously, and let me know who you are once you're all set up. Otherwise I may mistake you for one of the thousands of spammers and social media douchebags who have me in their circle for some godforsaken reason.

    So far, I see what, two people who want to play? There may be a third, but we do not speak of him...

    Edit: Download both basic Labyrinth Lord and Advance because it expands the rules.
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  • Sweetness. Let's nerd it up!!!
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  • I'm in.

    The blood of my enemies will cloak the DTFH forums in red every Sunday when Staggs gets back from San Diego.

    I have to remember how to play, though.
    "Say my name three times and I'll appear and hold your balls." --Duncan
  • Start reading dem rules!

    I recommend we create our characters before the first play session, maybe we could even allocate a special time slot for it so if people want assistance they can get it. I say this cause it's kind of a bummer when your first session is JUST character creation, which always takes longer than expected, and then by the end of it you don't really want to play.
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  • what time on sundays?
  • I work on sunday. No go for me. But that is okay.
  • what happened to this
  • Nater said:

    what happened to this

    My beholder fucked up your whole clan. Shit was a tragic massacre, no one has been the same since.

    Your beholder died instantly. Remember?
  • @nater, I'm trying like hell to get shit together. I've got a whole bunch of stuff I have to do with right now, and I also just came back from San Diego Comic Con. That's been kind of a bitch.
  • OK guys and gals: D&D on Sunday: 1PM CST. Probably two hours or so.
    Make up first level "Advanced Labyrinth Lord" characters using the free rules.

    Add me on Google PLUS and let me know somehow that you're part of the D&D group from DTFH.
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  • i haven't actually played it myself but i have always heard that 'pathfinder' is a really good game
  • Pathfinder is great, but it's a little too complicated for my tired ass to pull off.
  • Well, actually, I've got a super secret surprise for Sunday.

    So forget Labyrinth Lord. I'm running something full of awesomesauce.
    Just tell me what you want to play. Here are your choices:

    Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Magic-user, Elf, Dwarf or Halfling.

  • Fighter!!!
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  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile

    Sounds exciting
  • Goliaths are cool, but sadly, 4th edition only.
  • Bad Ass.
    See any of you that want to play at 1:00 PM CST.
  • It's ON. Find me at Google Plus and join the DTFH DnD hangout.
  • let's hear an adventure report?
    If anyone is interested, I can post a short report from my D&D game that I ran last night, using the 1979 Dr. Holmes Blue Book rules.
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    I hope we see the giant muscly squirrels again.
  • I missed IT!?
  • @itsleeowen I don't see GIANT SPECTRAL FROG anywhere on there...
  • @nater, yeah, but we'll play again.
  • to hell with working on the weekends.

    Glad you guys had fun
  • @bignasty we'll try to get an evening game together at some point. I've just got a lot on my plate right now.
  • @itsleeowen I only just now caught "Cantrip Balls." Good one.
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    That was tons of fun. I can't wait until next time!
  • Hey guys, turns out I've got to pick my wife up from the airport on Sunday, so I won't be able to DM. We'll pick it up the following weekend.
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    In my day we calculated THAC0 and that's the way we liked it!
  • @orgone You'd love Dungeon Crawl Classics, then. That's actually what we're playing. I played first ed. AD&D.

  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    ^ I love that band.
  • I playing with a friend next monday, if things go well, I may be joining you fellas.
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    Do you guys have a dice bot you use or are you relegated to the honor system?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    Matt uses dice, the rest of us use a dice roller from

    FYI No game this Sunday. Next game on 8/19 (tentative)
  • orgoneorgone
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    There's something to the drama of a public dice bot. Can't be replicated. There are ones I've used on IRC I'm sure I can find one that works on other forums that have voice.

    Are you guys Skyping or Tinychatting?
  • KHAN
    Owsla, Self-Exile
    Google hangout
  • you guys still playing tomorrow? if so, how can I get in on this?
  • Wife is off this coming weekend for an unprecedented two weekends in a row. Next game Sunday after next.

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