free 30 minute binuaral WAV files
  • i've made some basic binaural... i don't even want to say beats because beats to me implies drums, audio i guess, because i never really like getting the ones with birds chirping or rushing water, not because i don't like that stuff, but it just sort of distracts me kind of and i've been able to focus on it easier with just straight tones son

    i'm sure there's other more advanced forms of brainwave entrainment but if you'd like, i've posted them to a soundcloud account and there's a download tab

    a disclaimer: turn your volume all the way down, particularly for the higher frequencies. They all do the same thing, it's more of a matter of preference really. Grab as many as you want but because it's a 30 minute WAV file i imagine one download will take a few minutes, but you could always just stream it off the site anyways

    also, there's a click/pop at the beginning which is natural to sine waves, it's not really that big of a deal but i did try to automate it so you couldn't hear it but it made the audio sound different and not sound how it should sound so i just left it as is.

    now as to whether binuaral audio and brainwave entrainment has any biological/physiological/psychological effects or not, positively or negatively, i'm not making a case for or against it. I made them in mind as to be a tool for meditation, or relaxing/centering, or thinking differently, or what have you. I'm not going to argue the efficacy of using them in some way or another, these should be fine for anyone that either wants to use them for meditation, or trying to get the hang of meditation, or whatever they plan to use them for
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  • thx
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  • rad, I'll definitely let these take me for a ride sometime.
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