Shanmukhi Mudra
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    "Sit in any comfortable meditation asana. Hold the head and spine straight. Close the eyes and place the hands on the knees. Relax the whole body. Raise the arms in front of the face with the elbows pointing sideways. Close the ears with the thumbs, the eyes with the index fingers, the nostrils with the middle fingers, and the mouth by placing the ring and little fingers above and below the lips. Release the pressure of the middle fingers and open the nostrils. Inhale slowly and deeply, using full yogic breathing. At the end of inhalation close the nostrils with the middle fingers. Retain the breath inside for as long as is comfortable. Try to hear any manifestation of sound in the region of bindu, ajna or anahata charkas. There may be many sounds or none at all; just listen. After sometime, release the pressure of the middle fingers and slowly breathe out. This is one round. Breathe in again immediately to start another round. Continue in this way throughout the practice. To end the practice, lower the hands to the knees, keeping the eyes closed. And slowly begin to externalise the mind by becoming aware of external sounds and the physical body.

    Physically, the energy and heat from the hands and fingers stimulate and relax the nerves and muscles of the face. Physically, this practice helps in the treatment of eye, nose and throat infections and to alleviate vertigo. Mentally, it balances the internal and external awareness. Spiritually, it induces the state of pratyahara or sense withdrawal."

    everyone try this and report back
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