Redban's Rerld
  • TheGladHandTheGladHand
    Hrair, I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me., Temp Ban
    Kind of a dumb topic but does anyone else notice that redban says the word "world" in like every podcast? And he pronounces it weird, like "rerld". Is he inserting this as a kind of joke, like the new olive garden. Or is he just a guy with a speech impediment and a small vocabulary?

    Sorry if this wasn't really duncan related, but i figured a lot of you must also watch the Joe Rogan experience. And i'm not a member of the Rogan board.
  • or when he says Dorrar instead of dollar.
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • AngGAngG
    Sank you instead of thank you too.
  • Gee I wonder why Yellowban didn't stick around long?
    fickbowt: "Wearing yesterday's pants - TOMORROW!"
  • And no one questions him saying "meow" instead of "we're live"
  • whenever redban says vorld or rerld i cringe a little, and when he starts the show with that gay little meow i shake my head
  • I think he just has a speech impediment with his r's. No biggie.
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Yes Redban not only had an apartment where he slept directly under a carbon vent, he also took naps on top of electric generators, and taken hard drugs innumerable times. He is also from Ohio, where the government tests new and obscure products on the people that are found nowhere else in the country.
  • I notice it, and I like it. Just now heard it on the latest Ice House Chronicles and thought of this thread.
    I blow my load over the status quo.

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