See you on the other side
  • KHAN
    I'm taking a break from the internet, from podcasts, and from people. I need to reconnect with my immediate reality in an intimate an inescapable way. While there are some nice people on line, you cannot give me what i really need. I must figure that one out for myself. When I'm done writing this I'm turning the internet off and pretending it doesn't exist. If you find yourself in a rut, try doing the same thing.
  • later bra
  • I give him about 4 hours.
  • Sometimes you gotta realize the interwebz is cereal buizzznizz.
  • Good journey, Khan!
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    "the idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving" - Boat Car Guy
  • This thread will reach epic post count
  • Disconnect to reconnect! You will be missed.
    He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak.~ Tao Te Ching
    I don't know shit, but I still keep my mouth shut. ~ Henry VanCappelle
  • *nasally British accent*
    One can not simply abstain from interwebbing. Blasphemy!!!!
  • Apocaloptimist1
    I'm a Troll. Don't Feed Me.
    Sounds like he had a bad night over at the rogan board.
    Anti-Profit Permaculture Campgrounds for Creative Minds!

  • Disconnect to reconnect it right.

    I got rid of Facebook a couple years back, life got better
    @LucemPortabo so true about cutting out bad friends(vampires) and the hermit connection. It's hard finding the right people/ people in general sometimes

    Fight the power khan!
  • KHAN said:

    "I'm taking a break from the internet "

    First my brain did this....
    Then this happened...
    Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.
    "There was only one tunnel, dark and solitary: mine, the tunnel in which I had spent my childhood, my youth, my entire life." -Ernesto Sabato
  • He didn't even give us his address for care packages and strippers :-(
    When in doubt zoom out
  • Go! Be free!
    "Say my name three times and I'll appear and hold your balls." --Duncan
  • *releases carrier pigeon*
  • im gunna miss u maaaan
    hail the dark lord
  • I remember when @KHAN said it was "art not porn" in the Tsuckulous thread. Clever asshole

  • Khaaaaaaaaaan!
    photo lao-tzu-field1copysmall.jpg
  • I remember one time he mentioned me on twitter.

    Good times
  • Sometimes ya gotta disconnect to reconnect

  • Disconnect to reconnect!

    Remember AOL?

    When in doubt zoom out
  • Good time for these guys:


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    fickbowt: "Wearing yesterday's pants - TOMORROW!"
  • im going to start drinking less frequently
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  • The true trolls...are...great
    When in doubt zoom out
  • I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way Khan, maybe a hiatus will do you good.

    ATB brother. <3
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • strange how i do not know you, but this still makes me feel a bit bummed out...
    write some good tunes bruh
    @bernwoodfunk on twitter
  • Enjoy the time off, time out, time in and time within...I'll keep the candle burning in the window...
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • KHAN
    Thanks ya'll. Twas a good week. Found my answers. Back in full effect.

    Thanks for the well wishes family. You're the best.
  • KHAN said:

    Thanks ya'll. Twas a good week. Found my answers. Back in full effect.

    Thanks for the well wishes family. You're the best.

  • in after mushrooms
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