Dreams connected to ancestors
  • Hi, new guy to the duncan trussell community. I found this podcast through Joe and through further listening I felt like this was the kind of place for me. I'm very intrigued by dreams from the empirical viewpoint, but eager to understand what others experience and how they interpret them. I can't help but agree with just about every opinion that people have on them - they're so mysterious and they help/puzzle us in so many different ways. My strongest interest, however, is the one that plays with the idea that we can make contact with ancestors via the dream state. I'd like to know what others think about this, and to share their own dreams that might help this theory grow.

    I had this dream a few weeks back where I was running about with a person I somehow knew. At some point I looked to the side and felt the realization that it was only a dream. I turned to the person I was with who had stopped and was now facing me. "Then who are you?" I asked. As I did they smiled. It was my father, but then it wasn't. He changed appearance rapidly. Although I couldn't distinguish/identify the others to follow, I felt they were all familiar, some women and some men (I have seen almost no photos of anyone past my immediate family).
    The changes quickly became so vague that I just woke up. It wasn't like other dreams, where I feel my personality imposed onto another, or other archetypes interacting within a very limited spectrum. Even though the glance this person gave me was so short lived, I knew it belonged to them and was nothing of my doing.

    I have been somewhat haunted by this dream. Not in a way that I fear going to sleep, but I think about it often enough to realize its importance. The same feeling still washes over me when I remember that look. I feel as though I could have had a full and unique interaction with them as if they were a mind separate from mine.

    I practically NEED to know: does anyone else know what the fuck I'm talking about? Also, aside from DMT, what could I ingest to enhance my chances of this/any similar dream state. I recall the dream was evoked from a short nap.

    Love to all you beautiful spirits within minds within bodies within normality's confines.

  • It is my opinion the our DNA contains all the information of our ancestors...and at times we access this information or bits of the information !!!

    Peace !!!
  • You could try practicing lucid dreaming. It's much more than controlling a dream. It helps you be more cognizant of what's going around so you can eventually start connecting some loose threads among different dreams you'd normally forget/
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  • my friend googled the interpretation for some parts of a dream i had and we where both laughing about how accurate it was and how many times they crossed each other meaning-wise.

    all i could really suggest tho is to keep a dream journal, especially if you're practicing lucid dreaming.

    also, i don't really know how much synthesized DMT is going to help your dreaming, i would think you'd be better off taking Melatonin before going to bed.

    I've had some far out dreams thanks to Alpha Brain and New Mood but Melatonin could be acquired at GNC or even a CVS or Rite Aid for about $5-7 for the lowest amount of tablets in a bottle, plus there's no waiting for it to be shipped

    but yea if you are going to take melatonin, take it right before going to bed, i imagine it could be dangerous operating heavy machinery and what not while taking it, and do it after you have anything you want to get done before sleep
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  • According to Jung, all dream figures are expressions of the psyche. Some seem like personal expressions of archetypes, while others seem more mysterious and separate. Either way, these are universal representations--the collective unconscious of all humanity taking shape in dream.

    Nootropics are said to enhance your dreams, but I do not know first hand. In addition to the other suggestions, you might want to try "active imagination" on this dream figure of yours. Meditate on the figure and actively have a conversation with it, and see what happens.

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