Ram Dass Heart 2 Heart: What should I talk about?
  • I'm having a Skype conversation with Ram Dass on June 21st. I already have a couple topics I wanted to cover with him but I thought I'd tap into the hive mind that is the DTFH forum for a few suggestions.
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  • Don't say a single word. Just stare him in the soul.
  • @berry214 How much is the donation to participate in the heart to heart?
    ..this sounds amazing, I hope it is everything you want it to be.
    What do you have on your agenda for questions?
    can skype conversations be recorded?

    I'd simply thank him for guiding my path...He is such a great guy....He influenced me at great length when I was 18 reading Be Here Now for the 1st time...and has continued to do so throughout my life...This is a special rare opportunity.

    ...ok. I got a question for him:
    How do we help those that we love to see their paths are dead ends, and are self destructive at their core? Without judgement, how can we show thick-headed people there is another way?
    And...how do you convince someone that life if worth living?

    Have a great chat.
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • Wow, how cool. I'd be nervous as fuck! :) There would be so much to ask....

    Here is a novelty and totally disrespectful thing to do. Talk to him about his sex life and start pleasing yourself. See his reaction and report. If he's ego less, he wouldn't care. Right?
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  • @Piquiod I donated $9 and I was able to contact the Love Serve Remember Foundation on how to setup a skype conversation, which around the middle of May.

    As far as agenda, I wrote down a few things in a notebook when I read "Paths to God" so I'll probably revisit those ideas I wrote down. Plus, a few ideas I had recently about the multiple roles we play in everyday life. Just as well, I don't want it to feel like I'm interviewing him either. I'm more inclined to let the conversation flow and throw in a question once in awhile. Probably listen/watch a few of his talks before the 21st and write anything down anything that pops into my head.

    I'm fairly certain you can record the video through Skype. If not, I'll try an capture the audio. I'll keep your questions in mind. Thanks!

    @Hamsterfist haha I wouldn't be surprised if someone from 4chan has done that to him already. I guess there's more love in the room, right? :)

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  • :)

    There are plenty of free skype recorders. Definitely practice and find one that works before just trying with him. Is it etiquette to ask him if that's ok? Or are you just going to do it? What if he says no or mentions before you do, to not record it? Are you going to get "dressed up"?

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  • What responsibilities do we have when we know someone is suffering and want to help?
    Do we intervene with what we think would help them or do we be as compassionate as possible to them and let their suffering run its course?

    (I know what he will say, but would like to know another way of dealing with this)
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  • if i remember correctly i started by thanking him for everything he's done and told him that he changed my life.
    Mr. Takahashi would like to see you all in his office now

  • Ask him if he'd go on the DTFH podcast. I'd also ask him if he prefers dogs or cats.
    We elongate our Maaans 'round these parts.
  • @Hamsterfist if he says no, I won't be disappointed. It might even better not to record it....cherish the moment in full.

    @Gods_Mustache I'll definitely mention DTFH podcast. That's how I heard about him in the first place!
  • Hamsterfist took my line. I was gonna say, no talky, just look him in the eye and blow your load. haha. hive mind indeed. Seriously though, if you ask him how to help other people realize that their path is shit, he'd probably tell you that their path isn't shit or ask you how you're so sure that their path is shit when you haven't even begun to understand your own path yet. . . for the most part.
  • Ask him: If someone with a multiple personality disorder is considered crazy, and we're all aspects of the Brahman/Tao, then does that mean the grand cosmic divine being is completely fucking schizo?
  • Ask him about the guy he blew! namaste!
  • bootoo82 said:

    Ask him about the guy he blew! namaste!

    Guys, plural.
  • dhizzo said:

    bootoo82 said:

    Ask him about the guy he blew! namaste!

    Guys, plural.

    Ah...tell me more....:D i love ram dass, i listen to his talks regularly, am yet to hear him directly talk about this, only heard about it
  • He's gay. That's it, that's all. No story, no controversy. Just plain ol' gay.
  • dhizzo said:

    He's gay. That's it, that's all. No story, no controversy. Just plain ol' gay.

    booooring!!! what about his kid? and those chicks he banged in that house were they all did psychadellics for weeks? did he blow maharajji?
  • dhizzo said:

    He's gay. That's it, that's all. No story, no controversy. Just plain ol' gay.

    No, I think he was just bi during the 60's. I get the impression almost everyone was during that time.
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  • Keep it rockin.
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