Hilarious short film
  • Wanted to see what the family thought of my cousins hilarious short film "Pants on fire"
  • BRILLIANT!!!!!! The comedic acting is so playfully ridiculous! Yet almost every time I hit pause, it just looked like a normal cop movie... I say movie because it was SO high quality, even got a bit profoundly emotive during the climax there. All round good film! NICE WORK! TALENTED FAMILY!
    fickbowt: "Wearing yesterday's pants - TOMORROW!"
  • @fickbowt
    Yeah, my cousins are all in film, it's really cool to have a connection to that world, but I have NO CLUE how they do it. He'll be happy to hear that it felt like a cop movie, that's cool man! Glad you enjoyed it!
  • Hah! That's quite good! lol good :)

    The big beardy guy reminds me of the big beardy guy from Bored to Death. This feels just as quality as that.

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