• Henrik Palmgren is the driving force behind Red Ice Radio, which is probably what I view/listen to on youtube most. It's basically a platform for thinkers, authors, conspiracy theorists, sometimes scientists to talk about their research in areas that sort of go against the grain of what is conventionally prescribed and accepted by the mainstream- the occult, government, history, spirituality, extra terrestrials, whatever. Some of the stuff is pretty whacky and seems unfounded and a little Ancient Aliens-ish or paranoid, but that is part of what is so great about it- it is a totally unbiased approach for the guests to present their ideas and research. The only real downside is that the site is subscription based, so most of the time all you'll get on youtube is the first hour of a 2-3 hour interview. But that is why I recommend it as a great starting point to researching for yourself subject matter you find interesting.

    This YouTube channel:

    Here's a video I kind of picked arbitrarily to embed...I do remember enjoying it though.

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    the human sheet over the electronic ghost energy
  • @ehhrrwal i don't want to hijack your thread, just let me know if you'd prefer i delete this guy's video, because he might be nuts...or he might be right, one of those deals.

    i've been recently been wringing my hands over fukushima, and i've listened to some red ice radio in the past, this guy's spreads the fear! hoowee!!! (i think i remember the gentleman who appears to be the guest is Michael Tsarion from architects of control if you've ever seen that, it really cuts deep). if you skip to about 7:58 he really drops the hammer...think flux capacitors.

    from youtube:
    The radiation situation and data language Clif has been receiving from the web-bot relating to the ongoing nuclear disaster. We also discuss stuxnet and the connection to Israeli / Zion sabotage. New energy devices can be potential fix to the problem in Fukushima. Dr. David Anderson's electromagnetic "time bubble" around the damaged reactors may be able to contain the damage and poisonous radiation. With closed time loops, Fukushima Daiichi could be "bombarded" with time and effectively speed up the half-life within the bubble or closed time loop. David Anderson, who claimed to have worked on time travel research and time control, has disappeared off the radar and is nowhere to be found. silicon fist suspects the hidden wars will become apparent. as most of the criminals flee.
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  • I'm on the fence about Tsarion....I remember reading somewhere that he was factually incorrect about a bunch of shit...I can't remember where though...I'll get back to you if it resurfaces. I think Clif High was just on Red Ice, I haven't listened to it though.

    in terms of someone being nuts/right, I don't think it matters as long as the audience is both skeptical and open-minded. Either way it's an interesting video.
    the human sheet over the electronic ghost energy
  • Just realized this is a clip from the Red Ice ep...apologies. This guy's all over the place, not sure that I'm on board.
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    the human sheet over the electronic ghost energy
  • check out the recent episode with Neil Kramer! It'd be awesome to get Neil on Duncan's podcast...

  • Tremendous radio show.

    Henrik (the host) is one of the best interviewers out there. Dude has incredible insight and a good head on his shoulders.

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